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You realize it is an elating city in any event when you are merely investigating the photos. You know it is the UAE, and the spot you want to visit next is directly before you. Recognize what is preventing you from snatching this opportunity, it is only an Emirates visa for Kenya Nationals that is getting the dread out of you, and this should be put to stop. Here is how you can put it to a total end. Try not to consider a lot and apply for a visa on Emirates Visa Online because you need not do a lot while increasing a great deal. 


You have to have a Transit visa on the off chance that you wish to travel over eight hours through any of the Emirates air terminals. You can have two alternatives, which can be given as follows: 

  • 48 hours travel visa 
  • 96 hours travel visa 

Where 48 hours Emirates transit visa will let you remain for 48 hours altogether in the Emirates, and the 96 hours transit visa will allow you to stay for 96 hours in UAE. Both of these visas will have an aggregate of 14 days of legitimacy, where you will have the option to utilize the visa. This Emirates travel visa can either be reserved online with an Emirates visa application or can be taken after landing in the air terminal. However, as Kenya's residents are not qualified for taking a visa after the appearance, they should book it online ahead of time before the movement initiates. With a handling season of around three to five days, you can likewise effectively procure the visa and travel soon. 

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Many individuals will, in general, be befuddled regarding how long you should remain in the Emirates to appreciate its entire. Not even years are sufficient to enjoy this whole bundle of shocks thoroughly. However, on the other hand, remaining for year and year without residency is unimaginable, so here are the Emirates 3 months visa that will let you stay to the most extreme a vacationer can remain and have to maximize fun here. 

This three-month visa, which has the legitimacy of an aggregate of 180 days, which is a half year, will let you remain in Dubai for around 90 days. You can likewise eat up in the wealth of the spots here in the Emirates. On the off chance that you are stressed regarding where all would you be able to go with this visa, you need not worry as you can make a trip not exclusively to Dubai, yet you can likewise go to all other six emirates simultaneously. Not only would you be able to travel alone, yet you can also have your family to join you to make the outing significantly more euphoric. 

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While utilizing your visa in the legitimacy time frame is an unquestionable requirement, you should likewise take care that you don't have a previously existing visa while applying for another visa. This answer emerges from the most ordinarily posed inquiry about what will occur on the off chance that I don't utilize my emirates visa and needed to get another? For this situation, typically, an individual should drop the current visa, and at precisely that point, you can get another under your name. This is because the current visa may be under legitimacy, and you may not have utilized it yet. This crossing out of visa anyway just conceivable through a similar organization as from where you have applied your visa for. 

You may figure out how they might know whether I have a visa legitimate under my name or not? In any case, the thing here is that they have an information base that records all your visa appointments, and subsequently, they will have the option to recognize if there is a continuous visa legitimacy and whether you are qualified to apply for another one or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kenyan nationals will get UAE visas within 3 to 4 working days. If Kenyan nationals have applied for 14 days, 30 days, or 90 days UAE visa. If you have applied for the 5 year UAE visa from Kenya, then it can take time as the processing time is 13 to 15 days.

Kenyan nationals who do not submit all the documents after filling out the Emirates visa application. May not get the Emirates visa within 4 to 5 days and may have to send the application again. Kenyan people must ensure the details written in the UAE visa application are correct and the files attached are valid. Kenyan nationals have to add the clean scanned first page of the Kenyan legitimate passport followed by the last page of the passport. Kenyan nationals must provide a legitimate or valid e-mail ID to acquire a UAE visa upon getting approval. A valid credit card or even a debit card can work for UAE visa payment for Kenyan nationals. The passport size scanned image of a Kenyan citizen must also be attached with the UAE visa application. 

Kenyan citizens have to pay according to the type of UAE tourist visa they choose. And whether the UAE visa Kenyan citizen is selecting allow a single entry or multiple entries. Kenyan passport holders who are applying for a 14-day UAE tourist visa which is only available for single entry cost around $ 130.0. The cost of a 30-day UAE visa for Kenyan people is $ 140.0 if they only want a single entry permit. To get a multiple-entry tourist visa for Kenyan people for a 30-day stay cost USD 405.0. The one-time entry and 90-day UAE tourist visa fee for Kenyan nationals is approximately USD 400.0. The fee that Kenyan people have to submit for multiple entries 90 day UAE visa is $ 830.0. The cost of a 5-year UAE tourist visa for Kenyan nationals is USD 850.9.

Travelers from Kenya can also get a 90-day UAE visa. This visa is issued again to Kenyan nationals for both one and multiple visits to UAE. The 5 years long valid UAE tourist visa can also be attained by the nation of Kenya. Both 90 day UAE visas and 5 year UAE visas are long-term visas that permit Kenyan nationals to stay inside the country for 90 days. After the end of a 90-day stay in UAE, if a traveler from Kenya holds a 5-year visa then a 90-day stay can be added by applying for an extension.

Kenyan citizens can choose their preferred UAE tourist visa. The visa for visiting UAE one should select must depend on their length of stay, the number of entries they are expecting, and the purpose of their from Kenya to UAE. A United Arab Emirates single entry visa can be acquired by the traveler from Kenya for not more than one-time use. Multiple entry UAE visits or even tourist visas for the United Arab Emirates are also available for Kenya citizens. A 14-day UAE visa for Kenyan passport holders that will only allow single entry and a 14-day stay. The second visa type is a 30-day UAE tourist visa for Kenyan passport holders. This is further divided and available for single or even multiple 30-day entry visas for Kenyan nationals. 

Yes, a Kenyan citizen who does not have any plan or can not leave the United Arab Emirates within the visa limit of their 14 days UAE visa. Then Kenyan nationals can apply for the extension of the tourist visa validity in UAE through online services or by visiting the immigration office. The only option to stay legally in the UAE after the end of UAE visa validity for Kenyan nationals is to apply for an extension. Kenyan nationals can get the extension from the Emirates visa online website. Kenyan people can select the type of UAE visa extension they need. Using their Kenyan passport, applicants should simply fill out the Emirates visa extension application followed by the submission of all the required documents. Kenya national should pay the fee that is USD 550.0 for 30 days. The fee for extending the validity of the Emirates visa for 90 days for Kenyans is $ 450.0.

Passport holders of Kenya visiting UAE can obtain an Emirates visa by applying through the online website. Kenya nationals are not eligible to enter the UAE without obtaining a visa. As a result, Kenyan nationals can apply for UAE tourist visas from any location on Emirates Visa Online. An applicant holding a Kenyan passport can go to the "Emirates visa online" website. Kenyan nationals do not have to wait for long to send UAE tourist visa applications online. Applicants from Kenya will receive expedited visa services at the Emirates visa online that are safe and secure. Kenyan nationals should complete the online tourist Emirates visa application form. Kenyan nationals should also have to attest to the relevant document. Then, depending on the validity of the Emirates visa, Kenyan nationals should pay the fee.

The first and most important criterion for travelers holding Kenyan national passports intending to visit the United Arab Emirates is that they must have a valid and permitted UAE visa. The other document that must be presented by the Kenyan people for admission by the authorities at the airport is their 6-month valid Kenyan passport. Return tickets which must be booked before landing, hotel accommodation, or resort booking are also required by Kenyan citizens who are entering through UAE immigration point. Bank statement for checking the financial status of the traveler from Kenya. Travel itineraries, a COVID immunization certificate, RT PCR test result, and a valid heath certificate of Kenyan citizens. Following the UAE entry requirement is mandatory for every Kenyan entering the country. And Kenyan people should take their original passport and a printed copy of the Emirates visa to show it to the authority at the airport.

Kenyan nationals who are traveling on a tourist visa to the UAE are only permitted to stay in the country until their relevant visa expires. The stay validity for Kenyan people in any part of the United Arab Emirates is completely affected by the tourist visa validity. Kenyan citizens who want to go on a short trip with only one entry can receive a 14-day visa or a 30-day visa. That will allow them to stay in the UAE for travel either for 14 days or 30 days. The stay in the UAE for Kenyan people is allowed to stay inside the country for up to 90 days only if they hold a 90-day tourist visa. The 180 days (90-day stay and 90-day extension) in UAE is allowed for Kenyan passport holders with 5 year Dubai tourist visa.

All the travelers from Kenya who wants to visit the UAE for travel reasons for less than or equal to 30 days, merely need to obtain an Emirates 30 day visa. The optimal time to apply for an Emirates visa for Kenyan nationals is two to three weeks before your aircraft departs. Then you will get enough time for approval of a 30 day Emirates visa. Kenyans who have made a last-minute plan can apply for an Emirates tourist visa just 3-4 days before departure. Passport holders of Kenya traveling to the United Arab Emirates should double-check before boarding their aircraft whether they have taken all of the necessary documentation, particularly the Emirates visa, to gain entrance. 

The Emirates tourist visa for Kenyan people is just a non-immigrant type of visa. The visa issued to Kenyan people is short-term permission granted to Kenyan citizens who wish to visit the country for a tour, holiday, leisure, fun, visiting relative, or stay. Kenya nationals with a UAE tourist visa are not valid for working, one is not permitted to become involved in workplaces and begin earning money. Kenyan can work in the United Arab Emirates, after obtaining an employment visa. Obtaining a tourist visa for the Emirates is advantageous since Kenyan nationals can explicitly explain the main objective of the visit to UAE that is tourism and travel.

Nationals of the United Arab Emirates are exempted from pre covid RT PCR test. The UAE citizen must take the COVID RT PCR test after arriving in UAE. The first close relatives of the UAE national and house worker have to take the COVID RT PCR test on arrival in UAE. Children who are traveling from Kenya and who haven't attained 14 years of age are exempted from the CoVID PCR test. Travelers from Kenya who have moderate or some severe health problems or disabilities do not require to undergo COVID 19 RT PCR test to enter UAE.

Yes, Kenyan nationals can travel to the United Arab Emirates after January 2022. Kenyan nationals may have to face strict COVID restrictions, fulfill vaccination requirements, RT PCR requirements, and quarantine requirements. All travelers from Kenya must present a negative RT PCR COVID test certificate which must be linked with a valid QR code. Kenyan national COVID test must be completed at an authorized health department taken within 48 hours of takeoff from their country to UAE. One more important factor which Kenyan should take care of is that the test or certificate should be a Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT PCR) to enter UAE. COVID vaccination certificate must be presented by Kenyan national and they must have travel insurance for an emergency. 

Yes, Kenyan nationals need to apply for an Emirates tourist visa so they can spend a vacation, meet their friend or relatives, or for leisure purposes. The United Arab Emirates immigration rule asks every traveler to get a visa unless and until the traveler is eligible for a visa-free country. The good part for Kenyan nationals is that the issuance of the Emirates tourist visa is way much easier. The transit visa for the United Arab Emirates is also required by a Kenyan national who has a connected flight from UAE and wanted to leave the transit zone of the airport.

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