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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a group of seven countries. The word “Emirates” reminds of a political region that is ruled by an Arabic or Islamic king or “emir”. Dubai is one of the seven Emirates. The other countries among the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are “Sharjah”, “Abu Dhabi”, “Fujairah”, “Ajman”, and “Umm Al Quwain”.These countries are rich and glorious. The emirates of Dubai is a great country as it has developed greatly in the last two decades. It is the heart for universal business and an extravagant tourist destination. 

The reason behind the wealth of the emirates of Dubai:

This emirates is affluent because of the seafaring activities. It was just a town with humble fishing and became a predominant trading spot. 

It is in the vicinity of Iran and the Gulf of Persia. It thus captivated the trades from all over the area. Now, the port Jebel Ali is the bustling port in the city. This the world’s greatest economic free zone. 

As these free zones formulate many policies for the people investing their money in the business, it increases the inflow of the traders and merchants. Free Zones also stimulate wealth and business by attracting businesses of all kinds. 

It had an inexpensive workforce that hired labor for less cost and made the construction and development process possible. In the present day, the tourism industry forms one of the major contributors to GDP (Gross Domestic Product). 

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Area of Dubai:

Dubai is not very large in its area. It just covers a realm of  4,114 square kilometers. In this area, there are thirty-three lakhs of population. This area makes for a metropolitan city.  The emir or the ruler of this Emirate is Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It is under the emir which means that it is a rule of complete monarchy. 

Interesting information about Dubai:

It is a city with many unknown facts. One would be shocked to find out the following things:

  •  Lots of oil: It produces oil that also contributes to the wealth of the capital of the seven emirates. The oil it produces can amount to 4.5 swimming pools of Olympic games, just in a day! Fifty-thousand barrels of oil are extracted from its mines. 
  • Architectural extravagance: Burj Al Arab the world’s luxurious seven-star hotel has wasted thirty-nine percent of its area is exhibiting its architectural vanity. It ranks fourth in the height of hotels on Earth. 
  • Dubailand: Who does not want to go to Disneyland?! We all love themed parks and the city is building its amusement park. It is planned to be built in a large area and make it two-times larger than the world's biggest Disneyland! 

The government estimates that this plan will cost 64.3 billion dollars. It will attract all the family tourists and increase revenue.

  • Gold here will blow one’s mind: It is not a hidden fact that the city is famous for its gold trade and gold souks. In a study in 2013, it was measured that the weight of the gold traded was equal to 345 elephants! It is approximately 2,250 tonnes.
  • Burj Khalifa: One can see Burj Khalifa from a distance of ninety-five kilometers!
  • Safest in the world: It has the least crime rate. Thus, it is safest for the tourists, expatriates, and residents. 
  • There is no income tax: The city does not collect tax from the residents. This fact attracts many people to work here. The income tax is zero percent. 
  • Lots of cranes: Nearly twenty-percent of the cranes in the world are operated in this exuberant city as it keeps on developing and expanding the architectural limits. 
  • Indoor snow park: The city has the world’s largest indoor snow park in a mall!
  • Largest shopping mall: The city has the largest shopping mall and has 1,200 shops inside it. There is an aquarium inside the mall that is amazing.
  • Metro station in eighteen months: A metro was built in eighteen months and has forty-two stations. 
  • The high rate of population increase: It has a great population increase rate. Many people are flocking to Dubai due to its attractive policies.

 In 1975, the population in the Emirates of UAE was nearly 1,83,000. In 2019 it is 3.33 million. It ranks first in population among the other Emirates.  

  • Luxury car graveyard: Many luxury cars that are left in the city by the rich people. It will make the car lovers cry. Even the police patrols in luxurious cars! 
  • The biggest man-made island: Palm Jumeirah is the largest artificial island and one can view it even from space! It has twenty-eight hotels and is 5.4 kilometers long.
  • Tallest residential building: Princess towers is the tallest building where people can live. It has 101 levels and is 414 meters in height. It is thought of as the tallest building lived by people. 
  • Festivals: There are many festivals and it makes this a very vibrant one to visit and enjoy. 


Frequently Asked Questions

 It offers a wide range of food options. One can send a lot of money for food but can also find things at cheaper rates

Yes, there are a few poor people. There is always an economic gap in every country. 

Yes, it is very expensive. It ranks 58 among the costly cities in the world. The standard of living is very high here.

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