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emirates travel guidelines everything you need to follow while traveling during the covid19

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Emirates are one of the first international countries that have resumed tourism. The tourists have to follow the COVID–19 travel guidelines to maintain their and other's safety and wellbeing.

The COVID–19 Pandemic has taken a toll on the safety and well being of the world. The travel and tourism industry has suffered a lot. But as we restore our faith into the well being of the world, some countries like the Emirates have opened doors for tourists.

This blog aims to inform its readers about the Emirates travel guidelines amidst the pandemic. These safety travel guidelines must be followed by all those who wish to travel across and outside their country for the wellbeing of themselves and others.


  • Emirates resuming Tourism 2020
  • Requirements tourists need to meet before visiting the Emirates
  • Quarantine and testing requirements
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Emirates resuming Tourism 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there was a halt in the tourism industry. After waiting for several months, the Emirates finally opened its doors for tourism on 7th July 2020. The Emirates is a symbol of grandeur, which grants entry to millions of tourists yearly.

The first few months of the complete lockdown, wherein the national and international borders were sealed, there was worldwide havoc for avid travellers. But now that gradually countries are resuming their tourism again, there is an excitement to travel the world budding in the travellers. 

Since there has been no vaccine yet discovered for the COVID–19, the travellers travelling across national and international borders are meant to follow the safety travel guidelines and protocols for the wellbeing of their and others health.

Travelling to the Emirates, one must make sure to follow all the protocols advised by the home country, airlines, and the Emirates to ensure a safe and pleasant journey for themselves and the people around them.

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Requirements tourists need to meet before visiting the Emirates

For the safety of the passengers and the other citizens of the country, it is mandatory for any traveller travelling to or passing by any of the cities in the Emirates to meet the following requirements before and after entering the premises of any cities of the Emirates.

  • Booking your flight Tickets, Hotels, and Visa

Before planning your visit to any country in the world, it is mandatory for the passengers to book their flight tickets, accommodation, and itinerary and issue an Emirates Visa.

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  1. Choose your living and citizenship country
  2. Select the Emirates Visa Type
  3. Duly fill the application form
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  5. Track the Visa status and download the generated E- Visa in a pdf format.
  • Get travel health insurance

Travel health insurance is a vital document for any travellers who are visiting any of the cities of the Emirates. Health insurance that covers COVID–19 just like any other sickness, is mandatory for your stay in any part of the Emirates.

  • COVID–19 DXB application should be downloaded

Tourists entering the Emirates will be required to download the COVID–19 DXB application and register their details on it for the knowledge of the authorities. This app will allow direct access to the local health authorities in case the traveller develops some symptoms on their journey.  

  • Carry your negative PCR test

The tourists travelling to any of the parts of the Emirates are required to carry the negative PCR test which should be taken from up to 4 days /96 hours from the time of departure. In case you fail to bring this certificate along; you’ll have to undergo a PCR test upon arrival to any of the cities of the Emirates

  • Health Declaration form

The tourists and travellers who have their connecting flights through any of the cities in the Emirates are required to fill in a Health Declaration Form and give it to the available staff at check-in.

  • Thermal Screening on arrival to the Emirates

The tourists are required to undergo a thermal screening when they arrive at any part of the Emirates airport. They are also subject to additional tests if the authorities suspect them to be COVID–19 positives.

Quarantine and testing requirements

If the traveller abides by the above-mentioned requirements and brings their negative PCR test showing that they don’t have any symptoms then there is no mandatory testing or quarantine required for them. In case they test positive to the COVID–19 they will have to isolate themselves at an institutional facility provided by the Emirates authorities for 14 days at their own expense.

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Airline Requirements

Every airline has a mandatory check they need to keep for their passengers for knowing the fellow passenger is COVID–19 positive. This highly contagious disease has taken over millions of lives. Just for the security and well being of everyone around, the airlines have a mandatory rule of doing the same.

  • Emirates Airlines: The information provided by Emirates Airlines, the requirements required before, during, and after your travel are mandatory to abide by. You can find the information here
  • Etihad Airways: Etihad Airways has its base in Abu Dhabi, though all the other requirements for travelling before, during, and after the journey is similar to the above-mentioned requirements. In addition to it, you’ll need to download the app AL Hosn, which is similar to the COVID–19 DXB app. It’ll help you locate the nearest local health authorities in case of any new arising symptom.
  • Indigo Airlines: Just like any other Airline, Indigo is an India based Airline that does fly internationally. They too have mentioned the mandatory rules and regulations one must abide by before, during, and after every travel.


Frequently Asked Questions

Nationals of UAE are exempted for pre-COVID 19 RT PCR which is mandatory for foreign nationals and residents. UAE nationals have to take a mandatory CoVID 19 RT PCR test at the airport. Children who are below 12 years of age are exempted from taking the COVID test before the journey and on arrival. Travelers with disabilities, visually impaired, etc. 

All the UAE nationals and residents must have taken all three doses of the COVID vaccine to travel outside of the country. Must have a valid passport, confirmed ticket, and hotel reservation in the country they are traveling to. UAE nationals must check whether they need visas for their destination or not. UAE residents traveling to Dubai may require ICA approval depending on their nationality. Residents visiting Dubai should present Covid test results and quarantine themselves if they test positive. If you have recently got a new residence visa or work permit for UAE. Then there is no need to acquire ICA approval or GDRFA approval before visiting the United Arab Emirates.

Tourists and any foreign national departing from Dubai should undergo COVID 19 RT PCR test only if the destination they are traveling to asks for a COVID test. In most cases, you have to take a test before departure to present it at the immigration points of your destination. The passport of foreign nationals departing from the UAE should need to be valid while leaving the country. 

 No, SMS text, photo, or pdf files are not accepted. You have to show a printed copy of the COVID 19 test certificate linked to the QR code, the test should be taken just 72 hours before travel. You can not use the COVID RT PCR certificate which has been used previously at some other destination.

Yes, tourists from France can visit the United Arab Emirates for tourism purposes if they have fulfilled all the entry requirements. France nationals do not need a pre-approved visa they can apply for visas directly at the airport. All the tourists holding France passports can only enter if they present negative RT PCR COVID test results. The test should be taken by them just before 72 hours before their journey to UAE. At the UAE entry ports, a WHO-approved vaccination certificate must also be presented by France nationals.

No, tourists or visitors traveling from Botswana to the United Arab Emirates are not allowed to enter. Foreign nationals who have visited Botswana before 14 days visit to UAE are also not allowed to enter the country. This is a temporary travel ban for visitors traveling from Botswana until further notice.

Yes, tourists can now travel to the United Arab Emirates with a valid Emirates visa and follow other updated COVID 19 requirements. Check whether you have applied for and received an Emirates visa before travelling to the United Arab Emirates. Book your flight tickets to UAE and your return tickets also. Accommodation details and travel itinerary must be presented to the authority at the airport to visit UAE for tourism. 

Unvaccinated travelers visiting Abu Dhabi from green list countries like Albania, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Italy, the USA, etc have to take the RT PCR COVID test after reaching the airport. Citizens of green list countries have to take the COVID test again after six-day and 12 days without getting quarantined if they test negative. These guidelines were effective to all the tourists traveling from green list countries to UAE from September 5, 2021. Due to the sudden surge of omicron variant, the UAE government have imposed a travel ban for all the unvaccinated tourist visiting the country. These guidelines can change, Therefore check the COVID 19 requirements and guidelines for your nationality before visiting UAE.

According to the entry requirement due to COVID, tourists need to present the Covid test. And should take a rapid COVID test at the airport. If any tourist tests positive for COVID on arrival in UAE. You have to quarantine and live in isolation until you are fully recovered. If the tourist test result is negative then they do not have to quarantine and can enjoy their vacation in Dubai. 

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