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Getting to stay for 3 months straight in the Emirates is now easier with the help of an Emirates 3 months visa. Apply 3 Month Emirates visa at Emirates Visa Online Where You can begin your application for Emirates visa online by merely following some easy steps. you just need to submit relevant documents and fill out an application form. This visa will not only let you stay for about 90 days after you have entered the Emirates. With this visa, you can travel around and enjoy the wonder that the Emirates has to provide to its tourists. You can also take a look at the tall Burj Khalifa or go desert safari once you are here in the Emirates. However, for this, you need to have the best Emirates visa services being made available to you. Emirates Visa Online does the exact same thing that you need. Providing services to over millions of customers has made the experience for a customer even more smoother.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can apply for the 3 month Dubai tourist visa through Emirates Visa Online and this dubai tourist visa has the validity period of 6 months from the issue date.

If you have a valid US passport that is worth six months or more then you need not worry about the travel to the emirate as the US visa expiring won’t really affect your travel. While if your US visa is expiring in 3 months then you will have some problems while traveling back to the US.

Yes, you can apply for an Emirates visa for children where you will be able to apply for your 2 months old child as well while traveling to the Emirates.

Yes not only will you have to show the return ticket at the border but you will also have to give the details about your return flight ticket to be eligible for your visa to be issued.

No there will be no such issues at the border however you will have to show you visa records on both the Canadian and the Pakistani passport. Moreover, the passport in which you will be getting your Emirates 3 months visa stamp must have a validity of more than 6 months or at least for six months after you have entered the Emirates.

No, you need not exit the country to get an extension. This is because now you can apply for an Emirates visa extension without having to leave the country. But for this, you will need to have all the Emirates visa documents requirements kept ready before you apply for one.

Yes, a travel insurance will be highly recommended if you are traveling to a foreign country such as the Emirates on an Emirates 3 months visa. This will help cover all the expenses in case of an unforeseen tragedy.

Now you can also have your Emirates 3 months visa applied through Emirates Visa Online.

If you are visiting Abu Dhabi for a longer time than 30 days you can apply for 90 days Emirates visa for Abu Dhabi. If you want to get 90 days single entry visa for Abu Dhabi, then you can visit Emirates visa online. Fill out the application, submit and upload all the required documents for 90 days Emirates visa. Pay USD 450.0 which is the three months Emirates visa fee. You can apply for the 90 days visa entirely online and pay the visa fee using the online mode of payment. 

Your Emirates three-month visa will stay valid for 90 days from the entry date. You can not stay longer in UAE after your three-month visa expires. You can stay longer only if you extend your three-month Emirates visa. 

USD 450.0 is the UAE visa extension fee for three months visa. You can enjoy a 30 day stay in UAE after visa extension. Apply for an extension of three months visa validity for 30 days on Emirates Visa Online.

After getting approvals for the three-month Emirates visa, visitors can visit Dubai within 180 days. Emirates three months visa validity is for 180 days which starts. And the stay validity of the Emirates three months visa starts from the day of your arrival at Dubai international airport.

The picture applicants use for UAE visa applications should have to be not more than 6 months old. Its advisable applicant should use the most recent photograph. The photograph must be passport size and must be taken against a plain background. The passport of the applicant should have to be 6 months valid for three months Emirates visa.

Anyone can apply for three months Emirates visa on Emirates Visa Online by filling out the simple application form. Three months Emirates visa is suitable for those individuals, who've been planning a nice long break and wanted to stay in UAE for less than 90 .

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