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what are the main benefits of using travel insurance?

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Do you prefer to protect your life? It is natural for you to provide your life not only to provide a large amount of capital but also to achieve peace of mind. Have you ever thought about travel insurance in exchange for a minimum amount of money? Probably not, like most people planning to travel abroad. You do not understand the importance of travel insurance when planning your upcoming trip to the Emirates. Along with buying a ticket and obtaining and issuing an Emirates Visa online with us at OkToBoard, it is extremely important to purchase travel insurance. Foreign land causes unpleasant accidents, and the body also becomes susceptible to various diseases. On the one hand, you have no way out of the test, but on the other; You can prepare for the worst scenarios.


How to prepare for unforeseen incidents

Travel insurance will never guarantee you a carefree trip, but it will provide you peace of mind. In other words, it is a consolation in the form of financial compensation, which can be very useful in various scenarios. Therefore, we will definitely have an online visa to Emirates and travel insurance to fully cover your health.


Benefits of Using Travel Insurance

If you doubt the benefits of travel insurance, you have arrived at the right stop. Let's discuss the benefits of using our travel insurance, which will provide 100% financial assistance in the event of an accident:

• Emergency medical care abroad - 24-hour coverage for emergency medical care, organization of funerals, ambulances, medical evacuations, and others.

• Travel and accommodation expenses - If you get sick during the trip, travel insurance will arrange the costs of accommodation and travel.

• The cost of hospitalization abroad - if you have to stay in the Emirates as a result of an accident or illness, insurance will cover your hospital stay along with the costs of the operation.

• The state of emergency of a family member -  If the person who travels with you dies or faces an accident, your unforeseen travel expenses are covered.

• Resume travel -  If you want to return to your country before the return ticket is planned, to attend the funeral or to stay in the hospital if necessary, the ticket is covered by insurance.

• Coverage for travel companions - if one of your family members or associates does not accompany you on a tour due to an emergency medical situation, insurance covers unforeseen travel and accommodation expenses.

• cash benefits from the hospital - if you have to stay in the hospital abroad for more than 48 hours, you are paid a daily amount of money.

• Accident -  If you die within 12 months after the trip due to an injury or accident while traveling, you will be offered a refund in the event of death.

• Loss of income -  If you cannot earn due to an accident while traveling, you will be offered a loss of income over a period of time.

• Permanent disability -  Disability benefits are paid for at least 12 months after your return from Dubai if you lost your eyesight or one of your limbs while traveling.

• Credit card fraud - the amount required to issue a credit card is refunded to you in the event of fraud or theft.

• Baggage -  If you lose your personal belongings and luggage during the trip, insurance will offer you compensation.

• Personal liability - legal obligations are also covered, including personal injury or personal injury caused to you.


To summarize

The above points clearly reflect the importance and benefits associated with travel insurance when traveling abroad. There are certain restrictions, as well as exceptions to this insurance regime, as well as any other insurance policies. Therefore, it is extremely important to carefully read the conditions before choosing the same when booking tickets. 

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