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Complete Guide on Buhaira Corniche in UAE in 2024

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If you plan to visit the United Arab Emirates, you should keep Buhaira Corniche Sharjah on your bucket list. Sharjah in itself is a beautiful city, and this place adds to its beauty to a level which is infinite.

Sharjah is also called the cultural capital of UAE, and al buhaira corniche is a beautiful path located along Khaled Lake which is about 6 to 7 kilometers long. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Sharjah, and acts as a magnet for the visitors.  

The best thing about this place is that it is connected thoroughly throughout the city with loads and loads of transportation facilities available.  Read this article till the end to find out more details about the same through Emirates Visa Online.

Things to Do in Buhaira Corniche

1. Al Noor Mosque

This gigantic ottoman-styled mosque is a must visit in Corniche. The name of the mosque literally translates to “the mosque of light”, and can occupy 2200 people at a time.

There is no prohibition of photography inside the mosque, also the mosque allows people from other religions to visit unlike the other mosques in Corniche. If you are looking for the dress code to enter the mosque, you can easily get them outside.

Timings : Monday to Thursday.

Price: The mosque is free to visit.

2. Al Noor Island

This island is located right opposite to the Al Noor mosque on Khaled Lake, and is named after the mosque. Visitors are attracted to this place because of the great nightlife, a beautiful butterfly house, art and literature gardens, and also great food. If you feel hungry you can grab a super delicious munch at the Al Noor café.

Timings: Open all day for the visitors.


  • Children aged 3-12- AED20
  • Above 13- AED35
  • Complimentary food at Al Noor café- AED55.

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3. Al Majaz Corniche Sharjah

It is a lakefront situated along the Buhaira Corniche, and an ultimate tourist destination. It consists of a mini gold club, Recreational centre, Splash Park. This waterfront park consists of a huge area of 231000 square feet.

There are numerous restaurants available alongside the waterside namely, Emirgan Sutis restaurant, Zahr El-Laymoun and Shakespeare and Co.

You can also hire a bike and paddle along the beautiful scenic areas of the place.

There are plenty of playground and recreational zones for children available in that area, so if you are planning to visit with a kid, this could be the perfect place for them to have some fun.

Apart from all these, you can enjoy a dhow boat ride on the waterfront, enjoy the light and sound show near the musical fountain of Sharjah. You can also do some or other events in the amphitheatre. 

Timings: Open 24 hours a day.

Price: Entry is free but you are charged according to the activity that you choose to do. 

Restaurants Near Buhaira Corniche

Al Buhaira

This humongous place is home to some of the world known as well as mouth watering delicacy chains. If you are a foodie and wondering as to what to eat and where to enjoy a perfect meal in Corniche, go through the list below:

Local food shops:

  •         The lagoon
  •         Hummus cafeteria
  •         Donya Al sham
  •         Zahr El-Laymoon

International food chains:

  •         Domino’s
  •         Pizza hut
  •         Burger King
  •         Subway
  •         KFC

There are also a number of cute and soothing cafes that you can try here.

Timings: Most of them are open till midnight and some even past that.

Price: The price ranges between AED20-AED200 depending upon the food joint that you choose.

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Other Facilities:

Corniche has numerous amenities that it provides to its visitors:

  1. The novo cinemas are located here and are quite famous in Sharjah.
  2. This place is great for shopping, from shops like Lulu hypermarket, Al Safeer shopping centre, Al Fardan centre. These are some of the famous local shops there.
  3. Hospitals are available there along with numerous children play areas.
  4. The path is well maintained and perfect for running, workout, and other recreational activities. It is also well lit at night which ensures your safety. Benches and other sitting spaces are also available there so you can sit and relax.
  5. Parking facilities are always available here.
  6. The fountain glorifies the beauty of the place to another extent. 


It is well known for the remarkable commercial and residential complexes that it houses which adds to the beauty of this place.  The Buhaira Corniche apartments rent varies from AED32000-AED90000. You can rent a 1-6 rooms apartment of your choice within this price range.

If you are looking for commercial rent, it would cost you around AED40000 a year.

The average rent for a 1 bedroom flat is AED32000 a year, while for a 2 bedroom flat it would cost you AED50000. If you are hoping for a 3 bedroom one then be ready to shed around AED63000-AED100000. And, if you want a 4-6 bedroom flat you would find them at AED90000 per year. All of them are premium flats filled with luxury of 3000 square feet.

There are numerous options for flats for rent in Buhaira Corniche Sharjah. You just need to explore according to your need to find the right one.

Hotels in Buhaira Corniche

Al Buhaira is famous for its hotels and resorts in Sharjah. The best among them are:

  • The Act hotel.
  • 72 hotel Sharjah.
  • Four points by Sheraton.
  • Hotel Holiday International.
  • Marbella resort.


Al Fardan and Safeer market are basic commodities malls. You can enjoy many restaurants and kiosks, along with a play area for children in the mall.

If you are looking for something big, you can visit City centre Sharjah, which is a seven minutes drive from Buhaira. You will find all the shopping as well as entertainment options available there.

Clinics and Hospitals

There are many clinics and hospitals in the area, they include:

  • Sharjah corniche hospital
  • Medcare hospital
  • Oriana hospital
  • Aster clinic
  • Al Hayat medical centre
  • Bissan medical centre.

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How to Reach Buhaira Corniche?

If you want to know about travel options to reach Corniche al Buhaira, don’t worry.

By Car:

You can always hire a taxi, as this place is well connected with the rest of the city. From Dubai it takes almost 25 minutes to reach Buhaira.

By Bus:

You can reach Buhaira through any Sharjah tourist bus; they take approximately 2 and a half hours to reach and are available every half an hour. You can also take the bus from Dubai, which is also an economical option.

By Flight:

If you are reaching directly to Sharjah airport, then you can take a cab from there to reach Buhaira. It would take just 20 minutes to reach there.

Sharjah corniche: corniche al Buhaira is definitely a beautiful and serene place to spend time with your loved ones. Especially if you visit here during festival season you can witness some crazy fireworks show too.

Next time when you visit Sharjah, don’t forget to visit Al Buhaira Corniche Sharjah.

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