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reasons to fly via abu dhabi internationals airport

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Abu Dhabi, less than a century ago, was nothing but a budding city. Amidst the golden sand, today Abu Dhabi has risen to be one of the most developed cities in the world. The thought of high thinking and simple living is what they followed and created their city to be an epitome of a world-class destination. This world-class destination is now open now to all people living worldwide. so why not know all about Abu Dhabi International Airport by just having your own visa booked through Emirates visa online now! 

The Abu Dhabi International Airport is situated in the core of the capital city, opposite to the Masdar City. Finding its location in the center of the city, makes it accessible to all the travelers and the resident members of the city, making it to be more convenient. It is said that a layover at the Abu Dhabi International Airport, is something one should consider. Right from its mind-blowing architecture to the extraordinary Arabian hospitality they provide, it is highly recommended for one to have a night off and explore the beauty. An amazing update about a layover in Abu Dhabi is, to explore the city, you won’t need to have a Visa. 

The city is as accessible to you, as it is to its residents. But instead of exploring the city, one can explore the city like the airport which is the second largest airport in the world. To be waiting in an airport for an early morning flight can be tedious. It is even more tedious when one has to wait overnight just to board that first flight. But at Abu Dhabi Airport duty free, one loses the track of their time, as this airport presents a lot of activities, hospitality, and relaxation. It’s like the city doesn’t want you to leave at all. 

Some of the world-class facilities provided by the airport include off – 

  1. Leisure time at the excellent Lounges at the Abu Dhabi International Airports – Rejuvenate yourself by enjoying the hospitality and excellent services provided by the lounges. You can let your time pass just getting the right treatment done, or by just binging over some show or just relaxing looking at the magnificent view of the airport.
  2. Binge over the Food Court – you could satisfy your taste buds by tasting the exquisite pallet of food from all over the world, right here at the AUH Airport. You can find every cuisine you wish and desire. 
  3. Shop your heart out – Find the latest trends, the most exquisite and unique clothes, cosmetics, and accessories right at the shopping hub at the airport. Right from the hi-fi trends to the traditional attire; you can never be disappointed by shopping here. 
  4. Prayer Room – our world belongs to be of multi – faiths. For those who are religious, the airport has the facility of a prayer room that can be accessed by anyone at any time. 
  5. Child Services – At AUH airport, one doesn’t need to worry about handling their children, they provide families with baby strollers, and also have changing rooms where the mother and children have their privacy and peace. 

These are some of the first-class services; the AUH airport offers its visitors and inhabitants.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to enter Abu Dhabi and change terminals via a taxi ride however you will be needed to have a visa issued for the same.

Yes, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is quite a famous destination and requires payment of fees to enter. 

If you buy stuff from the Abu Dhabi duty free area you will definitely get a tax free shopping made available.  

Though the city is glorified by its major attractions like the Grand Mosque and the Ferrari World, however, once you know all about Abu Dhabi International Airport it is no less of an attraction itself.

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