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visa stamping necessary to get an emirates id or not 2024

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Going to the Emirates and staying on a residency visa will require you to apply for an Emirates id. This Emirates ID is something that you will definitely require if you wish to stay for long. Be it for work or for living with your family in the Emirates, if you are a foreigner you need to get one in order to be eligible to stay and sponsor others. But is visa stamping necessary to get an Emirates ID? This will now be explained to you by Emirates Visa Online regarding whether you need to stamp your visa in order to get an ID issued or will it be okay without getting a stamp as well!


  • An Emirates Identity card
  • What you can find on an Emirates ID card
  • Getting an Emirates ID
  • Who all needs an Emirates ID
  • FAQs

An Emirates Identity card

This is an identity card that is issued to you by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. Not only is t a requirement for all the foreign residents to apply for one and to carry it around, but it is also important for all the citizens of the Emirates as well. The following stuff can be done once you have an Emirates ID under your name


  • Get government services made available to you
  • You will get to vote in the elections that are conducted by the federal national council
  • Can be used as a travel document to travel around the GCC countries as a UAE citizen.
  • To be used to pass through immigration through several airports in the UAE.

What you can find on an Emirates ID card

This card that you have will have the highest levels of security and accuracy. It will contain the following components:

  • Smart card
  • Public key infrastructure
  • Fingerprint biometric

There will be an identification number that will be unique to its holder and this will contain about 15 digits in total. This identification number can be disclosed so that you will be able to get the benefits from various private and government sectors. This card will also have an electronic chip that will contain all your details and can be accessed by authorized authorities apart form whom the data cannot be accessed which ensures the privacy of your data.

Getting an Emirates ID

Getting an Emirates ID needs you to get the residency visa stamped onto your passport. After this stamping service, you will be able to apply for the Emirates ID. This usually takes a week or so and then you can follow the procedure to apply for one. In order for you to get an Emirates ID, you will initially have to fill in the application form which once submitted, you will get an SMS. This information will let you know as to when and where you need to go to in order to get your registration done. Then once you reach the registration you will have to show the SMS and then you will be let through the procedures.

Who all needs an Emirates ID

The following categories need to apply for an Emirates ID:

  • UAE national
  • GCC nationals residing in the UAE
  • Expatriate residents.


Frequently Asked Questions

A visa stamp is a permit that allows foreign nationals to enter UAE. The visa stamping is done on your passport which proves that all the visa requirements have been fulfilled. The visa stamping is an important requirement for Emirates ID for proof and confirmation.

No, you can not leave or enter UAE without visa stamping if you are not from visa exempted countries.

Foreign nationals who have completed all the steps for UAE residency visa and completed the visa stamping procedure. Then your Emirates ID will only take 7 to 10 days for approval after visa stamping. The approval updates and information about Emirates ID are sent to the resident via SMS.

Foreign nationals have to submit the filled Emirates ID renewal application at one of the nearby accredited UAE typing centers. Foreign national or other Emirates ID holders get renewal notification from the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship. The other way to renew Emirates ID without visiting typing center is to apply online. You can send a renewal application for Emirates ID on the official website of the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship. For biometric details, the resident needs to visit the FAIC department for Emirates ID renewal.

The validity period of Emirates ID for GCC nationals residing in the United Arab Emirates is five years. The validity of Emirates ID for other foreign nationals residing in the United Arab Emirates is exactly the same as their validity of UAE residence visa. The Emirates ID can be renewed when foreign nationals renew their UAE residency visa.

Your residency visa validity for the United Arab Emirates depends on the type as well as the sponsor. The stay in UAE can last for one year, three years, or even ten years. You can renew the residency visa for UAE before its expiry. 

You will need to fulfill important requirements like job, or business setup, or UAE freelance permit, student visa, or golden visa. One of the easiest ways to receive UAE residency is to settle stable business in the country. You can also get residency in UAE if you have invested in property covering minimum financial requirements. 

Foreign nationals who are planning to reside in the country will need an Emirates Residency visa as well as Emirates ID. If you anyway staying in the United Arab Emirates for more than one year then you should obtain these important documents. 

Yes, Emirates ID of any foreign national staying in the country is only getting approval. If they have applied for a UAE residency visa and got an approved permit to reside in UAE for long period. Emirates ID is issued to residents after the stamping on a residency visa. The validity of the UAE residency visa matches the validity of Emirates ID.

 If you are from a country that requires a UAE visa. Then, you can not get Emirates ID without a UAE residency visa. If you are from the GCC countries or visa exempted countries. Then, you will not need a visa for UAE to obtain Emirates ID.

No, the tourist does not need the Emirates ID to enter or visit the United Arab Emirates. Tourists can travel inside the country just with a valid national passport and valid visa. Tourists can open online services provided by Emirates visa online to send applications and pay fees online.

Emirates ID is issued to foreign nationals by GDRFA or immigration department of the Emirate in UAE. 

The Emirates ID is required by foreign nationals for Identity proof to take advantage of UAE government services. Resident staying in UAE will require Emirates ID to avail RTA services in the country. Foreign nationals can only renew their driving license or other services with a valid Emirates ID. The resident needs Emirates ID for expedited passport services at the Dubai airport. The Emirates ID is also required for immigration through e-gates. For voting in elections, medical services, bank services, and travel services.

Emirates ID for visitors is the identity card issued by the government of the United Arab Emirates to foreign nationals or visitors. The Emirates ID is also provided to the citizen and foreign residents staying in the United Arab Emirates. Emirates ID is required by every foreign national residing in-country for a long time. Emirates visa is the legal document that UAE residents must carry all the time with them.

Yes, you will get Emirates ID only after the approval of your residency visa for the United Arab Emirates. Foreign nationals entering the Emirates for long visits or work need to obtain both the document and fulfill all the requirements for the same.

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