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is it possible to reapply for the emirates visa after rejection

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Well, one thing is that is rejection a common thing and the second thing is that is it possible to reapply for the Emirates visa after rejection? Due to these two questions being around you, you might actually be scared as to what might happen if you apply for a visa and if gets rejected and what can happen if I won't be able to apply again. Then you need not worry as this won't be the case when you apply for an Emirates visa again. This is because this time you will have Emiratesvisaonline to help you get the visa applied for successfully.


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Is rejection a common thing:

It is seen that out of ten applications being made for a visa there are about six applications for an Emirates visa getting rejected and there are reasons as to why this happens. This means that this being one of the most common things can happen to anyone. This is why having to clear out any doubts about a visa application is really important to avoid such things.

Reasons as to why an Emirates visa was rejected:

Here you can see that the most common reasons as to why an Emirates visa gets rejected and by knowing this, you will be able to avoid making any mistakes the next time. So here are 5 such common reasons as to why your visa was probably rejected:

  1. You have applied for an Emirates visa without canceling one that was already active. In this case, your Emirates visa application for a new one can get canceled.
  2. There have been criminal records or there are fraud or misconduct cases filed against you then you will not be eligible for an Emirates visa. Here your Emirates visa application will be rejected.
  3. There has been wrong information being passed on while applying for an Emirates visa while filling in your visa application form.
  4. The passport-sized pictures that you have submitted for an Emirates visa along with the application form either have not maintained all the requirements or have been blurred and the pictures do not clearly depict the person.
  5. If there was an employment visa applied for and you did not cancel it before returning from the Emirates, then the company needs to make sure that it has been canceled if you have applied for one through the company. Only then can you apply for a new one.

These are some of the most common reasons as to why your Emirates visa application was not given approval.

Emirates visa re-application:

Now that you know what the common reasons are, you can easily avoid them the next time you feel there is a problem with your visa application. Also make sure you check before you submit any Emirates visa application form and its details, the documents, and other such things to avoid another rejection. Also with the immigration department of UAE not giving you reasons about the visa rejection can put you in trouble and hence make sure you know the reason. Is it possible to reapply for the Emirates visa after rejection? Then the answer is yes, you can definitely do so.


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