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The Visa application process is available everywhere. But when you process the emirates airline visa application on emirates application it eases the work. The documentation for the process may be minimum. Directly apply for a visa online instead of directly visiting the embassy. The services provided online portal is very rapid and not too complex. Anyone can easily adapt to this method of online applying for a visa. The customer care services and chat services are provided by emirates airlines 24/7. We will know about the requirements for the emirates airline online visa. The different visas available at the emirates airline will is also explained in detail along with the cost.

Procedure and requirements to apply for Emirates online visa:

There is a very simple and easy procedure to follow. For getting the Emirates airlines online visa you need to take care of three important things. The filling of application, the payment for a visa, and status checking of visa are the 3 things. The first procedure if filling the application involves few steps. They are selecting your nationality of the present, choosing the visa of your choice, filling up of application, and submitting the required documents. The types of visa involve the tourist visa, transit visa, residence visa, etc. 
The documents include the original and the scanned passports with front and back pages. The two photos of passport size with a plain white background are a must. The period of passport must be a minimum of the range of 6 months. The tickets booked for both to and fro in a must.

Payment for the emirates airlines online visa

The next procedure is the payment for the emirates airlines online visa. The first thing to do is the selection of the mode of money transaction. It can be either credit or debit cards. It can be even the online mode. Any mode of transaction made the money is safe and secure. Do the payment for the mentioned amount. Then the mail of confirmation stating the payment that’s sent. After all this procedure the processing of the visa gets started. The next is the procedure at the stage of approval. During this stage, you can view the status of your visa. Know if the visa is selected or rejected. After the approvals, the visa sent via email. After getting the visa there is no one to stop you from entering emirates airlines. 

Visa types:

The first is the 30 days visa with an allowance of one entry and one exit. The visa is under the type of tourist visa. They can stay in the place for about 1 month using this visa. It has a time of about 2 months from getting expired. The cost is one hundred and seventy dollars. Here the other 30-day visa is available. The specialty of this is to the entry can be of many times. The price for this is three hundred and seventy dollars. The expiry date can be of 2 months. There are other 30 days visas along with an extension period. This cost about six hundred dollars. But the entry is single only. The expiry period is for about 1 month. 

The next is the transit visa of 48 hours. It has an allowance of single permit entry only. The stay time is from 48 hours within that you should leave the country. It has a time of about 1 month from getting expired. The cost of the visa is about ninety dollars.

This is also similar to a 48-hour transit visa. It is a 96-hour transit visa. The stay time for the visa is 96 hours. The time for the visa to get expired is about 1 month from the issue date. The cost for this visa is one hundred and forty dollars. 

The 14 days visa is similar to 30 days visa. It also has only 1 entry permit. It comes under the tourist category visa. The stay time is for 14 days. The time taken for the visa to expire is fifty-eight days from the date of handover. 

The next is the 90 days visa entry. It has only 1 option for entry and exit. It exists under the tourist visa category. It costs about five hundred dollars. The time for expiry is about 6 months from the date of issue. The other 90 days visa is available along with an extension if needed. For the extension, the cost of the visa is eight hundred dollars. They can have only 1 entry for this visa. The expiry is for 2 months. The final 90-day visa comes along with multiple entries. The entry to the country can be any number with the same visa. The cost is eight hundred dollars. The validity for expiry is about six months. 


Every single detail required for applying for the emirates airline online visa explained clearly. The procedure is also given in detail. To apply for the required visa and get to enjoy the services of emirates. It will be the best to experience and explore. The visas with extension and without extension are also given above. Few general questions related to topics are also mentioned below.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways for applying for the Emirates airline visa online. You can directly apply through the emirate's official application. You can apply through the travel agencies who do all your other work of yours for a visa. All you need to do is just submit the documents required.


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