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Emirates, a place where hearts meet and minds connect is a place calling out to you to have your own time and meet your own soul. Ever wondered what it is like to have some Arabian coffee and enjoy your desert safari or to stay n the Burj Khalifa hotel and have the fun of a lifetime! Well, that is what you get when you apply for an Emirates visa for Albania passport holders. This nowhere felt like experience is calling out you to apply Emirates visa from Emirates Visa Online where you not only get discounts on latest offers but you also get your own personalized tour plans!



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  • Tourist visa from Dubai to travel to Abu Dhabi
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Checking status of applied visa

Emirates visa online specializes in its own emirates visa services and has a range of offers just lined out for you. Not only can you successfully apply for an Emirates visa but with the technology provided you can also have your own Emirates visa status tracked down. This means that at each step you will get notified and you will also get to know where your visa is at just with a click of a button. Documents you need?


Well, you will definitely require some documents to check your visa from Emiratesvisoanline and the following two documents are a must in order for you to eligible for checking the status:

  1. An Albania passport that belongs to you
  2. An application form ID that you get when you complete your application and the one mailed to you.


Once you get both of this information with you ready all you need to do is follow some simple steps as given below: 

  • Step 1: go onto the main page of Emiratesvisaonline and select the track of your visa option.
  • Step 2: enter in the two boxes the asked information which is from the two documents as mentioned before.
  • Step 3: once you click on the track button you will get the stage at which your visa is with an explanation and the expected time within which you will get your visa issued.

That’s it and now you can check your visa status with just three steps in mind.


Tourist visa from Dubai to travel to Abu Dhabi

One of the most common questions that have been faced by the tourists and the agency is that can I visit Abu Dhabi with a Dubai tourist visa obtained from the Emirates? One thing that the tourists commonly think while visiting the Emirates is that each Emirates needs its own single visa, but this not really true. Even if you take a Dubai visa or an Emirates visa you will definitely be able to travel throughout the whole Emirates.


This means that an Emirates visa taken from Emirates Visa Online will definitely let you travel to Abu Dhabi as well. But you need to note that you will have to pay the toll charges as you traveling from one Emirates to another. Even if they ask to show a visa to enter the Emirate all you need to show is the valid visa that you have in your hand. Also do take care that your visa is actually in the validity period or else you won’t get an entry.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, you will not get to know the validity of the visa until and unless it has been issued to you.

Being a citizen of Albania it is important that you have your own Emirates visa for Albania passport holders without which you will not be able to get an entry.

No there is no time limit you can fill in the application as and when you wish to.

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