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Details About Freelance Visa Ras Al Khaimah 2024

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Freelancing is a popular and cost-effective option for one-person enterprises in the UAE. A license from a Free Zone Authority (FZA), such as the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, is required to work as a freelancer (RAKEZ). Unlike a company or brand, the Freelance Visa Ras Al Khaimah allows you to work as a professional registered under your legal name.

This permit is intended for people working in technology, media, education, consulting, and cinematography. Qualified freelancers usually offer their unique talents, inventiveness, or administrative skills. Finally, you can freelance while working if you have a NOC from your company or sponsor.

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Benefits of Freelance Visa Ras Al Khaimah Permit:

  • You have complete control and ownership of your company.
  • When compared to other business licences, affordability
  • Modern business centres, flexi-desk solutions, and client offices are also available (as per agreement)
  • Instead of using a corporate account, you can invoice using your bank account.
  • There are no geographical limitations, and the schedule is entirely flexible.
  • Resident visas in the United Arab Emirates are renewable.
  • Ability to freelance while working full-time
  • There are no auditing obligations.
  • VAT registration is unnecessary if your annual income is less than AED 187,000.

Documents Required to Get a Ras Ai Khaimah Freelance Visa Permit:

  • An educational certificate, diploma, or qualifications that have been attested.
  • These materials must be related to the freelancer's speciality. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs conducts the attestation process, which is duly notarized (MoFA). Fortunately, certification of certificates and diplomas is included in our PRO services.
  • A complete portfolio, CV, or other appropriate document demonstrating at least three years of professional experience in the subject of competence mentioned.
  • A copy of your Passport
  • A copy of your visa (if one is available) or a letter of authorization from your employer or sponsor (if under residency visa & work permit)
  • A letter of recommendation from a local or international bank

On What Terms & Conditions a Person Will Get a Freelance Visa Permit:

  • The freelancer is a professional who will work as an independent contractor and lone practitioner to carry out the RAKEZ-approved company (or any other free zone).
  • Instead of using a company name, the freelancer should use their real name to do business.
  • UAE citizens (including GCC and non-GCC nationals) can acquire visa sponsorship for an extra fee.
  • If the client chooses a permit without a visa, the existing sponsor must issue a Notice of Consent (NOC).
  • Freelancers can't open a corporate bank account.
  • Freelancers are responsible for any debts or liabilities incurred due to their job.
  • Under the permit, freelancers cannot hire employees or obtain extra visas.
  • Per permit, the freelancer is limited to one activity.

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Which Other Zones Provide Freelance Visa Permits:

While RAKEZ is one of the best options, some of our clients would be better served by the packages offered by other UAE free zones, such as:

  • Dubai Internet City (DIC)
  • Dubai Media City (DMC)
  • Dubai Design District (D3)
  • TwoFour54, Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP)

Documents Required for Emirates Visa:

  1. A valid passport whose validity should be left for at least six months.
  2. A Passport sized coloured photo.
  3. Accommodation/staying address where the person is going to stay.
  4. Return ticket from UAE.
  5. A passport should have at least four blank pages.

How to Apply for Emirates Visa?

  1. You can apply from the website
  2. Once you visit the website, the front page will ask you to “select the citizenship country”.
  3. Then select the person's " living country " and click “apply for Emirates visa.”
  4. Then select one “type of visa” as per your plan. Then click on “Proceed to apply.”
  5. The page will direct you to fill in all your details and upload all the required documents.
  6. Then click on either “Submit & add more applicants” or “Submit & proceed to pay”
  7. Then the page will direct you to the payment portal and pay the Emirates visa fee.
  8. Then the application will go for approval.
  9. And you can check the status of your application from our website again.
  10. Visit our website
  11. Click on “Emirates visa status”, then type your application ID and click “Check Emirates visa status”. 

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Why You Need to Apply for Emirates E-Visa Online From Our Website:

  1. We have a 100% visa approval rate, the greatest among all travel firms, making us more dependable.
  2. You can apply for an Emirates e-visa online from our website
  3. We complete all visa applications in approximately four business days, resulting in a quick visa service.
  4. We also work on weekends, such as Fridays and Saturdays, when most travel agencies are closed.
  5. You will receive an email notification for each step of the procedure that your visa is going through.
  6. You do not need to have another sponsor if you apply with us. We will act as your sponsor, and you will receive your visa without any problem.
  7.  We also provide customer care support for visa-related queries, i.e. (24*7) whether on call, email, or chat.
  8. We also help to solve your queries if it is related to your documents also.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for a less expensive package when applying for a Freelancer permit via RAKEZ is certainly a better option. You can get one-year or two-year packages. You will get the opportunity to work with good companies, organizations, to strengthen the network.

After submitting the required documents for the Freelancer permit, the application for a permit by mentioning activity, and completing payment requirement. The freelancer visa in Ras Al Khaimah is issued within 3 to 4 working days.

The freelancer permit fee in Ras Al Khaimah starts from a minimum of AED 6,100. The cost for a freelance permit differs between AED 6,100 to AED 20,000 according to the free zone area. The cost will also vary according to the validity of the residency visa.

No, only one activity can be chosen for each freelancer permit. You can not select two or more activities per permit.

No, Freelancers working with freelancer visas or permits are not allowed to appoint other employees or staff members. 

The document requirements should be followed according to the professional field or expertise area of the applicant. Freelancers should submit valid passport copies for a freelancer permit. Submit educational certificates, diploma certificates (if any). Make sure that the educational documents you are submitting are relevant to the activity and expertise field. Submit a CV and you should have a minimum of 3 years of experience in the relevant activity or chosen field. Submit portfolio containing all important information. Submit copies of the colored photograph. Visa copy and No objection certificate or notice of consent form from sponsor according to the requirements. Also, submit a cover letter or reference letter from a bank.

If the person's income through freelancing is less than AED 187,000 then there is no need to register for VAT. If you are earning between AED 187,000 to AED 375,000. Then it is recommended to register for VAT. If your income through freelancing in Ras Al Khaimah is more than 375,000. Then you must register for VAT.

Expatriates can work for different companies with no time boundation. You will have full complete control and ownership of your work or business. The freelancer visa or permit is more affordable than other types of work licenses in the Emirates. You will not need any office space pr work area. You can send invoices through a personal bank account. You will also get a residency visa which can be easily renewed after obtaining a Freelancer permit. You can sponsor your family with a freelance visa in Ras Al Khaimah.

All the freelancers are willing to work and live in the United Arab Emirates. The visa or freelancer visa can be obtained by an expatriate currently working or knowing about screenwriting, technology, journalism, media, acting, training, education, web development, and consultancy. If you are already working somewhere then also freelancer permit is issued after submitting a No negotiation certificate. 

The validity of a freelancer visa is the duration in which expatriates have to stay in Ras Al Khaimah. The stay is longer than other ordinary visas. But, foreign nationals need to renew their freelancer visa every year in Ras Al Khaimah.

Yes, freelancers can work in Ras Al Khaimah after obtaining the license. The freelancer license or permit must be acquired to function as an individual and professional registered. You will not need to work in a company or organization. Freelancers can work under their name after obtaining a freelancer visa or permit.

The Ras Al Khaimah freelance visa is the type of long residence visa for UAE which is issued to foreign nationals. It allows expatriates to work and live in UAE. The freelance permit is issued to the expatriate who is willing to work independently or as a freelancer in Ras Al Khaimah. To work as an independent freelancer in Ras Al Khaimah license must be obtained from the free zone area. One of the free zone areas in Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (also referred to as RAKEZ).

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