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emirates visa free in 2020

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Visa, as we all know that visa is one of the essential traveling documents. The visa for that particular country gives you the travel authority to visit the country. Planning to visit the Emirates? Then you got to plan for your visa as well. And also, the applications and the status according to your tour. The Emirates Immigration process requires you to apply within the 60 days of your planning to the destination. 

You can easily apply for the e-Visa easily and hustle free through Emirate Visa Online. We’ll take care of all your needs for the same. We’ll make sure to provide you the best service regarding your demands. What if you forgot to apply that much earlier and then you are also planning to get the urgent e-Visa in that case what you’ll do? You can at last apply 72 hours before the departure from your country.

The Latest Rules imply to some of the points regarding your visa exemptions and others

According to the rules, between every July 15 and September 15, every year the Fee Exemption would be applicable. 

  • All those tourists who have to visit Emirates throughout the late spring don’t need to bear the visa charge who is for the children who are below the age of 18 years. This rule is under the guidance of the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship.

  • During the period between 15 July to 15 September the charges exclusion would be maintained for the kid's visa with the parents to avail of the offers in the summer season.

So, this is all about the Dubai Free Visa 2020 regulations that were essential for you to know for your future plans as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Emirates visa is not free for all. It is free for only those nationalities who are eligible for the visa on arrival category. Other than this the ones who aren’t eligible need to pay the immigration fees according to the visa type that you have selected for the tour.

Yes, you can try out the way through the Company Sponsored Visa. It implies that when your visa is processed free of cost as the employer. Then after receiving the same you can apply for the various companies who are recruiting the Security Guards. For the employees it’s completely free but the employer on the other hand has to pay the required immigration fees.

Yes, you can easily get a free transit visa.

If you have you have a stay in Emirates within 48 hours. And then you also have your connecting flight via the Dubai International Airport, then you can easily claim for the free transit visa at the immigration. It is the best tourism step taken by the UAE Government too. But you should have the valid air tickets for the same to claim at the immigration center.

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