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9 Best Places to Visit in Fujairah in 2024 for Unveiling Hidden Gems and Cultural Treasures

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The United Arab Emirates as a whole is a wonderful country to visit. With sky kissing buildings along with a hint of culture and tradition as well, this is a country which is a must visit if you are someone who loves travelling. If you visit UAE, you must visit Fujairah, and if you are wondering about Fujairah tourist places, then read this article about places to visit in Fujairah till the end where you will also get information on how to apply for your own visa through Emirates Visa Online

The UAE consists of seven emirates, which are, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Qaiwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah. Fujairah is one of the emirates which is worth visiting. The city is covered with history, great architecture along with culture and tradition to experience. Although less visited than the rest of the emirates, the city is one of the most developed one in the emirates.

9 Best Places to Visit in Fujairah

1. Al Bidyah Mosque

Also known as the Ottoman mosque, this mosque is the oldest one in the UAE. It is located approximately 40 kilometers away from the main city in a small village. The mosque was built with mud, and consists of a prayer room which faces Mecca. Even non Muslim visitors are allowed inside the mosque to come and visit, however, they need to dress modestly and with no shoes. During the time of prayers, however, visitors are not allowed inside the mosque.

The area has extreme archaeological value that dates back to several years, it also has ancient watchtowers all over. You can also climb over the Al Bidiyah fort and enjoy the stunning view of nature from the top. With this ancient atmosphere, you will enjoy every second you spend in this place. The Al Bidyah Mosque is one of the least known places to visit in Fujairah for free.

2. Fujairah Fort

This fort is one of the oldest in UAE and also one of the most beautiful in the country. The fort has acted as the main defense system for the country as well as the housing for the ruler family. The fort was built in 1670 and has three sections in total with several rooms and two round towers. However, the fort was severely damaged by the British in 1900, but was restored afterwards. There is also a heritage village near the fort where you can see traditional houses from ancient times and also the traditional culture of the city. 

3. Fujairah Museum

The museum is located near the fort, where you can see various historical artifacts, weapons, and many other things dating back to the Bronze Age. The museum houses several precious findings from the Qidfa and Bithnah, including coins from the pre Islamic era, and also burial artifacts. The precious artifacts were taken from the digs of the archaeological sites of the both places. If you are someone who loves exploring the culture and history of a country, and like to learn more about them, do visit this beautiful and engaging museum to enjoy what you like. 

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4. Al Aqah Beach and Snoopy Island

This is one of the beautiful beaches in the UAE, you can include visiting this place in Fujairah day tours and enjoy the warm sun along with the beautiful waves and golden sand all around you. This beach is most popular among families who want to sunbathe and swim. The beach also contains an islet which is famous for snorkeling and diving too. If you are up for some Fujairah adventure, you need to visit this place.

The islet is rocky and also called snoopy island, which is a great place for scuba diving and attracts a large number of visitors every month.

5. Bithnah Fort

Explore the Best Places in Fujairah: Discover the Enchanting Al Bithnah Fort. The fort is housed within the wonderful oasis covered all over with numerous palm trees; you will feel like a desert explorer while visiting this place. This fort is 13 kilometers away from the main city and contains one of the most important castles. Located between the Hajar Mountains and Wadi Ham, the fort is famous for the stone walls and mighty towers. It was built in 1735, and serves as a major tourist attraction nowadays.

The area is picturesque with lush green vegetation surroundings, which is perfect for clicking great photographs.

6. Masafi

This is a village located between the Hajar Mountains, on the way to Ras al Khaimah. This is a perfect place to enjoy the peaceful inland life. The border between the two cities passes right through here, and before the construction of the modern highways, this place was used as a refueling junction and trading post for the caravans crossing.

It is famous for the natural springs, because this place is one of the largest mineral water producers in the Gulf region. This place is also famous for its history, for the remains of the past including an old fort that the visitors like seeing.

While reaching this place, you can stop at the Friday market which is open all day. You can buy some stuffs at great bargain from here for your loved ones back at home. You can aslo Discover the Charming Nighttime Attractions: places to visit in fujairah at night.

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7. Al Hayl Castle

Located in a remote village, the Al Hayl Castle once housed the ruler family and was also used as a defense fort for the city. This fort was built almost 250 years ago, however, there is not much left of the castle now, just a building complex along with two towers, still it is a major tourist spot for its history. Include this place is your Fujairah places to visit in one day tour package and you can also get the idea of rural life and their traditions by visiting this place.

8. Ain Al Madhab Hot Springs

The areas surrounded by the Hajar Mountains are known for the thermal springs that it has. This hot spring is located just outside the city and is a must visit. You can visit this place with your family, have a picnic, relax, and bathe in the thermal pools that are all around. There are separate pools for male and females both. This is a famous places in Fujairah for leisure and fun activities, especially due to the cheap entry rates that AED 5 for pools and AED 2 for the entrance.

9. East Coast Tour UAE and Fujairah Mountains Tour

Fujairah east coast tour package is for the people who want to admire the beauty of the northern emirates- Kalba, Dibba, Fujairah and Sharjah. This Fujairah tour includes transportation, along with a guide, and can also be booked online with great offers and deals. You can also book a Fujairah day trip from Dubai. 

If you want to enjoy Fujairah day tours to the fullest, you can book a private tour and enjoy it to the fullest. You can try snorkeling, diving, and also great lunch in great restaurants. You can get a guide with the language that you want.

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Hence, considering the fact that there are not many places to visit in the main city, you need to travel for some kilometers; hence renting a car is the best option while visiting this city. This option would be a cheap one too because the price of oil in UAE is not much. So now that you have read all about the best places to visit in fujairah, go and have some Fujairah adventure. 

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