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United Arab Emirates is home to the largest emigrant population in the world. The ten million residents who live in the UAE belong to diverse cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. From South Asians, to Arabians and Westerners, there is a trace of every part of the world in UAE. The same is reflected in the cities of UAE that have grown into cosmopolitan centres calling in people from all parts of the world for one purpose or the other. These are places full of grandeur and luxurious avenues that offer a better life to its citizens. Furthermore, the majority of the population of UAE are aged between 25 to 54 years, which means most of the population is young and contribute to the economy as literacy rates for both men and women are around 95%. 

If you are looking for the Emirates ID Renewal Process and Checking Status of the same, this article will help you in the matter. Additionally, for any visa-related needs, you can visit Emirates Visa Online and avail their excellent services.

All of this paints a very cosy picture of the Emirates as a place to live. In fact, most of the things mentioned before are better still in experience. As a result, millions of applicants hope to move to cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi with an intention to settle there and become a part of the Emirati Culture. 

The Emirates ID 

For all individuals who have attained the citizenship of UAE naturally or through the emigration department of the country, the Emirates ID acts as the unique identifier of the citizen. As implied by the name, it is the proof of identity for the residents and citizens of UAE issued by the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship. All residents and citizens are legally bound to apply for an Emirates ID and carry it along at all times. The emirates ID is used for:

  1. Getting Government Services
  2.  Casting their Vote in the Elections
  3. Travelling within the GCC 
  4. Getting through immigration services on Airports

The Emirates ID Card has the following details which serves as a secure and accurate provider of individual details:

  1. Smart Card with Basic Details
  2. Digital Signature
  3.  Biometric Fingerprint
  4. Identification Number
  5. Electronic Chip

The identification number is a unique 15-digit number allotted to all citizens. This number acts as the identifier of the individual across all databases. The card also has an electronic chip that stores the user information and authenticates their credentials. The integrity of the card is protected by state of the art technology including multiple security checks which makes forgery extremely difficult.

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Emirates ID Renewal Process

The Emirates ID is initially issued with a validity of 5 or 10 years. After the card is expired, the holder needs to renew the card within 30 days from the date of expiry beyond which a late fee of 20 AED which equates to about 6 USD per day. After the expiry, the ID holders are required to apply for its renewal. The FAIC also sends out notifications informing you about the same. 
The application process is required to be submitted in person at one of the specified typing centres in the UAE. The website of FAIC also provides an option to apply online. Nevertheless, for the submission of biometric details, visiting one of the service centres of FAIC in mandatory. The renewal application can be filled as early as six months before the date of expiry. The processes of application are different for natural citizens of the country and the expatriates. 
All additional details related to the Emirates ID can be found on the official United Arab Emirates’ Government Portal.
In case the renewal or the application process is required to be processed on an urgent basis, the authorities also offer ‘Fawri’ services that are available against additional charges. The applicants are required to visit any of the FAIC Customer Happiness Centres with the required documents that are located across the country.

Check Status of Emirates ID

The process for checking the status of Emirates ID Application Process or the Status of the ID is a very easy process and is hosted by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. The process for the same is:

  1. Visit Check Emirates OD Status Page on the official website of FAIC. The link to the page is available 1. here (Opens only in the UAE). 
  2.  You will be required to enter the Emirates ID number for the system to recognize your data. Enter the 15-digit unique number allocated to you without the hyphens. 
  3. The system will look up your info in the database and come up with all the pertinent details.

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If you have any other queries related to your Emirates Visa or Citizenship that you wish to be resolved in greater detail, you can visit Emirates Visa Online and get in touch with the highly professional team who will assist you in all your concerns. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if your Emirates ID has been lost or stolen in the United Arab Emirates. Then it is possible to track your Emirate ID with the help of ID locator technology. The ID can be traced and found within 30 minutes with the help of a locator ID system. 

If you have applied for normal services. Then the Emirates ID will be renewed within five working days after sending the application. All those applicants who have applied for fast track or Fawri service. Then the Emirates ID will be renewed in one day.

Yes, Emirates ID status can be monitored online. You should check the status on regular basis to receive governmental service and for financial activities. Open the Emirates ID official portal for checking status online. Choose the ID card option. You will need to enter your Emirates ID number for checking the status. The expiry date of Emirates ID and status will be provided after entering the ID number.

The Emirates ID renewal fee differs according to the validity. Expatriates need to pay AED 100 yearly for Emirates ID renewal. Expatriates visiting typing center for the process have to pay extra fee of AED 70. Applying from ICA online the extra service fee is AED 40. 

You should have a valid Emirates ID card for renewal. Or you should renew it before the 30 day grace period. The valid passport for information and details of the applicant. Expatriates should submit a copy or upload a scanned digital image of a UAE visa. 

Yes ICA does provide fast service for Emirates ID renewal. The processing time will be reduced to a very short period of 24 hours. The special fast service is called "Fawri". But extra charges are applied to obtain this service.

The process for Emirates ID renewal can be carried online or offline according to the applicant's choice. The online process for renewal is more convenient and less time-consuming. If you want to renew it offline. Then the applicant must travel to the nearby typing center or accredited typing center for Emirates ID renewal. Apply for Emirates ID renewal and documents at the center. Another option is sending the form online on the ICA website for Emirates ID renewal. Fill the application for renewal, submit the documents and pay the necessary fee for renewal. If they ask for biometrics then upload or submit biometrics. Expatriates should also complete the renewal of residency visa steps for the UAE. 

After the end of validity and free 30 day grace period. You will need to pay a late fee or fine for Emirates ID renewal. The late fee is AED 20 days for each day. The fine for the late fee can only reach up to AED 1000. At the time of sending the renewal ID application for Emirates ID, all the fines must be cleared.

Yes, it is mandatory to renew your Emirates ID. If you are an expatriate continuing to stay in UAE. Citizens of the UAE also don't have other options. The Emirates ID card is required for receiving government service, traveling, and for other reasons. The expired Emirates ID is considered an invalid and inappropriate document. That's why it is necessary to apply for Emirates ID renewal before the expiry and grace period.

The grace period is the no fine or penalty period for the renewal of Emirates ID. For long-term visas, permit, and ID cards grace period is given in UAE for renewal. A 30 day long grace period is given to all the residents and citizens for Emirates ID renewal after the expiry date. 

The Emirates ID of foreign nationals stays valid until the validity of the UAE residency visa. Therefore, foreign nationals should apply for the renewal of Emirates ID during the renewal of residency visas. If you are a citizen of GCC Country then after every five years Emirates ID renewal is required. Citizens of the United Arab Emirates should send applications before one to six months last or expiry date for Emirates ID renewal.

Every country provides identity cards to its citizen and resident for security reasons. The government of the United Arab Emirates also provide Emirates ID which is the identity card for all citizen and resident of the country. The Emirates ID card is issued to a foreign resident or UAE nationals by the FAIC (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship).

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