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how can i get emirates tourist visa if i book a ticket from the emirates

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Wanting to get a tourist visa to the Emirates is what most of the tourists want and this is what you will get as well. But how can I get Emirates Tourist Visa if I book a ticket from the Emirates? This seems to be a genuine question that needs to be answered. don’t worry if you have already booked for your ticket from the Emirates and want to get an Emirates tourist visa as Emirates Visa Online will have your covered with all of the information and the ways to apply for a tourist visa. Now that you get a small help you will definitely be able to apply for yourself.


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Emirates Tourist visa

So a United Arab Emirates tourist visa is a visa that a tourist must get for themselves in order to be eligible to stay as a tourist in the country. This tourist visa will have various validities depending on which type of visa you choose and for how many days it will be valid for. Once you get the desired ones you will be able to fill in a form that will ask for your information and then the visa will be issued under your name.

Ways to get an Emirates tourist visa

There are several ways you can apply for a tourist visa. But now that you are in the Emirates and have applied for a ticket already then what you can do is reach out to one of the nearest visa processing centres and ask them to get a tourist visa issued under your name. However, if you are too lazy to go outside, you can still apply for one while still staying at your home. This you can do by accessing Emiratesvisaonline.

Types of Emirates tourist visa

There are various types of Emirates Visa that you can acquire once you decide you want to apply for a tourist visa. The types that are allowed by the government for tourists can be given as follows:

  1. 14 days tourist visa
  2. 30 days tourist visa with a single entry
  3. 30 days tourist visa with multiple entries  
  4. 90 days tourist visa with a single entry
  5. 90 days tourist visa with multiple entries
  6. 30 days tourist visa extension
  7. A to A tourist visa

Hence with about seven types of tourist visas to the Emirates, you can apply for one that will suit both your stay and the time to travel as well.

Procedure to apply for an Emirates tourist visa

When applying for an Emirates tourist visa you need only three steps that need to be followed through Emiratesvisaonline and can be given as follows:

  1. Choose a type of visa and fill the application
  2. pay the Emirates visa fees
  3. Track Emirates Visa Status.

With just these three steps you will be done with your Emirates visa application and can get your tourist visa issued within just a week or so.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you want a tourist visa for UAE then you have to be in touch with one of the UAE based airlines, a tour agency or the hotel in the UAE who will apply for the visa on the behalf of yours to the official visa issuing authorities in the UAE. You can apply through Emirates Visa Online which is the most trusted protal for applying Emirates Visa Online. 

Not only will there be a bit long process but the wait time will also take more than what you expect and hence applying for one through online would be suitable. 

Yes, there will be fees applicable for your tourist visa application no matter where you apply for your visa from.

Well, now this seems to be quite easy with just some clicks!

Tourists as well as visitors holding Nepal passports have to apply for an Emirates visa to obtain entry. If you are traveling from Nepal to UAE through Emirates airlines, you can avail visa online without visiting the embassy. Not only that, passengers flying with Emirates Airlines can retrieve Emirates entry visas with the help of the airline. Emirates airlines also sponsor applicants' visa.  

While traveling with Emirates airlines it is not mandatory that passengers should apply for visas through Airlines only. Emirates airlines passengers can acquire Emirates visas through another online visa portal. Passengers who have applied for Emirates visas through other airlines than Emirates airlines. Then it may not be accepted. If you want to acquire an Emirates visa within 3 to 4 days for 14 days to 90 days, you can go for the Emirates visa online. Depending on one's nationality, the Emirates visa fee may differ. But passengers can get many benefits like different visa options, can get single entry visa, can get multiple entries visa, a fast visa processing approved visa is sent to an e-mail address, less time consuming and more chances of approval. 

Passengers who require an Emirates visa before their departure should apply in advance. All the arrangements regarding Emirates must have to be done before visiting the country. To avail visa through manage your booking. With the application form, you will require a valid national passport. The passport of the individual applying for an Emirates tourist visa has to be attached with a visa application. The passport must have to be in perfect shape and condition additionally it should be machine-readable. Confirm Emirates airlines ticket and colored passport size photograph.

The cost of the visa anyone wanted to acquire depends on the kind of visa they are willing to obtain. The United Arab Emirates transit visa having 96 hours stay validity usually costs $44. The price of a one-month tourist visa for the UAE is $69. You can stay only for one month in UAE after obtaining 30 days visa. 

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