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Visa, as we all know that visa is one of the essential traveling documents. The visa for that particular country gives you the travel authority to visit the country. Planning to visit the Emirates? Then you got to plan for your visa as well. And also, the applications and the status according to your tour. The Emirates Immigration process requires you to apply within the 60 days of your planning to the destination. 

You can easily apply for the e-Visa easily and hustle free through Emirate Visa Online. We’ll take care of all your needs for the same. We’ll make sure to provide you the best service regarding your demands. What if you forgot to apply that much earlier and then you are also planning to get the urgent e-Visa in that case what you’ll do? You can at last apply 72 hours before the departure from your country.

The Latest Rules imply to some of the points regarding your visa exemptions and others

According to the rules, between every July 15 and September 15, every year the Fee Exemption would be applicable. 

  • All those tourists who have to visit Emirates throughout the late spring don’t need to bear the visa charge who is for the children who are below the age of 18 years. This rule is under the guidance of the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship.

  • During the period between 15 July to 15 September the charges exclusion would be maintained for the kid's visa with the parents to avail of the offers in the summer season.

So, this is all about the Dubai Free Visa 2024 regulations that were essential for you to know for your future plans as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are keenly interested in witnessing some beautiful landscapes and the world's highest tower, technology, and more. Then tourists must consider traveling to UAE for leisure and enjoyment. Skyscraper, beach, luxury hotel, snow park, and most popular sand Safari, camping, and recreational activities. UAE is the best destination for adventure lovers as they can travel to Dubai safari camp for a thrilled and fun-filled activity like quad biking.

The United Arab Emirates border is currently open for every visitor or tourist willing to enter the country. After 30 August 2021 UAE Government has permitted almost every country to enter only with a tourist visa for UAE. All the visitors are recommended to gather information about COVID 19 entry requirements before visiting UAE to avoid last-minute entry rejection.

Not all the countries in the world are permitted or eligible to get an e-visa for Emirates. Certain countries are only eligible for Emirates embassy visas. Therefore getting an e-visa for UAE is not possible for the selected nation. They must travel to the UAE embassy with documents for any type of visa.

Yes, if you need a longer valid transit visa than a 58-hour transit visa in UAE. Then, the 96-hour valid transit visa option in UAE is also provided and referred. This single entry visa with a 96-hour validity cost is USD 120.

The 48-hour transit visa for the United Arab Emirates is a very short-period visa for foreign nationals. The 48-hour transit visa can be obtained by foreign nationals having connecting flights from UAE to other third destinations. To leave the transit area at UAE airport foreign nationals can get a 48-hour valid transit visa. It is a short-term visa that provides one-time entry to UAE. The rate of a 48 hour UAE transit visa is USD 70. 

No, it is not possible to enter the Emirates if your national passport is about to expire within one month. The authority at an airport in UAE will refuse to allow your entry. Every country has basic passport requirements needed to be followed by tourists, and foreign nationals. UAE immigration policy states that the passport of a foreign national intending to enter the United Arab Emirates should verify that the visa validity will not end up in the next 6 months. Also, ensure that there are a few empty pages in the passport before entering UAE.

No, most of the countries are not eligible and are not permitted to enter the United Arab Emirates without a valid Tourist Visa. Although, UAE does provide limited countries including GCC countries to enter the United Arab Emirates without a tourist visa for a limited time. Tourists or visitors who are planning to enter UAE should follow the basic entry rule and know about their UAE visa requirements.

Emirates visa or UAE visa is required to obtain entry into the United Arab Emirates a popular tourist spot for tourists, workplace for few ex-pats, foreign national interesting in conducting business, foreign national studying in UAE, etc. The Emirates visa type depends on the purpose and duration of stay. It can be a business visa, tourist visa, work visa, student visa, residence visa, medical permit, and another kind of permit for the United Arab Emirates. If you are a foreign national intending to enter the UAE for any reason then an Emirates visa is required.

All the children under 18 years do not have to pay fees for a United Arab Emirates visa during late spring. The offer will stay valid from 15 July to 15 September every year. Parents can avail of this visa fee exemption offer and other summer season offer in UAE. After 15 September and before 15 July parents will need to pay Emirate visa fees for children according to the nationality and purpose.

The government changes visa policy and requirements to boost up tourism, and travel to the United Arab Emirates more. Traveling to the United Arab Emirates is a dream destination for many wanderers. UAE Government has recently made changes in the fee requirement of UAE visas for particular age groups. If the family with minor or any children who are under 18 years is traveling to the United Arab Emirates. Then there is no need to pay any visa fee for Emirates to a particular time in the year. The no visa-free fee exemption is only provided to children under 28 years for a certain period. The new latest changes of fee exemption of visas are functional under the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC).

 Emirates visa-free means that eligible countries are free to enter the United Arab Emirates without any visa requirements. Emirates visa-free countries can enjoy no visa entry and freedom of travel inside the country. The visa-free service is not permitted in every country in UAE. Therefore, Visitors should check the requirement of visas and other travel information if they are planning to enter the United Arab Emirates.

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