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Emirates Travel Insurance: All You Need to Know About

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Obtaining Travel Insurance to visit the Emirates is one of the important documents required while issuing your Emirates Visa. As of now, during the height of COVID-19, without travel health insurance, the passenger is not granted a visa to enter the Emirates.

The cities in the Emirates are one of the top destinations for tourism. Though the Emirates cities are extremely safe, it is still recommended that you secure proper travel insurance for your Emirates travel. The issuing of travel insurance will not only help you solve unforeseen events but also help you out with several emergencies in case of any and make your trip a pleasant one.

This blog is highly recommended for every traveller who is planning a trip but isn’t sure if he/she should add an expense. Reading this blog will highlight the Advantages of travel insurance carries and may help you make your trip a hassle-free pleasant trip.


  • Why is travel insurance required while travelling to the Emirates?
  • Main advantages of having a travel insurance
  • Things to consider before you issue a travel insurance
  • Services provided by Emirates Visa Online
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Why is travel insurance required while travelling to the Emirates?

As the name suggests, travel insurance is a category of insurance policy wherein it is specially designed for those who are planning for either a domestic or an international journey. Depending on the package the passenger chooses, the travel insurance offer will cover any issues related to travel, some of them which include cancellation of the trip, emergency medical requirements, baggage loss, damage of property, either a rental vehicle or equipment and accidental death.

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Main advantages of having travel insurance

There are some advantages as to why one must choose to issue travel insurance. The following are the reasons why travel insurance is required. 

Cancellation/delay/ travel disruption: When you travel abroad, you may come across several problems, troubles, or unforeseen mishaps. Spending a fortune for your dream vacation and yet losing out the money in some unforeseen mishaps may empty your pocket. In case of any cancellation or delay, or disruption in travel, if you have an adequate insurance policy, it’ll cover all of your interruptions. This may even include theft of luggage, cash, important documents, and personal belongings.

Travel Health Insurance: It becomes difficult when you have to face medical emergencies while you are on a trip to a foreign country. The cost of any medical attention in a foreign country may cost a whopping amount of a medical bill. And in the current onset of the COVID–19, travel health insurance is a necessity. In case you start having symptoms, you will have to quarantine yourself at your own expense.

Considering all these aspects, it is always the best option to be prepared and issue an all-inclusive travel insurance policy which will not only reduce the medical bills but also save you from paying a whooping medical expense.

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Things to consider before you issue a travel insurance

  • While choosing your travel insurance, it is extremely important to analyze all your travel prospects, like the duration of your stay, your travel companion, etc.
  • Please consider issuing your travel insurance from a reputed company, preferably from whom you are issuing your VISA.
  • ·Consider what all your insurance includes and excludes before you think of purchasing it.
  • Make sure that the plan you choose covers all your medical bills, trip cancellation, and loss of documents such as a passport or any other travel disruption.
  • Check if your insurance offers and covers your activities if you are an adventurous person.

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Services provided by Emirates Visa Online

Emirates Visa Online is a very reputed and genuine agency that provides all kinds of Visa services. The first step after planning your trip is to issue your Visa for the country you are planning your trip to. After issuing your Visa, they also help you out in choosing the best travel insurance policy for you.

The steps to issue a visa here are extremely easy.

All you have to do is: 

Step 1: Click on the website Emirates Visa Online

Step 2: Click on the tab Apply Emirates Visa

Step 3: Check in the country you are a citizen of and your living country 

Step 4: Duly fill out the Emirates Visa Application form 

Step 5: pay the Visa fee

Step 6: Receive a notification which shows your Application ID. This means your application for the Visa is received and that it is processing. With the application ID, you can track the status of your VISA anytime.


It takes less than 10 minutes to issue a VISA now. And the benefit added to this is the travel insurance provider. Through Emirates Visa Online, you can get your travel insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Emirates travel insurance charges will depend on the type of package you choose. The cost of international travel insurance will depend on reasons like days of the visit, what all things and coverage you want to take, number of people included, your age, and purpose of visit. Medical expenses in UAE are high due to the good health care system. 

You can get international travel insurance according to your choice online for UAE from the recognized insurance company in India. Some of the best travel insurance companies which are reliable are policy bazaar, reliance, Bajaj Allianz, Tata AIG, Travelex, etc.

International travel insurance policy does not include expenses of sickness caused due to war. If you inhaled or consumed toxic substances which are banned. Travel health insurance often does not cover expenses of medical requirements for pre-existing health issues.

Travel insurance acquired by travelers for an international visit does cover many troubles and problems. If there is any cancellation or disruption in the journey due to certain circumstances. Then health insurance will cover for all these reasons. Loss of important documents, theft, pickpocketing, luggage delay is also covered.

No, Indian passport holders traveling to the United Arab Emirates should have valid visas, valid passports, as well as valid health insurance. If you are visiting Dubai, Sharjah or any other city in UAE travel insurance is the mandatory requirement for every visitor and tourist. The Emirates travel insurance will pay and protect against risks like health emergencies and travel emergencies. 

Yes, the multi-risk travel insurance can be acquired by passengers traveling with Emirates airlines. You can get multi-risk travel insurance even if you book online tickets. You do not have to fill or submit the application, as when you book tickets on Emirates airlines, multi-risk travel insurance is automatically covered. The validity of this travel insurance stays until your return flight. The multi-risk travel insurance provided by Emirates airlines covers up all the immediate medical expenses, quarantine expenses, and emergency dental expenses. Above USD 500,000 cover immediate medical expenses in UAE and overseas. COVID 19 test is also included under multi-risk travel insurance. 

Anyone applying for any kind of visa or service for travel should check their requirements. And then they should choose wisely for the relevant document. In the case of travel insurance for the United Arab Emirates, you should perfectly plan and determine the number of days you will be staying, the purpose of your visit to the country, and the expected problem you can face. Avoid taking any kind of travel insurance for your journey to UAE from fake websites and companies. Apply for travel insurance only from well-known, reliable, and reputed companies. Select the travel insurance package which covers the requirement according to the stay in UAE. Go through the term and conditions and analyze properly all the details of the bills included in your travel insurance. It should at least include medical bills, illness, trip insurance, flight cancellation, and luggage delay. 

Emirates travel insurance is the coverage that is required and covers the expenses and protects against risk, immediate requirement, medical treatment, as well as financial losses. The risk which travel Insurance of any country can cover is an illness, health requirement, COVID treatment, delayed luggage, and sometimes missed flight. The travel insurance policy for UAE protects one from mishaps, casualties, and health emergencies.

Traveling to any foreign country is not an easy task anymore. Travel insurance for Emirates will not be enough to enter the country. But this will cover basic health insurance and hospital bills which may be needed if you test negative or meet with inevitable circumstances. 

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