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opening of guggenheim abu dhabi

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The most awaited museum of Abu Dhabi is ready to be open soon on Saadiyat Island around 2022 for the tourists to visit. This museum is going to be an attraction for tourist around the globe. A museum of modern and contemporary art. It will showcase the international artistic achievements of 20th and 21st century. The opening of Guggenheim Abu Dhabi is like none other that you have experienced before and will be now be opened up for the residents and tourists to enjoy their time here. Emirates Visa Online aims at making this opening known to all and hence getting the most of your vacation out of this information. 

History of Guggenheim

The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi 2020 is inspired by Guggenheim New York which is the part of UNESCO World Heritage Site, established in 1939 by Solomen R.Guggenheim Foundation. The museum was built in 1959 by Frank Lloyd Wright. This museum was designed for showing the international art and also considered as the icons of 20th century. 

The museum is considered a master piece of Frank Lloyd Wright and was opened for public on October 21, 1959, immediately after his death. It was Wright’s best contribution to the New York museums. The architecture of the Guggenheim is unique and attractive in its own way, and it still amaze their visitors. 

 The museum was renovated in 1992, after that the museum reopened with the original building and new building where the exhibition space was completely open to the public for the first time. The whole building is of 4,750 squares meters.  

The great Guggenheim museum was also in Venice and Bilbao.

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Construction of Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi construction was started in 2011 but it had to stopped due to some reason. After 8 years, in 2019, Frank Gehry senior executive of planning said in an interview that the construction of Guggenheim Abu Dhabi is on the track and the whole work will complete in four and a half years. 

The museum is building in 50,000 sq ft which is quite large and take time to complete. And soon it will be outright for visitors.

Recently they shared a construction video for the visitors to track the progress and it made them eager to visit the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi as soon as it open.

 The video shows a cavernous atrium of stones and curves covered by natural light which make it looks more beautiful. 

Department of culture and tourism said that the construction is under way on Zayed National Museum, the national museum of the UAE,

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Entrance fee of Guggenheim

The entrance fee of Guggenheim Abu Dhabi is not yet disclosed by the museum, but we can expect it to be disclosed before the final opening confirmation so that tourists can pre-book the tickets. Everyone is must eagerly waiting to visit the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi because of so many reasons.

Design and Architecture

The architecture of the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi is based on the contemporary and modern art. The outside structure is designed to resemble the inside art that will be show by the international artist. The ingenious architecture is the main attraction for the tourists. The modern and aesthetic design of building are designed in a way which is a staple of Emirati Architecture. A design of wind tower for passive ventilation is also designed in the building for the natural cooling effect. The gallery is four-floored and the interior is eye catching. The exhibition area is over 18,000 sq ft large along with more than 300-seater theater to sit and enjoy the beautiful view. 

Guggenheim will surely mesmerize you in very first look. The location, a slight touch of Arabian design, the coalesce of modern and contemporary art and the astonishing collection of art everything is perfect.

As it is under development, still it is attracting the visitors with its attractive look. Unlike other conventional museums Guggenheim presents new gallery layout with fresh arts and designs.  

The museum has the collection of art in all mediums produced by around all the world from 1960s till now, 

The design of the cone-like structures that encircle the museum were inspired by the region’s traditional wind towers, giving a local touch to the museum’s for

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi will be open for visitors in 2022 said by Frank Gehry

The entrance is not clear yet, but before the opening of the museum the entrance fee will also be disclosed.

If you are planning to visit the most astonishing Abu Dhabi Guggenheim museum to see the international art, then all you should have is a valid passport and visa.

Yes, you can apply for visa and passport online. 

You only need to fill an online application, make sure you fill your information correctly. Once you submit your application you will get a confirmation mail of your application. After that your documents will be verified by the Government officers to make sure that details you provided are true and authentic.

You will receive your visa via mail and then you will be able to visit your favorite country for the limited amount of time.

Well, it will depend on the visa you choose and for which country you are applying to. The staying time for each country is different like some has 14 days stays, some has 30 days some has 90 days and so on. Have a safe and lovely journey.

In any case if you want to stay longer then you will have to contact the visa agency of the country you will currently in, in order to increase the number of days. You can only stay for 1 week more than your specified time. Happy Journey.

 In a recent interview Frank Gehry spoke about the progress of the museum and also confirmed that the opening of Guggenheim Abu Dhabi will be done by 2022.

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