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Complete Guide on Jumeirah Emirates Tower 2024

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Jumeirah Emirates Tower is minutes from Dubai Mall and is located on busy Sheikh Zayed Road. The Jumeirah Emirates Towers has 400 rooms and suites, as well as 11 eating and entertainment locations, including award-winning restaurants like The Rib Room and Mundo. This award-winning hotel offers attractively equipped rooms with flat-screen televisions and satellite channels. There is a lounge area with soft sofas in each room. From fashionable grills to real Lebanese cuisine, honest Italian, honest Italian, and current French cuisine at La Cantine Du Faubourg, the restaurants and pubs provide unique gastronomic experiences. On Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, the Emirates Towers complex is located. The project consists of two separate structures: the Emirates Office Tower and the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel.

Fact About Jumeirah Emirates Towers Dubai:

The fact that the towers share the same number of storeys is a curious feature of the design; the taller office tower has 56 levels above ground, while the hotel tower has 54 floors. Because the office tower's floor heights are higher than the hotel's, this is the case. The building has a total of 17 elevators.


What Activities Are Available at Jumeirah Emirates Towers?

The following activities/services are available at Jumeirah Emirates Towers (fees may apply):

Spa, centre for fitness, Jacuzzi/hot tub, Sauna, Massage, Karaoke, Theme Park, Personal coach, and Beauty services are available., Dinners with a theme, Treatments for the face, Lockers available in the locker rooms, waxing services available, Services for make-up, Treatments for Hair, Manicure, Pedicure, Haircut, Colouring your hair, Hairstyling, Spa services are available, a steam bath, Relaxation area/spa lounge, Packages for spa and wellness, Massage for the back, Massage of the feet, Massage for two people, Massage for the entire body, Personnel in charge of entertainment, Fitness, Yoga classes are available, Exercise courses

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Frequently Asked Questions

Free parking facilities are available for visitors. All the guests can also use secured parking or valet parking.

The most popular tourist spot nearby the Jumeirah Emirate hotel is the Emirates tower. Tourists can also visit Zinc nightclub for enjoyment and fun. The Cuadro Fine Art Gallery is situated just 0.2 km away from the hotel.

Yes, the identity card of the visitor check-in at the Jumeirah Emirate hotel is required. A valid passport of foreign nationals including children or ID card of GCC nationals is required.

No, you are not allowed to smoke anywhere in the Jumeirah Emirate hotel. You should only smoke in designated smoking areas by the Jumeirah hotel. 

You can travel to Jumeirah Emirates tower very easily. Tourists from foreign nations visiting Jumeirah tower can use local transport facilities like cap and bus. If you have booked a room or have a reservation in Jumeirah Emirates tower then the pick-up service is also provided from the airport. The cost of pick-up service is AED 290. The hotel can also arrange car rental for visitors and guests according to their choice.

At Jumeirah Emirates Hotel in Dubai, you can book any room from 400 suites according to your choice. You can book a presedential suite or royal suite which will be a two-bedroom and three-bedroom with 1 king bed. Executive suite and club room are also available. Family room, junior suite room, and deluxe room. Special ladies deluxe room for women. Executive suite and premium deluxe room are also available.

You will receive the best and luxurious facilities and services at the Jumeirah tower hotel. You can use the pool, visit the pool bar, relax under a beach umbrella, etc which are free of charges. Free parking service in Jumeriah Emirate tower without reservation. Free wifi and internet for visitors in Jumeirah tower. Entertainment services like television in every room and babysitting services. Chocolate, cookies, baby food, and fruit will cost additional charges. Bar and snack bar Services. Airport picks up and Airport drop-off service for visitors staying in Jumeirah Emirate hotel. Room service, non-smoking area, smoking area, hair spa, beauty salon, Airport shuttle, etc. Air conditioning service and special services for disabled Visitors at the Jumeirah Emirate tower. Laundry services, dry cleaning services, and ironing services without any extra charges. 

There are 400 rooms in the Jumeirah Emirates hotel for visitors planning to stay in the hotel. The Jumeirah Emirate hotel also has restaurants, spas, dining venues, bars, and restaurants. 

The Jumeirah Emirate tower is a hotel, multistorey building, and a skyscraper in Dubai. The Emirates Jumeirah tower is the part of Emirates tower. The Emirates tower also consists of a second building referred to as the Emirates office tower. The Emirates Jumeirah tower is also referred to as the Emirates towers 2. In Jumeriah Emirate tower there are 56 floors above the ground. 12 elevators are present inside the Jumeriah Emirate tower for visitors. 

No, the Emirates tower or the Emirate Jumeirah tower hotel is not the tallest one in the United Arab Emirates. The Emirates tower is the eleventh highest tall building in the Emirate of Dubai. The Emirates tower situated in Dubai is the 51st tallest tower in the world. But, Jumeirah tower hotel is the second-highest skyscraper in the world. The calculated height of the Jumeirah Emirates Tower hotel is 303 meters and 309 meters (1014 ft) to the tip.

The famous Jumeirah Emirate building is located in the Emirate of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Tourists have to go to the Sheikh Zayed Road to visit the Jumeirah Emirate tower. The Emirates office tower and the Emirates Jumeirah tower which is a hotel cover the are of 47 acres (or 570,000 m²). 

The construction of the Jumeirah Emirates tower was initiated in 1996 and completed after three years in 1999. The architect of Jumeirah Emirates tower is Hazel Wong. The construction of the Emirate Jumeirah tower was completed by the Al Ghurair Investment group. The Emirates tower consists of two building complexes- the Jumeirah Emirates tower and the Emirates of an office tower. These two buildings are connected by the Boulevard.

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