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Nothing but the desert is now what you see as a city full of skyscrapers and tall buildings. In fact, this is the place where the tallest building in the entire world is situated. This place is called Dubai and this place is an endless place filled with the moderation of both desert and city buildings alike. So here is a chance for you to travel to the Emirates with the Emirates 30 days visa provided by the Emirates Visa Online services. What is it that makes the tourists visit the place again and again? It is definitely the place itself and the wonders that it provides it viewers that make them come back again and again.


  • What is the 30 days Emirates visa and why is it important to have one?

A 30 days Emirates visa is a type of visa that is needed by the people who want to travel to the Emirates but wants to stay in the Emirates for about 30 days from entry. This is important to have because of the entry needs and as a tourist, you need a document to be shown which will prove your stay in the emirates.

  • How much time would it take to have a visa issued if it is 30 days one?

It will take about three to five days for a foreigner to obtain 30 days worth visa from Emiratesvisaonline.

  • Is it okay if I apply for an Emirates 30 days visa if I want to stay only for a week?

If you want to enter multiple times then it will be suggested to take an Emirates 30 days multiple entry visa and if the trip is for a single time then you can make use of Emirates 14 days visa as well.

  • I and my friends have been planning on a trip from Canada to the Emirates what si the price that we need to pay for the visa if we want to stay for a month?

If you wish to stay for a month then you can have two different options such as:

  • Emirates 30 days single entry visa which will be costing you 150. US dollars.
  • Emirates 30 days multiple entries visa which will be costing you 320.0 US dollars.

Note that the amount specified is for per person and there will be additional services charges applicable for the visa processing.

  • Is a visa required prior to traveling to the UAE?

A visa is normally taken prior to traveling however due to some allowances there are countries whose nationals can take a visa upon entry as well. As this condition does not apply to all it is always recommended to have your visa applied for in advance to remove any chances of cancellation of trips.

  • How do I check my ban status to UAE?

It is not possible to check your ban status easily, but you can contact the customer care to help you with this matter and you will get an answer. 

  • Who will cancel my visa if my sponsor doesn’t have a valid visa or valid Emirates ID?

If your sponsor does not have a valid visa or valid Emirates ID then you can contact the agency who was appointed to have your visa issued as they can help you with the cancellation of the visa.

  • I have applied for an Emirates 30 days visa but can it be valued to visit all the seven emirates?

Yes having an Emirates 30 days visa will let you travel throughout the seven emirates and will be acceptable as long as the visa is still invalidity.

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