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New Year's Eve Activities A Traveler Can Do In Dubai

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Want to make the New Year special for your loved ones? Why not plan a trip for the New Year? One might celebrate the New Year a mind-boggling ten times in Global Village since it synchronizes with other places across the globe. Each celebration will be marked with fireworks display and a unique countdown at the Main Stage. What's better than that? To travel to Dubai, you need a visitor's visa. You can get your Dubai visitor visa from Emirates Visa Online. For further details, why not check out their website?

All about Dubai's New Year:

You may partake in a broad selection of events or travel to several locations over the Dubai New Year to usher in 2023 in the most opulent manner ever. You may celebrate the New Year in Dubai in various ways, including by taking in the energy in the air, the fireworks lighting up the night sky around you, and more.
There is no shortage of things to do in Dubai in the New Year, whether it is taking a desert safari, taking in the spellbinding sights of light and sound displays in Palm Jumeirah and other city landmarks, partying it up in the clubs on New Year's Eve, or even watching star-studded performances by well-known international artists in various venues. So, say goodbye to 2022 and ring in the New Year in splendor in Dubai for an event "like never before" rich in grandeur, extravagance, and magnificence.
Are you crazy about Fireworks? Then you are at the right place to experience the best fireworks. What's better than viewing fireworks with your loved ones? So here is a list of places where you can experience these amazing fireworks:

The Amazing Burj Khalifa Fireworks:

Experience the lovely fireworks and breathtaking light and water show at the Burj Khalifa as part of Dubai's New Year celebrations. Finding the ideal location might be challenging because of the anticipation of both locals and tourists for this fantastic spectacle. Make sure you get there as early as you can (about 5:30 pm) to secure a good place to take in the high-tech fireworks that round out the New Year countdown light and water extravaganza. You may get a breathtaking view of the sparkling show from a table at one of the Dubai Mall restaurants, Souk Al Bahar, or from a location close to the Dubai fountains. The fireworks at this tallest tower in the world are one of the most popular and televised expeditions you cannot miss.

Palm Jumeirah Fireworks:

The Palm Jumeirah is the ideal location if you want to ring in the New Year with a glittering firework show, but the crowd puts you off. There are several places to experience the layered effects of the lighting sky at the less popular Palm. One of the most incredible spots to experience awe is along the 11-kilometre Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk, which runs along the alluring edge of the ocean. The majorities of the hotels in this area provide viewing areas and activities for visitors, so don't worry if you want to get away from the mob and yet enjoy the fireworks.

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Global village Dubai:

Whenever the celebration takes place, Dubai's weather is often pleasant and comfortable. This renders the global village an international accomplishment that deserves all the attention it receives, along with the fact that you may sample a diverse array of gastronomic pleasures in one location.  

If you simply want to visit for the fireworks, you could be in for a delight because the festivities begin before the fireworks light up the night sky with glitter and brightness. The magnificence of the location is unexpected, and the amazing friendliness displayed by the Dubai residents is an experience you won't be able to duplicate elsewhere. An amazing event called a global village is held in Dubai. It involves representatives from many other countries setting up their pavilions to provide visitors with a comprehensive experience of culture, shopping, food, and much more. Each country has a specific pavilion where the guests are easily delighted and enthralled by the infinite exhibition of their distinctive wares.

Burj Al Arab Firework:

One of the things you must do while visiting the Burj Al Arab Dubai is to have a delicious meal while the Dubai New Year fireworks are sparkling overhead. There are over 40 restaurants and lounges at the Madinat Jumeirah, all of which provide mouthwatering cuisine and the greatest views of the starry night sky. Kite Beach is another option if you want to lounge down on the sand and take in the show. The two locations provide a lovely contrast, with one emphasizing excitement and a party atmosphere while the other offers the peace of lounging on the sand. The fireworks show at the Burj Al Arab is a spectacular way to start the New Year's festivities in Dubai.

Ain Dubai: World's Tallest Ferris Wheel

This enormous building, which is predicted to become the world's highest and largest antique wheel, claims to provide 360-degree views of the whole city and its shoreline. You may be sure that the enormous Ferris wheel will be over 167 meters tall, surpassing all other lofty observation wheels in the globe, in an effort to obtain a sense of its height. In addition to its height, the weight of the Ain Dubai is also awe-striking. In an attempt to get a perspective of its weight, you can make yourself believe that the Ferris wheel is supposed to weigh 25 per cent more compared to the magnificent Eiffel Tower of Paris! The engineers working on this project had to make use of gigantic cranes with a 3000-tonne lifting capacity for moving the various sections of this wheel. The Ain Dubai's weight is equally as impressive as its height. You might convince yourself that the Ferris wheel weighs 25% more than the beautiful Eiffel Tower of Paris in an effort to put its weight into perspective. To move the numerous components of this wheel, the experts working on the project had to employ enormous cranes with a lifting capability of 3000 tons. The Ain Dubai complex has 48 capsules with a combined capacity of 1400 persons at once. Each glass-only capsule is 30 square meters in size and has an LED screen that gives visitors important details about the surroundings. Additionally, the Dubai Eye Ferris wheel will have VIP pods with space for up to 12 passengers and opportunities for private gourmet dining.

Dubai Festival City Fireworks:

Dubai Festival City Fireworks, which begins at 9 pm and runs for four hours, showcases the finest of Dubai New Year's Eve. You will be compelled to move your leg and dance to the live music, which is being performed all night by both local and foreign bands. One of the performances that stands out to hypnotize you is the larger-than-life underwater light show at the IMAGINE theatre. The New Year's countdown and pyrotechnics that light up the sky like a red cascade signal the spectacular conclusion. If you desire to see everything, go there early at Festival Bay. All those who want to experience the thrills and spills before ringing in the New Year with a boom must go there.

Take A Dubai New Year's Eve Dinner Cruise:

What could be better than a posh cruise on New Year's Eve in Dubai? The Dhow cruise is a classic Arabic 5-star luxury, set against the picturesque Dubai Marina in the midst of opulent skyscrapers. One of the greatest locations to visit in Dubai is this luxurious hotel, which has a variety of different cuisines put up for your taste buds to enjoy. Witness the spectacular fireworks show that is the talk of the world while living through the dazzling glory of the fireworks on the cruise's top deck.

Go for Dubai Fountain Lake Ride:

Heading to the Dubai Fountain for a boat ride on the lake is one of the nicest things to do during a new year's celebration in Dubai. This Dubai New Year's Eve excursion offers a one-of-a-kind sailing adventure on the traditional Abra watercraft as you travel by the spectacular Dubai Fountain. You may take in the numerous musical and light performances of the 900-foot-tall fountain, which sprays water and moves to the rhythm of live music while taking a lake ride. This lake ride, situated next to the biggest performing fountain in the world and surrounded by lit buildings, fireworks, and breathtaking scenery, will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of your New Year festivities in Dubai. The 50 graphic projectors here give color, enhancing the experience of seeing what is regarded as the greatest entertainment in town while relaxing on a motorized boat with your loved ones.

Dubai Luxury Yacht Tour:

Step on board and feel the splendor and sheer beauty of the captivating journey while sailing in this opulent chariot. Everyone has an unconscious desire to be treated like a star and walk the red carpet, and this stupefying vacation provides you with the opportunity to realize that desire. These 20 star-rides stand out from the rest of the fleet thanks to their roomy flybridge and cozy lounge. Not to mention the variety of ethnic cuisines served on this 65-foot cruise. Enjoy the New Year's celebration in Dubai like never before on this opulent boat and enrich your life with priceless memories.

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Go for a helicopter tour fun ride: 

One's Dubai Without a fantastic helicopter tour of the city on New Year's Eve, the celebration would be lacking. Celebrate the start of the New Year by taking an exhilarating helicopter trip over Dubai's beautiful landmarks and tourist sites, including the Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world. Hold off from the Dubai Police Academy Landing pad for a journey above some of the city's most recognizable landmarks, allowing you to take in some of the most stunning vistas while also igniting your inner adrenaline junkie. Select a journey between 12 and 40 minutes to take breathtaking aerial views of Dubai's most appealing locations. You will be astounded by the variety of sites you may see before Dubai welcomes 2023, from Palm Jumeirah Island and the renowned Burj Al Arab to the World Islands, Burj Khalifa, Meydan Race Course, Wind Towers, Business Bay, and more.


Plan your trip with your loved ones to Dubai on New Year's Eve 2023. Visit the Al Seef neighborhood in Dubai, which is home to the city's historical Dubai Creek. With its traditional dhows and historic buildings, it offers a remarkably picturesque scene. Make your moments with your loved ones in Dubai while experiencing all these fun activities. Gather further details from Emirates Visa Online website.

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