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how many days it will take to get emirates id after medical test

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Now that you know you'll need a resident visa to stay in the UAE legally, it's time to talk about the actions you'll need to take for some time period for emirates id and have it stamped in your passport. Let's have a look at how you can apply for a resident visa without any outside help by just following the steps we'll provide in this article.

How long would it take to stamp a UAE visa on a passport after a medical examination?

You should go for biometrics for Emirates ID after your medical checkup. The emirates id biometrics application for a residence permit (visa sticker) will be delivered to the immigration department as soon as you complete it. This takes at least four business days.
You will receive notification that the courier guy will visit your premises to collect the original passport and all the documentation relevant to your residence permit as soon as you start the process of your residence permit application and pay the fees online. After four working days, the courier returns with the passport, which is duly stamped with the residence permission.

Signing the agreement

The company then applies for labor approval, which allows the employee to work in the UAE. This is subject to the Employer's quota of employees.
If the quota is accepted, a Labor contract will be provided to the Employer's PRO. The employment contract is a written agreement between the employer and the employee in which the latter agrees to serve the employer and work under his supervision in exchange for a fee set by the employer. When the Employment contract is signed, it takes the place of the Offer letter and must be presented to the Ministry of Labor within 14 days.

Work permit for employees

If the employee is based outside the emirates, the process begins with obtaining an expatriate working visa from the Ministry of Labor, which is valid for two months from the date of issue. Then, within 14 days of the employee's arrival in the UAE, both parties must sign the employment contract (based on the offer letter) and submit it to the Ministry of Labor.

Procedure for a medical fitness examination for a job in Dubai:

If your company is on the ball, they will describe what you need to do when you get in the UAE, and the PRO will arrange where and when you need to go for the medical examination, as well as hold your hand if you're very lucky. If you're on your own, follow these steps:
To bring with you, gather the following documents:
  • Original passport and copy of the information and visa pages, as well as a valid entry visa. Normally, an employment entrance visa is required; however, the test can also be completed with a tourist or visit visa. If you're renewing your visa, you'll also need a copy of your residence visa page. Colored copies are required, though black-and-white ones seemed to be acceptable.
  • Two (2) passport-size photographs taken recently (dimensions 3.5cm width x 4.5 cm height). It must be less than 3 months old, but it is uncertain how they check, so as long as it looks like you on the day you go, you should be ok.
  • If you have a government-issued health card, show it.
  • If you have a health card, please provide it. If you don't have one, you can apply for one online at the DHA website, but it may not be essential if you're taking the test as part of a fresh visa application.
  • Bring your labor card, emirate id card, or another UAE government-issued ID card when renewing your visa.
  • If you have a job offer letter or contract, show it to me. Applicants who are still on a tourist or visit visa will usually need this.
  • Pay a visit to a medical fitness testing facility (see table below for locations). Check with the center to see if there are any restrictions on who can attend.
  • Early mornings through late afternoons are the busiest times at the centers. It's less crowded in the late afternoon, or head to a 24-hour center after midnight, but not after you've been to the pub.
  • You can apply for emirate id processing after medical test and pay online at the DHA website, but you won't be able to take the test there because the DHA website won't jab a needle in your arm or give you an X-ray. As a result, the majority of customers simply pay at the center. As part of the sponsorship procedure, your employer is expected to pay the fees.
  • If your company has a corporate account with the DHA, you won't have to pay cash. If this is the case, your company should notify you.
  • No testing for drugs, alcohol, or DNA analysis is mentioned in the official information. However, it's generally a good idea not to drink or take drugs before the test just to be safe. If you believe DNA analysis is undertaken and it disturbs you, you have no choice but to find work in another nation or modify your beliefs.
  • When the test is finished, make a copy of the test results for future emirates visa reference. Your original will most likely be taken by the company that hires you.


Types of Visas: Required Documents and Procedures

  •  A New Work Permit
If you have a new job or are changing jobs in the UAE, you will need a residency visa, which is normally supplied by your company or employer. The procedure is identical in the Free Zones as well; however, you do not need to seek Labor Approval from the Ministry of Labour in the Free Zones.
  • Renewal of a Work Permit
You must renew your resident visa before your working visa expires (typically every two years).
Before your resident emirates visa expires, it is the Sponsor's responsibility to renew it. A renewable visa will allow you to continue living legally in the UAE without suffering fines or legal ramifications. Residents have a 30-day grace period once their visas expire, according to the appropriate General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). You have 30 days from the date of expiration to renew your expired resident visa. You will not be charged any fees during the grace period of 30 days.
  • Employment Visa Cancellation
Your existing labor contract and residence visa must be canceled if you have resigned, been fired, or acquired a new job. Companies used to enable visa transfers, but this is no longer the case. As a result, you will need to cancel your visa and apply for a new one. You will not be able to terminate your residence or work visa on your own. The sponsor must cancel your working visa
A mission visa allows an individual to work for a firm in order to apply emirate visa for up to three months at a time. A corporation must have no violations with the Ministry of Labor to get a Mission Visa. There should be no restrictions on the employee's employment or immigration.

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