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what will happen if i dont use my emirates visa and wanted to get another one in 2024

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What will happen if I don't use my Emirates visa and wanted to get another one? This might have passed through your mind while applying for an Emirates visa. It is not that easy to apply for a new Emirates visa when you already have a visa issued under your name. This is because when you apply for a new visa it gets disregarded by the immigration officers and hence cannot be processed when you already have one with an ongoing validity. This is why Emirates Visa Online will let you know when you can apply for a new one and how it will be possible to get it verified by the immigration officers.


  • The validity of visa under your name
  • No use of Emirates visa until validity is over
  • Application of new visa while having an existing visa with validity
  • FAQs

The validity of visa under your name:

When validity is asked about, there are a lot of people who tend to get confused about the date which is allowed for you to stay and the date that is actually the validity of the visa. This validity of this visa unlike what you might think is for a short period might be for a period which is longer than you have though. For example, if you have a visa applied for 30 days and this is a single entry visa to Emirates then you will probably get to stay for 30 days. This does not mean that you need to use this visa within those thirty days and stay for that period. You will be given a total of 60 days as the visa validity between which you can choose whether you need to use the visa or not.

No use of Emirates visa until validity is over:

Thinking of what to do as even after the visa has validity you have not yet used and will not be able to use now due to some situation where you cannot travel and if you are thinking what will happen to the visa if not used till then, then the answer is that if you do not use the visa within the said time period then the visa will automatically get invalid and you can not use it any further for any travel purposes to the Emirates. This is why using the visa within the valid date is extremely important. As beyond this date, you will not be able to access this.

Application of new visa while having an existing visa with validity:

If you already have an existing visa and you wish to apply for a new one, then the only way you can do this is by applying for one after canceling the one that already exists and also has validity. Without canceling out the visa you will not be able to apply for a new on. Even if you do apply for a new visa the application will probably get canceled.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can not enter Dubai without an Emirates visa. You need to obtain an Emirates visa before your journey, or after reaching the airport according to your nationality. Only ex-pats who are exempted from obtaining Emirates visas before entering Dubai are GCC national and visa-free nations.

After applying for Emirates visa cancellation, your visa will be canceled within one or two working days.

 No, the UAE tourist visa fee is not refunded back even after the cancellation of the Emirates visa. 

You can cancel your existing UAE tourist visa in two ways. If you are already inside the United Arab Emirates, then you can visit an accredited typing center or GDRFA typing center for cancelation. The form for UAE visa cancellation will be filled by the authority at the typing center. All other steps will also be carried out by the authority. The other way to cancel your Emirates tourist visa is through the online process. You can visit the GDRFA online website or the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship website. You can complete an online cancelation tourist visa application for Emirates.

Expats can stay in the United Arab Emirates for 30 days or one month. After the cancellation of the UAE residency visa.

 No, it is not possible to apply for two different types of Emirates tourist visas at the same time. Even if they manage to send applications for two Emirates visas. Only one of the applications for UAE will be approved and another one will be rejected. Applicants can send two or more applications for UAE visas for different individuals.

If you have decided to cancel the Emirates tourist visa due to certain reasons. If applicants want to apply for a different type of Emirates visa or want to apply for a residence entry permit. Then the fee applicant needs to pay for Emirates tourist visa cancellation is AED 150 to AED 200.

It depends on the visa validity of the Emirates visa which can be 58 days, 60 days, and 180 days according to the Emirates visa type. If the Emirates visa validity to enter UAE has been over then no cancellation is required. If the Emirates visa valid hasn't been over yet then it is best to cancel the Emirates visa. If tourists traveling to UAE realize that they need shorter or longer Emirates tourist visas. Then, they do need to cancel the present visa for the new Emirates visa.

Emirates visa validity is the period of stay permitted to foreign nationals entering UAE which can be between 14 to 90 days. If you didn't use your Emirates visa and the past data or visa validity has been expired. Then there is no need for cancellation as the invalid visa will not affect your new Emirates visa application status. You can straightly open the Emirates visa online website and fill relevant tourist Visa application form for Emirates.

If you want to get another Emirates visa although your current visa for the United Arab Emirates is valid. Then the best way to obtain it is by canceling the existing Emirates visa. After canceling the current Emirates visa you can visit the Emirates visa online website for online application. Applicants can choose from different types of Emirates visas, fill in relevant applications and documents for Emirates visas. The payment foreign national one has to do depend on the Emirates visa selection. After completing all steps and processing, you will get an Emirates visa which will be sent to your e-mail ID.

This is a common question among applicants while applying for an Emirates visa. Applicants are not allowed to apply for other Emirates visas even if they haven't used their current Emirates visas. The authority or immigration officer will decline your entry as well as reject your Emirates visa.

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