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Jorden Passport holders need to apply for Emirates visa in order to Enter Emirates and the same for the people living in Jordan can apply Emirates visa from Jordan as Emiratesvisaonline provides the facility to Apply for Emirates Visa from the comfort of your home. The Emirates Visa from Jordan can be easily applied hustle free with just following some simple steps and taking care of some guideline allotted by the UAE Government. 

You have to know the rules and regulations for the visa policy of the Emirates to check whether you have the eligibility to visit there or not. The Emirates e-visa is the quickest & hustle free option with which you can easily go for and stay relaxed on your trip. You can apply the Emirates e-visa through the Emirates Visa Online easily and with quick steps. 

You can easily apply for the Tourist Visa or the Transit Visa through the Emirates Visa Online. If you are Indian National and want to apply for the Emirates Visa then also you can apply easily. You got to have the Emirates e-Visa, as the visa on arrival isn’t the eligible option.

You can easily get your following categories Emirates Tourist Visa:

  1. 14 Days Single Entry Emirates Tourist Visa.
  2. 30 Days Single Entry Emirates Tourist Visa.
  3. 30 Days Multiple Entry Emirates Tourist Visa.
  4. 90 Days Single Entry Emirates Tourist Visa.
  5. 90 Days Multiple Entry Emirates Tourist Visa.
  6. 30 Days of the Extension for your Emirates Tourist Visa.
  7. A to A i.e. Airport to Airport Emirates visa.

If you are planning for the Transit to Emirates, then you'll get these categories of visa:

  1. 48 Hours Emirates Transit Visa.
  2. 96 Hours Emirates Transit Visa.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, Jordan nationals will not get any refund money after the UAE visa rejection.

It is mandatory to write last name or second name in a UAE visa application. The visa application may be rejected if you do not give your second name information for a UAE visa.

No, your name on a UAE visa must match with the name in your national passport to enter the United Arab Emirates. Although, the slight spelling mistakes in UAE visas are considered valid sometimes. But, the full name is misspelled or wrong on a UAE visa. You should get other visas for UAE by filling application correctly.

Jordan nationals will need a valid national passport for at least 6 months duration. Passport size photograph for UAE visits visa application. Email ID of Jordan nationals and the online mode of payment for the transaction.

Jordan nationals can easily apply for multiple visit long-term visas for UAE from Jordan. Citizens of Jordan don't even have to travel to the UAE embassy for submitting a visa application. The UAE visa application form for multiple entries can be submitted online on "Emirates visa online". In simple steps, you just need to complete the application for a UAE visit visa from anywhere in Jordan. Then after online fee submission and document verification, Jordan nationals will get UAE multiple visit visas after 3 to 4 days. The five years tourist visa for UAE generally takes 5 to 7 days for processing. The multiple visit visa for the United Arab Emirates can be obtained for 30 days, 90 days, and a very long period of 5 years. The cost of 90-day validity is USD 830. The 30 visit visa cost USD 405 for Jordan nationals.

Jordan nationals can get a single entry short visit visa for UAE by visiting the Emirates visa online site. The short visit visa for UAE is the 30 days validity or 14 days validity visa. A short-term visa is usually obtained by tourists planning a tour to UAE. You can apply for either 14 days or 40 days short visit visa for UAE by selecting the relevant visa type option. Send the complete application, scanned copy of the first page of passport, travel document, and pay UAE single entry visa fee. Getting a visa for UAE from Emirates visa online is simpler, safer, and fast. The fee of 30 days Emirates visa is about USD 140.0 USD. The cost of single visit 14 days short validity visa is USD 130.

The cost for five years UAE tourist visa from Jordan is USD 850.0. Jordan nationals need to pay the processing fee of USD 550.0 for UAE five years tourist visa.

The five years tourist visa is the multiple entries electronic permit issued to foreign nationals for 5 years. Yes, Jordan nationals can apply for UAE five years tourist visa. This multiple visit visa to UAE is the only suitable option if the visitor is intending to stay for a longer period and enter the country multiple times. Jordan nationals will need to select 5 years tourist visa and send the following documents and visa application for Emirates.

Yes, you are allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates. If you have a valid UAE visa as well as a valid national passport while entering the country. At immigration points, it is mandatory to show these documents to gain entry into UAE. You should also follow other entry restrictions imposed on foreign nationals due to COVID and ordinary entry requirements. The COVID 19 measures must be followed and take the copy or original document of the vaccination certificate for proof. At the entry point, you will be asked to show return tickets, accommodation details, and bank statements ( proof of funds). If you are traveling to UAE on a tourist visa. 

No, the national of Jordan is not one of the eligible countries to apply for a visa on arrival for the United Arab Emirates. UAE visa on arrival is issued to a few selected nations for 30 or 90 days. Tourists and visitors from Jordan willing to enter UAE should obtain Emirate e-visa. The Emirates e-visa is the electronic permit that is received online by tourists or visitors.

If you are traveling from Jordan to UAE with the national passport of Jordan then it is necessary to obtain a visa. Jordan nationals are not allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates without obtaining a visa. If national of visa exempted countries are traveling from Jordan to UAE without a visa then only they will be allowed to enter without a visa.

Yes, the United Arab Emirates does provide long-term and short visit visas to Jordan nationals. The United Arab Emirates is the most visited and popular tourist destination in the world. The modern technology, Burj Khalifa, luxury hotel, luxury lifestyle, and shopping center in UAE attract many tourists from Jordan. The government of UAE issues different types of visas for different validity to Jordan nationals.

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