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the emirates palace tour in abu dhabi

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We are going to know about the exciting place in Abu Dhabi that is the Emirate palace. The UAE capital is Abu Dhabi. It has all the developments thought of the advanced technologies of the future. The buildings built are highly planned with a beautiful piece of architecture. Everything built in Abu Dhabi has a mixture of the Arabic traditional architecture flavour in it. Not only the Emirates place, it has many more places to visit and explore. They have famous mosques, museums and hotels available. The tourists who visit Abu Dhabi will never miss any one place without visiting. The hospitality, ambiance, and grandeur attract people from visiting the place for sure. We are going to know about Emirates palace, restaurants present here, etc. Then we are going to see the expenses, the best season to travel, the mode of transport, etc.  

Emirates palace

Emirates palace started its opening in 2005 for visitors to visit. It’s handled and taken care of by the hotel group called the Kempinski. The structure consists of almost (394) three hundred and ninety-four suites and rooms. The domes are made of gold and marble in comparison to the desert color. There are (114) hundred and fourteen domes present here. The palace is concealed by the Arabian Gulf waters. There are palm trees and water fountains present all along the way to enter the palace. The additional features are 2 helipads, spas, parking underground, swimming pools, and the marina. They have many restaurants, cafes, and bars to have the finest exotic Arabian cuisine food. 
There are special places for children called kids club and even water-related activities are present. They include activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, skiing, etc. If you are visiting with families or friends you can enjoy the visit very happily and with pleasure.


How to do booking for visiting the Emirates palace

There is no big process for booking the reservation. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below. The first important thing is the booking will have the option of online mode. The booking for visiting the palace that's done before few of visiting itself. That will help you select the slot that’s required. Try selecting the slots on the working days so that there won’t be much of a crowd. During the holidays the palace will be fully crowded and you can’t enjoy and experience everything in detail. If you are willing to explore every inch of Emirates palace then visit during working days. There are also reservations available at hotels to have a peaceful lunch or dinner.

Dress code for entering palace

Every place there will be a need to follow the dress code. Like if you are visiting a religious or sacred place the traditional dresses fully covered are a must. You can’t wear shorts, sleeveless and transparent dresses. UAE people and visitors who visit must follow the dress code. They are very particular about the proper usage of dresses for both men and women. In the same way even for entering the Emirates palace, the dress they wear is really important. They mostly prefer the national clothing of the Arabic style. They even allow the good and normal clothing style that is the casual wear. The main objective is not small dresses and dresses that have exposure of skin are not allowed.


Other features in Emirates palace

There is a lot more to research and experience in the Palace. The palace has a beautiful view of the Beach experience. They have the exceptional structure of arches, water fountains, and staircases. This will be a perfect place for getting the best pictures clicked. All the interiors available that’s decorated with marbles, gold, and crystals. The most important thing that you can feel as a treat is the chandeliers from Swarovski. By seeing the chandelier you will be mesmerized by the beauty of it. Have you ever eaten the 24-carat gold flakes? Here in the Emirates palace of Abu Dhabi provides you with this golden opportunity. One of the café in a palace called LE café provides you with 24-carat gold flakes topped with rich coffee. It’s called the palace cappuccino.


You have a royal treat by visiting the palace. The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi is the best place in Abu Dhabi to visit. If you want to visit this place from Dubai it takes about 147 km. It has an opening time 24/7. The route for the palace is available in the maps of Google. The restaurants available are Las Brisas, Le café, Le Vendome, Hakkasan, and Mezlai. If you visit Abu Dhabi make the Emirates palace the priority to visit. So get your Emirates Visa and explore the beauty of this amazing Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is NO. The fee for entry to the Emirates palace is free. But the amenities like hotels, spas, bars, etc. will need money for experiencing them. So except for the entry fee all the other services taken need the money paid for enjoying them. 

There is no time restriction for visiting the palace. Anyone can visit the palace any time. It will be open every day even during the weekdays. 

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