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A country packed with great destinations, the United Arab Emirates attracts thousands of travelers each year, famous for its entertainment and fascinating nightlife, which certainly requires no introduction. Regardless of whether it is the blend of cultures or the incredible afternoon life, or the adrenaline rush, the versatility of UAE can never be argued. For this purpose, the UAE government has come up with the new form of visa i.e., New Five Years UAE Tourist Visa

People not only swarm in the summer seasons but also in the offseasons; you will find visitors on the sidewalks. To date, up to 90 days were the longest UAE visa valid. The Government has taken a 5-year tourist visa step to further develop the country as a leading tourist destination. In this article, we are going to know about this New Five Years UAE Tourist Visa.

New Five Years UAE Tourist Visa

Not only international visitors but citizens of the country also welcome the VAE 5-year tourist visa with several entries. Before moving on the 5-year UAE tourist visa, a few things should be known. Find out all about the following visa:

The United African States attracts all sorts of people, from visitors who want to visit the country to even professionals. As far as visitors are concerned, the number of changes made by the UAE is the key reason why they remain on the list of the most visited sites. Now a 5-year tourist visa with several entries has been introduced by the Government, yet another idea to promote tourism. Continue reading and learn more about the five-year UAE Visa multiple entries.

When & Why?

A new UAE tourist visa has been issued by the cabinet of the UAE. This visa can be used with several entries for five years by UAE travelers. He also proposed a five-year tourist visa to the UAE at the 2020 cabinet meeting presided over by Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This is another move that has been taken by the UAE Government in order to make remaining on the list of the top destinations simple for tourists. Ali Mohammad Hammad Al Shamsi, President of the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority, once said that the United Arab Emirates will always concentrate on global development and continue to work to support the country's growth in the best ways possible. He also claimed that, for visitors and the country itself, as the Golden Visa, the United African government will still continue to do so.


5-year UAE tourist visa Implementation

  • The Federal Authority for identification and citizenship shall be entirely responsible for administering visas.
  • According to the sources, the visa procedure remains the same as the other 30 days and 90 days for eligibility requirements.
  • And one thing to remember is, visas will only enable visitors to stay 6 months on a stretch any time they enter the country.

EXPO 2020

The chairman of the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority also said that considering Expo 2020, the concept of a five-year tourist visa was established. One of the 21 million tourists planning a visit to the UAE each year is primarily in Dubai. With this in mind, any visitor will undoubtedly benefit from a five-year Dubai visa. What they intended was accomplished, as there was interest among so many travelers.

It can be fun to incorporate this and make the number of tourists very big. It not only increases the number of tourists but also increases the length of their journey. If you wish to return and revisit, who would not like to welcome the idea of reducing visa efforts each year? In short, the 5-year visa application is a catalyst for more global development.

Attraction for People

This is the perfect way to draw people, and it is applicable to people of all nationalities. It will be preferable for travelers to reduce fees and the hectic visa application process. In addition, due to its surreal beauty, guests heading to the UAE will certainly revisit. In the next 50 years, the United Arab Emirates expects 10 million by 2021, while 40 million for the next 10 years. This may help the country's growth. The Government plans to convert the countries of the Gulf to tourist destinations. No wonder there are still people around the world who are never missing in the United African States.


Advantages for the Citizens

Imagine you're visiting the home of your family in the UAE, not wanting to return as planned? But thanks to the hectic visa extension process, you can choose to return. But now, it will be solved with a 5-year tourist visa. Take a visa for 5 years and spend more of your time in the UAE with your loved ones. This would definitely double the number of tourists in the UAE and will boost tourism. That would be a crucial pillar for this five-year UAE visa. However, the country did not pay the visa fee.

Final Words

This is all about the New Five Years UAE Tourist Visa that you need to know about. For more information, you can visit the website of Emirates Visa Online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the UAE five years tourist visa is rejected, then sometimes you may get an e-mail or intimation about the reason for rejection. If you do not meet the sufficient fund's requirement of USD 4,000. Or if the single female under age 25 is applying for a multiple visit visa. Or invalid passport or incorrect details in the application can be the reason for the UAE visa application. You can apply for UAE five years tourist visa again by following all the procedures again.

The processing time of UAE five years tourist visa is a little longer than other types of visas. The time for processing is usually 5 to 7 days for multiple entry 5 years visa.

According to ICA, all types of UAE visas including multiple five years tourist visas are extendable for thirty days. The extension can be made for another 30 days for the second time by paying AED 600. But, the foreign nationals can not apply for a 30-day extension if they have already applied for 90 days extension and already stayed for 180 days in UAE.

Foreign nationals have to pay USD 850.0 for new five years UAE tourist visa. Additionally, it is also necessary that the applicant should maintain a bank statement of USD 4,000 balance for proof of sufficient funds.

Foreign nationals should provide the bank statement for five years UAE tourist visa. The last six months statement of the applicant must need to be USD 4,000. Evidence of health certificate and insurance, colored and recent personal photograph, and purpose of visit to UAE. Passport (upload a digital image of the bio page and use the passport which will stay valid for the next 6 months). 

Applicants willing to apply for Emirates five years tourist visa can apply on Emirates Visa Online. The multiple entry visa for five years can be obtained by following general steps for a visa. The first step is to select nationality and living country from the drop-down section. Select "5 years tourist visa" after clicking on "apply for Emirates visa". Fill the application, enter your name, father's name, contact number, passport number, passport issue date, passport expiry date, e-mail ID, alternative email ID, address, etc. Attach the scanned images of all required documents for multiple entries visa and then only pay UAE multiple visit visa fee. After a 5 to 7 days period the digital copy of five years UAE tourist visa will be sent to the e-mail address of the visitors. 

No, you do not have to visit the UAE embassy for five years tourist visa. Interested applicants can get UAE five years tourist permit from their comfort zone by sending an online application on Emirates Visa Online.

The UAE five years tourist visa will stay valid for five years. Tourists can use UAE tourist visas to obtain entry into the United Arab Emirates anytime for multiple times till 5 years validity.

Visitors entering the United Arab Emirates with new five years UAE tourist visa can stay in the country for 90 days. After the end of the first 90 days, period visitor can stay more for another 90 days after extending the validity. This type of visa is suitable for foreign nationals visiting UAE very often. The other benefit of obtaining new five years UAE tourist visa is that no outside sponsorship is required.

The five years UAE tourist visa can be applied and obtained by any foreign national irrespective of their nationality. Applicant should have good travel history in UAE and must fulfill the basic criteria of obtaining UAE 5 years tourist visa. If foreign nationals are intending to obtain UAE five years multiple entry visa for the United Arab Emirates. Then Emirates five years tourist visa allowing them to enter UAE multiple times for a long period. 

The five years UAE tourist visa is the multiple entry permit issued to foreign nationals looking out for long-term visas. The new 5-year tourist visa service for UAE has been introduced recently by the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship. The five-year multiple UAE visa is also issued to the interested foreign employees. This long-term tourist visa has been introduced by the UAE cabinet for the facilitation and growth of tourism in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates is already a top tourist destination in the world. After the introduction of the new five years UAE tourist visa, the tourism sector will boost up more.

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