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Emirates Visa For USA In 2024

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Emirates Visa USA can be applied by the citizens of the United States of America if they want to visit Emirates for their holiday trip, business meetings, Conferences, and transit flights. If you are a USA citizen and holding a USA passport then you can apply for an Emirates visa for any of the purposes as per your visit to the country. US citizen can apply for two kinds of visa which are given below:

Visa On Arrival

  • Visa on arrival means the country or Nation you will have to get your visa at the point of entry. Visa on arrival is not provided to all the citizens. Only the nationals of a few countries are eligible to get a visa on arrival.
  • Whenever you choose to get a visa on arrival to forget to check the port at which the visa on arrival is being provided. We can also say that a Visa on arrival is not provided at each point of entry; it is provided at some specific point of entry.
  • Citizens of the United States of America can get a visa on arrival if they have a passport with the validity of six months. They will not require documents for visiting the United Arab Emirates to ask for the visa policy of the country.


  • E-visa is an electronic visa authorization. Now citizens of the United States of America are also eligible to apply for an E visa if they don't want to waste time at the point of entry. If you want to get your visa in advance then you should definitely choose this e visa. If you choose an e visa then you just have to fulfil a few requirements like Filling an application form.
  • Well, when we consider both visa-on-arrival and E-visa both have their own benefits. but we recommend you choose e Visa over visa on arrival because you can make the things cleared and easier for you by choosing electronic travel authorization Visa.


Apply for your Emirates E-visa in advance to avoid any kind of inconvenience during your stay. Emirates visa for USA citizens is easy to apply as we are here to provide you with complete assistance. You just have to follow a few simple steps and rest work will be done by our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

US nationals can apply for a UAE visa extension by sending an application at Emirates visa online. US nationals who have any plans to stay longer than their visa validity. Then they should apply for a UAE visa extension well before their visa expires. US national can extend the UAE tourist visa further for 30 days which cost around USD 450.0. According to UAE immigration policy, all the tourists staying inside the country can extend their visa two times in a row. 

Nationals of the United States can apply for 5- years Dubai visa on Emirates Visa Online webpage. The 5 years Dubai visa for US nationals is the multiple visit visa. US nationals can stay in the country for 90 days and then can apply for 90 days extension. It stays valid for 5 years. To get Emirates 5 years visa, US nationals have to pay USD 850.0 and USD 550.0 which are the visa processing charges. If US nationals meet all of the prerequisites and have all of the necessary documents for a 5-year Dubai visa. Then only they can apply for a 5-year multiple entries visa. To apply for a 5-year Dubai visa, the applicant will need US national passport which will not expire in the next 6-month and it has to be in good condition. Health insurance for a stay in Dubai, as well as a $4,000 bank balance, is required. 

The UAE visa issued to US nationals at the airport is valid only for 30 days from the day of entry. US nationals who want to stay in UAE for more than one month can apply for 90 days visa at the Emirates visa online website. Emirates visa airlines provide e-visa to tourists with 100% approval chances. US nationals can select the UAE visa type they would want to acquire. US nationals have to fill in all the information asked in the UAE visa application form and upload the relevant documents. Pay USD 450 if you want to obtain a single visit visa for 90 days stay and USD 830 for multiple entries. US nationals will get UAE 90 day visa within three to four days which will be sent to the email address. 

US nationals can get a UAE tourist visa and transit visa after reaching the airport free of cost. US nationals are allowed to stay in the country for 30 days. US nationals who want to stay in the United Arab Emirates for less than one month can take their visa directly at the airport. 

US nationals should check that they are having an original passport which must be valid for 6 months from the day of arrival. The passport size photograph and national passport must have to be submitted to apply for the visa after arriving at the airport. A round trip ticket, health insurance, and bank statement are required to be shown at the entry points. US diplomatic and official passport holders applying for Emirates visas on arrival also need to submit important documents. Complete visa application form, passport, photograph (2×2 inches), cover letter, the purpose of visit, and departure date.

United States citizens are eligible for UAE visas on arrival entry. The Emirates tourist visa is available for the citizens of the United States upon arrival. To get an Emirates visa directly at the airport US nationals should head towards the immigration after landing. Apply for a tourist visa and documents. US nationals can also attend meetings, and attend conferences in UAE after attaining a visa from the airport. US nationals who want to extend their stay can visit the nearest immigration office in the United Arab Emirates.

Yes, you will need a visa to visit Dubai if you are holding a US passport. GCC nationals traveling from the United States to Dubai do not need an Emirates visa and can enjoy visa-free travel. US nationals must check all the UAE visa requirements. US nationals traveling to Dubai for spending vacation can get tourist visas. 

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