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Emirates Visa Cancellation is important for all those people who belong to foreign countries but are living in the Emirates for either employment of dependency purposes and want to leave the Emirates, to continue living in their home country. The first question that arises while a person wants to cancel his or her Visa is - What is the Emirates Visa Cancellation process?

Emirates Visa Online portal though cannot cancel your Visa for you; we can definitely guide you regarding how to go about with the application and the process of the same. This blog highlights the process of the Emirates Residence, Work, and Dependents’ Visa cancellation.


  • Why is the Emirates Visa cancellation required?
  • How can one cancel an Emirates Visa?
  1. Cancelling Work / Employment Visa
  2. Cancelling Dependent Visa
  3. Cancelling Tourist Visa
  • Documents required for the Visa cancellation
  • Important points to remember
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Emirates Visa cancellation required?

The Emirates Visa is allotted to people who wish to Visit, Work, or reside in the country. Though Tourist Visa’s validity is for a limited time frame, Visas like residency, employment, and dependents’ Visa may take a while to expire.

People who wish to leave the Emirates, before the expiration of their Visa; they need to undergo a procedure wherein they’ll have to cancel their existing Visa in order to leave the country. This is why the Emirates Visa cancellation procedure is required.

How can one cancel an Emirates Visa?

For those who have an Employment or are living in on a Residence Visa, it is their sponsor who will have to cancel their Emirates Visa. Just like how your sponsor is required for the issuance of your Visa, it is only your Sponsor who can cancel your Visa in the Emirates.

The application process for cancelling an Emirates Visa are as follows:

  1. For all those who are employed in the Emirates, their Employers are initially required to apply for the cancellation of your work permit.
  2. The second step after the cancellation of the work permit, the employer or sponsor is required to apply for your Emirates Visa cancellation at the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs).

Note: The applicant once granted the cancellation of the Emirates Visa, has 30 days to leave the country.

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Cancelling Work / Employment Visa 

For those who are on the Emirates Work Visa, the employer is required to cancel the work permit or the labor card. Following are the application process for cancelling the work permit:

  • The Employer is required to apply through the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
  • The required documents, for the onset of the application, must be attached by the employer online. 
  • The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation process the application on a temporary basis and forwards it to the GDRFA.
  • The GDRFA cancels the employees' Residence Visa and further passes the information to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation who also permanently cancel the Work permit.

The employer has to submit a letter, signed by the employee which confirms that the employee has received and settled all the wages, benefits, and dues. The employees are advised not to sign the letter unless the wages and benefits are received and the dues are settled.

Cancelling Dependent Visa

A dependent visa is issued when a person sponsors their family a Visa to reside in the Emirates. The one through whom the family has received the Visa is called a Sponsor. It is totally up to the sponsor for the cancellation of the dependent Visa. But take note, that the sponsor should cancel the dependents’ visa before the Visa cancelled by your employer.

For those individuals who are just changing their jobs whilst living in the Emirates, and do not intend to leave the country permanently are not required to cancel their or their family’s dependents’ Emirates Visa.

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Cancelling Tourist Visa

Applicants who have already got approved their Emirates visas sometimes remain in a dilemma of whether they need to cancel a valid visa that they haven’t used for the reasons they are unable to travel to the Emirates. They do not have to cancel the Visa, as the validity in the Tourist Visa allotted by the Emirates Immigration Department is for a short span.

The validity of a Tourist Visa is a maximum of 2 months and will automatically be invalid after the time span of it is complete. If in case, the applicant feels that the tourist visa they have applied for is of a shorter period, then it is mandatory to cancel the existing visa by paying the required fee

Documents required for the Visa cancellation

The following are the documents which are supposed to be submitted to get your Emirates Visa cancelled:

  • The applicant is required to submit an Emirates visa cancellation form which is signed by their sponsor or employer.
  • The Applicant’s original passport
  • The applicant’s original ID card

If the applicant’s sponsor is also your employer:

  1. An approval from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
  2. The Emirates visa cancellation form is required to be signed and sealed by the company and stamped. 

Important points to remember

Some important points to take into consideration before you cancel your Emirates Visa are:

  • To shut your bank accounts
  • Paying all of your bills and settling your dues.
  • Make sure you cancel your tenancy contract before cancelling your visa. 
  • Selling your cars or any other properties before you plan to permanently leave the country.

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