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When travelling one thing you need to keep in mind is that you will have a lot of challenges and this does not only apply to just applying for a visa but also after you have travelled to another country especially when it is for the first time. However, one thing you can be assured about when you travel to the Emirates is that your worries are put to rest especially when you have Emirates Visa Online to provide you with 90 days multiple entry emirates visa. This is not only based on mere words but based on actual experiences from a lot of people who have trusted Emiratesvisaonline and have applied for a visa through them.


Frequently Asked Questions

For being eligible for an Emirates ID you will have to have the residency proof and will also have to get a residence visa, as the 90 days visa will not be helpful in getting the Emirates ID

A 90 days worth of visa will be given to foreigners only for the purpose of tourism and can also be used to visit the family members or relatives. This visa under no case can be used for business purposes.

If there are any pending documents left you will be notified about it through the mail after which you can easily just attach those documents through the same link and send it. You can ask the customer care number for more support during any problem faced.

No having only a single name on the passport will not allow you to apply for a visa and hence you cannot apply for the visa, however, you can update the name mentioned and make it as minimum two names to be eligible to apply for an Emirates visa online.

Normally the maximum allowed the date to stay in the Emirates for tourists is only for about 90 days and cannot be extended any further the Emirates extension visa only works for 30 days single entry emirates visa and cannot be used for visas that have a greater number of days than that. However, if there is an emergency contacting the officials can get you some help on the same.

It is not possible to apply for a long term visa however you can apply for 90 days visa which is the maximum number of days allowed for a tourist. You can also contact the customer care if you want help in applying for a residency visa and there will be assistance provided.

As you are applying for a visa through the Emirates visa application online method you need not submit the passport, however, you will be required to bring along a printed copy of the visa while entering the Emirates.

You will be able to get access to your visa that you have applied with the help of the mail that you already registered during the filling in of the application form for the visa. You can take a printout of the same in order to gain entry into the country.

The 90 days Emirates multiple entries visa permits unknown nationals to enter UAE for a brief visit. This visa can be used by foreign nationals to gain multiple entries to UAE till the visa validity of their Emirates visa. It is the non-immigrant type and long-term visa for Emirates.

Yes, you can change the status of your 90 days Emirates tourist visa into a residence visa. After canceling the 90 days Emirates tourist visa or you can just wait for the expiry date. The residence visa for Emirates can be obtained by paying AED 650. After changing the status from tourist visa to Emirates residency visa stay in UAE can be 2,3 or 4 years. 

The cost of 90 days multiple entries tourist visa to visit the Emirates is around USD 830.0. The processing fee of 90 days Emirates multiple entries visa is USD 26.0 that is required to be paid online to get a Visa within 4 days. 

The 90 days multiple entries visa for Abu Dhabi and Dubai can be applied at the same time. The Emirates visa acquired by you for 90 days is valid to enter both Abu Dhabi and Dubai or even any other Emirates in UAE. You can visit "Emirates visa online" to apply for 90 days Emirates multiple entries Visa. Select the visa type as '90 days multiple entries" and fill the application for the relevant 90 days visa cautiously. Attest the important documents with it to ensure that you have uploaded the scanned image of your passport. You have to pay the 90 days multiple entries Emirates visa fee that is USD 830.0 and the processing fee that is 26.0. sent to the e-mail address of the applicant.

Travelers who are visiting the United Arab Emirates just for tourism, sightseeing, and leisure. And the tour will be completed in one visit. Then they should apply for single entry 90 days tourist visa for Emirates. Travelers visiting UAE for business purposes, attending conferences, or tourism and have to enter UAE more than one time. Then it is best to apply for Emirates multiple entries visa for 90 days to avoid the need of applying for a visa for each visit.

Yes, some of the airlines do provide 90 days Emirates visa and another type of tourist visa for Dubai. You can get Visa through airlines if you have booked flight tickets to Dubai or UAE. Emirates airlines, fly Dubai, Etihad Airways, and international air Arabia are some of the international airlines which sponsor and provide UAE visas to visitors.

You can extend 90 days Emirates multiple entries visa two times. Tourists willing to extend their Emirates visas can visit Emirates visas online. The fee for a one-month extension is USD 450.0 for Emirates 90 days multiple entries visa. You can stay for 60 days in the United Arab Emirates if you apply for a tourist visa extension two times.

Travelers who are planning for a long vacation with 90 days stay and will be traveling to the country more than one time. Then they are eligible to apply for 90 days Emirates multiple entries visa. You should share the details of your hotel accommodation and travel itinerary at immigration points to enter Dubai. If you are GCC nationals then you do not need this visa for 90 days visit to UAE.

No, you can not change the information and details after sending an application for an Emirates visa. You should send another application for 90 days Emirates visa. 

Yes, the legal age according to UAE is an important requirement while applying for 90 days multiple entriesv for Emirates and other type of visa. Males who are below 22 years have to apply for Emirates 90 days tourist visa with parents or guardians. Females who are below 25 years are not eligible to apply for 90 days Emirates visa without parents or guardians.

Yes, you should apply for an Emirates tourist visa well in advance so you can have a valid visa before boarding the flight. The time 90 days Emirates multiple entries visa take for processed is between 3 to 4 days. You will get your 90 days visa before 15 days.

The 90 days Emirates tourist visa for multiple entries is sent to the email address of the applicant.

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