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Planning on booking tickets for Emirates economy class? Well, you have landed correctly. Here is your guide to know all about Emirates Airlines economy class before proceeding with your bookings. Especially now with Emirates Visa Online one can get both information on your emirates airlines as well as the visa that will be needed to enter the country. this will definitely help you in getting to know more about your journey and how you will be able to enjoy the trip as a whole. 


  • Perks of booking Emirates Airlines – Economy class.
  • Emirates Covid 19 Guidelines
  • Emirates business class and Emirates economy class comparison

Perks of booking Emirates Airlines – Economy class.

Some of the perks of booking through emirate airlines in economy class are –

1. Enough leg room – There is sufficient space for travellers to rest and relax during their journey. The distance between two seats is quite sufficient for travellers to rest their legs and theirs knew won’t touch the seat ahead of them.

2. Inflight entertainment – Emirates economy Inflight entertainment is for passengers to make the most of their travel time. Emirates airlines ensure that passengers do not get bored during their journey, which is why they provide with entertainment facilities like-

3. On-board Wi-Fi – With the help of on-board Wi-Fi facility, passengers can stay connected with their friend or family during their journey. It is a free membership for Skyward members and they get up to 20mb free data for 2 hours. To use this facility, passengers will have to add their Emirates Skyward membership number to their booking before 24 hours. The process to buy a wifi plan is –

  • Go on flight mode
  • Connect with On Air Wi-FI only after take-off
  • Choose your wifi plan
  • Pay the amount online for your plan
  • Enjoy the benefits

4. Learn New Language – Emirates airlines have partnered with uTalk, with which travellers can make the most of their time and learn language from over 140 options. The content is of almost 180 hours and 60 topics to cover.

5. Entertainment – Passengers have a wide range of options to choose from to not get bored during their journey. They can choose from 4500 movie channels, games, music and TV show to watch.

6. Information – With this feature, passengers can easily track the progress of their travel on a moving map and get a chance to see the world from almost 40,000 feet with the help of external cameras. Travellers can get an update on sports, news or weather information on their screens. They can also listen to uninterrupted music, podcast or radio during their journey.

7. Comfortable seats – Emirates airlines economy class offers comfortable seats to their travellers. Even the middle row seats are comfortable if booked. There are separate fan and light provided for each seat.

8. Emirates Economy Amenities – Emirates provides with amenity kits to travellers that are filled with basic travel essentials like toothpaste, toothbrush, earplugs, eyeshades and socks. All this is for customers to have a very comfortable journey.

9. Charge your electronics – Travellers can use the socket that is under their seat and charge their electronic device and stay in contact with family, friends and not miss out on their social media handle.

10. Food Facility – Passengers can opt from a variety of meal just before their travel. Before the food is served, passengers are provided with a menu that is unique to emirates economy class food. The food taste and quality are just too good.

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Emirates business class and Emirates economy class comparison





Seats are in the formation of 3-4-3 with a total of 427 seats arranged and offer sufficient leg space to relax

There are total 76 seats and it here is lot of space to stretch your legs and just relax 


The quality of the food served to passengers is very good. The entire meal is served in one tray.

The food presentation is amazing and travellers are served with starter, main course and dessert separately


Travellers can avail inflight entertainment. The display screen is of 13 inches. Each seat is given a charging socket. Each seat has a tray table and a cup holder too. 

Business class travellers are provided with a tablet along with a remote to control their TV screen. They are also provided with self serve bar along side their seat. The TV screen is 23 inches.


A basic headphones with a blanket, toothbrush, toothpaste, ear plugs and eye mask.

Sturdies and noise cancelling earphones along with bed facility to travellers. Travellers are handed over Bulgari toiletries for men and women.


The cost is obviously dependant on your travel destination and in spite of all the facilities is comparatively reasonable 

Business class pricing is higher. 

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Emirates Covid 19 Guidelines

  1. Wear Mask – All travellers must wear a mask throughout – from entering the airport, during boarding and throughout the journey. Children below 6 years and travellers with medical conditions are exceptions for this. If a traveller is unable to wear the mask due to their medical condition, then they will have to complete Medical Information Form before their travel. 

This is for the traveller who has intellectual, sensory or cognitive conditions like –

  1. Down syndrome
  2. Autism condition
  3. Parkinson
  4. Alzheimer
  5. Development delay
  6. Hydrocephalus
  7. Dementia

Travellers who have severe respiratory conditions or need supplementary oxygen-

  1. Heart Failure
  2. COPD – Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  3. Cystic fibrosis
  4. Asthma
  • During Journey with Emirates
  1. Check-in – While entering the airport, a traveller must have a face mask put on. Wearing gloves is not mandatory but recommended. The check-in desk has an antibacterial screen. Travellers will pass through a thermal scanner which is similar to a metal detector. Every traveller will be provided with travel hygiene kit that includes a face mask, sanitizer, gloves and antibacterial wipes.
  2. Lounge – The lounge that is open for business class and first-class passengers have maintained strict hygiene level. The chairs and tables have been spaced out. Travellers can place their orders through the contactless menu by simply scanning the QR code. Every seat is sanitised at regular intervals.
  3. Boarding – Safety measures have been introduced at boarding gates too. Passengers have to maintain distance at the seating area and while standing in the queue. Every staff member will be wearing PPE kit while welcoming the travellers.
  4. On Flight Safety – All cabin crew members are dressed in PPE – personal protective equipment. During their entire journey, they have to wear a mask and gloves. The emirates economy class seats are well sanitized for every journey and lavatories are frequently disinfected.
  • Measures for Travellers
    1. Travellers must take COVID-19 PCR test. The test must be done not before 96 hours of departure.
    2. The cost of a PCR test is to be bared by the traveller itself.
    3. Travellers must carry their PCR test negative reports while travelling

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Frequently Asked Questions

The facilities provided to premium economy ticket holder is more than Economy class and less than business class. The total cost of economy flex plus ticket is way cheaper than business class on Emirates airlines. Premium economy travelers get extra services linked to business class travelers. The legroom provided is more spacious (additionally 6 to 7 cm) than other economy class sections. Bigger screen, more varieties of food, more entertainment services, and more comfortable seats. The charges can be 30% more than lower-tier economy class and 60% less than business or first-class seats.

The bag allowance for economy class passengers on Emirates airlines depends on the fare and the section. The lowest tier economy special passenger can take luggage weighing 15 kilograms. If you have booked tickets for the economy saver class then the bag allowance is 25 Kg. The bag allowance for the third category economy flex is 39 Kg. The premium economy flex plus bag allowance is 35 Kg. 

Emirates airlines keep updating its services and multiplying the option for passengers. The economy class in Emirates airlines does have various sections. The first option which one can select is economy special. Comfortable and affordable for passengers looking forward to a great journey without paying a t of money. The number of choices like canceling the ticket, or updating services would not be permitted after the final booking. This is the lowest tie and cheapest section economy my server is the second section, passengers are allowed to make changes after final booking. If you are looking for better service and more flexibility. Then you can book an Emirates economy flex class ticket. Without paying extra charges to the Emirates airlines the economy class passenger can select the seat according to their choice online. Economy flex plus is the best version of economy class, that comes with extra service, cancellation without fine.

Yes, economy class passengers also get a power outlet attached to the seats. You can charge your phone, or laptop if required. You can watch live news too and economy class travelers can use wifi too. 

No, Emirates airlines provide complimentary meals to economy class passengers like other class without extra charges. Passengers can get a full-time meal if they have a long hours' journey. The legroom at Emirates airlines is more than other ordinary airlines. At least one main meal is served to economy class passengers on Emirates airlines. During the long hours, flight more meals and option is available. The meal served to economy class passengers is selected by them only. Passengers have to select from three to four different kinds of meals. Asian food, African dishes, etc are served the food are served according to the destination. You can expect beer or wine during the travel. Snacks, bread, dessert, biscuit, and coffee are served too. If you want a special dietary food option or different baby food then a request can be made online after booking tickets. 

Yes, the economy class seats are perfect and suitable for kids. If you are traveling with kids then for entertainment you will get several options. Kids can watch cartoon videos, films, play music, and kids can also watch language learning channels. Kids can also play with stuffed animals, toys, and books which are provided at Emirates airlines. Traveling through economy class is a good option as the special and different type of meal is also served for kids. Light meals, snack, milk, chocolate, and baby food is served. The other perk is that kids can travel at discounted fare at Emirates airlines. 

You may think that the economic class is not that good and the services will be very limited. But the services provided at the Emirates airlines to the economy are enough to make the journey comfortable, fun, and enjoyable. Bag allowance for the economy class passengers works the same as the weight-based or point-based. For example- The maximum limit of bags should be maintained under 23 kg for flights taking off from the United States. Economy class passengers have to board the flight based on the row by row and according to their seat number (last row passengers board first). Economy class passengers also have the benefit to choose the seats online which stay available before 48 hours of departure. The seats in the economy block are comfortable, have enough leg room, are adjustable, and seats are covered with leather headrests. Passengers can watch movies, series, music, and videos on 13.3-inch screens. 

Emirates airlines are no doubt one of the best luxury airlines which also give excellent service at the same time. Passengers who want to fly to their destination with Emirates airlines within budget should book economy class tickets. No wonder the service and the attention given to economy class passengers is good. You can enjoy the journey within your comfort zone, and most importantly a good meal during the journey. Although there are business class seats and private suites in Emirates airlines it is worthful to book economy class seats too.

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