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A rich place, Dubai where everything you see is just on the extreme end! There are still a lot of people who wish they knew more about Dubai before travelling actually. But the thing is that no one can get to know fully about Dubai, well not unless you have a trip and see it all for yourself! This, however, seems impossible for some but to make it an absolute possibility Emirates Visa Online makes the best of efforts by providing an Emirates visa for Turkey passport holders. This time around as well, you can apply without any worries and have a good belief in having your visa delivered in no time!


  • Emirates visa fees
  • Benefits of having travel insurance
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Emirates visa fees

One thing that comes when you need to travel somewhere is definitely the price and the budget that you need to keep in mind. Having full knowledge about the trip and the visa fees might sound impossible but not when you have Emiratesvisaonline telling you all about the Emirates visa charges and how much you actually need to save up in order to be able to travel to Dubai. Here is a list of all the options you will get when applying for your visa through Emiratesvisaonline and the amount you need to pay in each case:

  • 30 days single entry visa: 150.0 US dollars
  • 30 days multiple entries visa: 320.0 US dollars
  • 48 hours transit visa: 50.0 US dollars
  • 96 hours transit visa: 120.0 US dollars
  • 14 days tourist visa: 140.0 US dollars
  • 90 days single entry visa: 470.0 US dollars
  • 90 days multiple entries visa: 800.0 US dollars.

Now when you know all the options and the limit that you have set for your travel, you can easily have your choices weighed and have one applied for easily with the Emirates visa application.

Benefits of having travel insurance

While having a visa and budget is fine, you always need to ensure safety no matter when you travel out of your country, and hence to ensure your safety it is essential to obtain travel insurance before you start your travel. Here is a discussion of the main benefits of using travel insurance during your trip to Dubai:

  • Coverage of trip cancellation: If your trip has been cancelled or delayed due to some unforeseen conditions then travel insurance will cover up all your expenses.
  • Coverage of medical needs: Medical needs are inevitable and can occur any time and it can be unexpected and having travel insurance will be an ultimate blessing at these times as they help coverage of nay high expense medical needs that you face.
  • Coverage of rented car travels: Having a rented car and having even a small accident will lead you to pay a hefty amount as the charges but if you have your travel insurance on your side, you need not worry as the insurance will be sure to cover up the excessive cost.

With all of these benefits and more, it is highly recommended by not only the ravel agencies but by all the travellers in general to have travel insurance issued for the safer side.


Frequently Asked Questions

The visa validity of 5 years tourist visa for Turkish citizens will stay valid for 5 long years. The visa is multiple entries type issued to only those foreign nationals planning to stay in the country for a much longer period. The stay validity of this visa is permitted up to, 90 days for Turkish citizens. The visa is further extendable for the next 90 days without any hassle. Turkish citizens can stay in UAE for 180 days with this multiple entries visa. 

Yes, UAE is a safe and best place for any foreign national planning holidays. Turkish citizens must visit UAE. To explore Dubai safari journey, Arabian desert overnight safari camp, for shopping, explore and visit Burj Khalifa and can stay in a luxurious hotel. 

Turkey citizens will need a transit visa for UAE. If they have any intention or plan to leave the transit zone and stay at a hotel in UAE. Turkish citizens should get transit visas online at Emirates visa online. The stay is extremely short with a single entry. 

Yes, foreign nationals can work in UAE after acquiring a permit as well as fulfilling eligibility criteria. Turkish citizens willing to work in UAE should find jobs first. Then the employer will sponsor their work permit and residence visa for UAE. A work permit is an important requirement for any foreign national who wishes to get employed. 

The cost of an Emirates visa for any applicant applying from Turkey completely depends on the visa type, and visa validity. The 14 days Emirates visa cost is 130 USD for Turkey citizens. The cost of 30 days visa is USD 140 from Turkey which is a single visit visa. The cost of 90 days UAE visa is USD 400 for Turkey citizens that permit single entry. For multiple entries visa, the stay of 30 days in UAE will cost USD 405. Turkish citizens wanting to get 90 days to stay valid visa for UAE have to pay 830 USD. 5 years tourist visa cost for Turkish citizens is USD 850.

Yes, minors and children below 18 years require an Emirates visa. Children traveling to Abu Dhabi from Turkey need visas and they can be acquired online. At the entry points copy of a birth certificate, consent of parents, or guardians need to be presented to the authority. 

To apply for an Emirates visa from Turkey visit an Emirates visa online. Citizens of Turkey need to select nationality and living country from the drop-down option. Select UAE visa type from 14 days to 90 days for your journey and stay in UAE. Fill out the UAE visa application form and upload the scanned image of the Turkish bio page. Make sure its validity will remain for the next 6 months and during the stay in UAE. The digital copy of the Emirates visa is sent on the email ID of Turkish citizens.

Yes, you can choose a tourist visa for UAE according to your stay. If you want to stay in UAE just for one week. Then, you can get 14 days UAE visa with a Turkish passport. The only procedure you need to follow is to submit a visa application and choose 14 days Emirates visa. You won't be allowed to enter again with 14 days UAE visa. The cost of this single entry visa for the UAE is USD 130 for a Turkish passport holder.

Yes, you can get an Emirates visa just in 3-4 days. Turkish citizens are eligible for e-Visa and can apply for Emirates visas from an online visa website. The electronic visa will be directly linked to the applicant's Turkish passport.

Yes, visitors from Turkey traveling to the United Arab Emirates should apply for a UAE visa. The UAE visa for tourism is easily attainable.

Yes, tourists holding Turkish passports can enter UAE. They need to follow all the entry rules, visa rules, and COVID 19 entry rules. The stay in UAE will last only up to the validity of the visa issued by Turkish citizens.

The Emirates Tourist Visa is an electronic visa issued to Turkish citizens. Emirates tourist visas allow Turkish people to enter UAE for vacation, leisure, and all kind of travel purposes. The government of UAE provides many visa services to foreigners willing to explore and spend some time in the country.

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