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Emirates Visa Stamping: Residency Visa | Employment Visa| Visit Visa

Emirates Visa Stamping services are required for the people who intend to work and reside in the United Arab Emirates. The Emirates being the prime destination for business and employment purposes, people need to settle around their workplace.

This blog will highlight the importance of an Emirates Visa Stamping process and application. It will include the documents required for Residency, Employment, Visit, and Business Visa stamping, which will help the readers to gain solutions to most of their queries.

Emirates Visa Online aims to solve every travel-related query for its readers and provide the best and fastest services.


  • What is Visa Stamping?
  • Why is Visa stamping required?
  • Documents required for Employment Visa Stamping
  • Residency Visa Stamping Documents
  • Emirates Visit Visa Stamping documents
  • Emirates Visa stamping process
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is Visa Stamping?

Visa stamping is a process that provides the right to the applicant to enter a nation and either work or reside. Currently, Visa Stamping in Emirates plays a very important role. The Emirates Visa services are not available for long term Visa requirements like Employment Visa, Residency Visa, Visit Visa, or Business Visa. For security purposes, one needs to apply for a Visa Stamping service for a legitimate entry to the country.

Why is Emirates Visa stamping required?

The importance of Visa Stamping in the Emirates is focused on its security. A person, who doesn’t hold an Emirates Visa, is ineligible to enter the Emirates for whatever purpose they intend to go. A long term visa can’t be granted or issued in an Online service, because of which, getting your Visa processed through an Embassy of the Emirates is highly required.

Documents required for Employment Visa Stamping

For those who intend to work in the Emirates, require an Employment Visa. Since an Employment Visa in the Emirates is valid for a longer duration, it is required to issue your Visa through the Visa Stamping services.

An employment visa is required for all those who do not belong to the Emirates and are seeking employment in a company registered in the United Arab Emirates. The employment visa is issued through the approval from the Emirates Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. An employment visa is further issued by the Immigration Department.

Some documents required for the Employment Visa Stamping are:

  • Original passport of the applicant
  • One photograph (white background) of the applying employee
  • Original medical certificate
  • Health Insurance
  • Copy of Emirates ID application
  • Copy of valid commercial license
  • Copy of valid Immigration establishment card
  • Labor Contract submission receipt from Tash’eel Center

These are the important documents, the applicant applying in the Emirates for an Employment Visa, is required to submit for the Visa Stamping process. They need to submit these documents for the authorities to scan them and grant them the Visa accordingly.

Residency Visa Stamping Process

For those, you intend living in the Emirates, require a Residency Visa and an Emirates ID. The Residence Visa is stamped into your Passports whereas the Emirates ID is an identification document of the size of your credit card.

The stamping Process for any Visa that requires Stamping is the same. Although each type of Visa has a different requirement in terms of Documents. 

For the residency Visa stamping, the following are the documents that are required:

  • Original Entry Permit from the sponsor
  • Original Passport of the applicants
  • A Medical Certificate with the GAMCA slip
  • The applicants require a Police clearance certificate issued by the passport office
  • Police clearance certificate attested by the Ministry of External Affairs and the United Arab Emirates embassy
  • Photographs of applicants wherein the visibility of the entire face should there. The picture should be clicked with a white background. 
  • Polio Certificate for 1 to 12 years old children is required

Emirates Visit Visa stamping documents

A Visit Visa for the Emirates is issued by the sponsor of the applicant, like any other long tenure Visa. Most of the documents required may match with the other Visa documents. However, every Emirates Visa types require a set of documents that are supposed to be submitted by the applicants.

Following are the documents required for the Visit Visa Stamping to the Emirates:

  •  Passport with a minimum validity of 6months
  • Four recent passport size photographs with a white background and full-face visibility
  •  The applicants are required to submit a copy of their Return air-ticket
  • A copy of their visa approval which is obtained by their sponsor in the Emirates,

*Note: The Visa applicant may be required for a personal interview at the Emirates Embassy in Delhi India.

Emirates Visa stamping process

  • Once the sponsor, applies for the application of the Entry Permit, they will receive a Username and Password for their application.
  • With the help of the username and password, the employee can make an appointment through the ‘ ‘government website.
  • The next step is to submit all the required documents, and pay the application fees on the day of the appointment.
  • The authorities will scan all the documents and if everything is as per the required norms, you will be granted the Employment Visa.
  • Lastly, the consulate will release the passport, by stamping your visa on it.


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