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Dubai, the United Arab Emirates is allowed to visit their country but still there are some countries that have restrictions on their entrance to Dubai. Travelers who want to visit Dubai must know all the information given by the Dubai government.

Visa necessities for Dutch residents are managerial passage limitations by the specialists of different states set on residents of the Netherlands, the joint ethnicity of the four nations inside the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Starting at 13 April 2021, Dutch residents had without visa or visa on appearance admittance to 188 nations and domains, positioning the Dutch identification sixth as far as movement opportunity (attached with France, Ireland, Portugal, and Sweden) as indicated by the Henley Passport Index.

There are a few different ways of obtaining Dutch identity. You consequently become a Dutch public on the off chance that one of your folks is Dutch when you are conceived. Or then again in case paternity is recognized by a Dutch public. Or then again through either the choice system. Unfamiliar nationals can apply for Dutch identity on the off chance that they have lived in the Netherlands lawfully for no less than five years.

Emirates tourist visa is free for Dutch citizens. Travelers can have a maximum duration of stay of 3 months. If you are not a Dutch citizen then travelers can follow the given rules:-

Requirements for visa for Netherlands citizens

While applying for a Dubai visa online make sure you have all the details regarding Emirates e visa online.

  1. A copy of the Netherlands passport required for the bio page.
  2. Clear copy with minimal remaining 6 months of validity.
  3. Coloured clear photograph of candidate
  4. More than people can travel with candidate also have their coloured photograph.
  5. Black & white photos are not allowed.
  6. Travelers are staying in hotels then they are needed to provide all the booking information including your family members and relatives.
  7. Flight booking details of candidates and their family members.
  8. Choose your visa type for the Dubai visa. There are three main types visas  Netherland citizens are as follows:- 

1) Tourist visa -

This visa is a tourist's visa for spending their vacation time with family members, relatives, friends etc.

This visa depends on days and their entries for example:-

  • 30 days visa for single entry 
  • 14 days for for single entry
  • 30 days for multiple entries

So travelers can check all the information related to their visa before applying for an Emirates visa.

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2) Long term visa -

Long term visa is for a year such as for 2 years long term visa, 3 years visa for term visa. And travelers can allow for multiple entries.

3) Transit visa -

Transit visa is for hours like 48 hours and 96 hours. Only single entry is allowed on a transit visa.

Note:- It is always recommended booking your particular flight after the approval of your emirates visa.

Choose your visa type and their validity before applying for a Dubai visa online.

Minimum 6 months required for the validity of the visa.

Apply visa for Netherland citizens

Visiting in the country of United Arab Emirates, Netherland citizens need to fill the Emirates visa for the application form. Travelers are required to fill the form by sharing personal information, payment, and getting an Emirates visa.


  1. Pick the citizenship
  2. Then living type
  3. Type of visa
  4. Enter personal information -  Full name, Gender, Date of birth, Qualifications, nationality ID etc.
  5. Enter Passport details
  6. Upload the documents

Note:-  Documents are never be hand written this mistake might be rejection of your Emirates visa.


After uploading the documents then choose the payment for the Emirates visa.

  1. Select the Payment mode to pay the processing fees for Emirates visa - Credit card Debit card, PayPal etc.
  2. Then, Check your personal email ID to Confirm the payment confirmation mail.
  3. Take an application ID.

Select the suitable payment mode as per your convenience and carefully pay the accurate processing fee that is required for an Emirates visa.

Make sure travelers have enough bank balance to pay the processing fee for an Emirates visa. After payment, you will get a confirmation mail to verify the visa. Then you will get your application ID for the Emirates visa.

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After the payment the processing fees for Emirates visa. Netherland citizens are requested to wait for at least 1-3 days and more. During heavy tourism demands Netherlands citizens are recommended to apply for a Emirates visa before a week.

  1. Check the status of your Emirates visa.
  2. Download the Emirates visa through link after approval
  3. Verify the e-visa using the link that is sent in your personal email.
  4. Now Travelers are ready to travel for Emirates.


Netherland citizens with dutch nationality aren't allowed to have a visa but if Netherland people are not having dutch nationality are needed to apply visa. And it is recommended to apply for an Emirates visa with Emirates visa online to get higher chances of visa approval. 

Apply Emirates Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Netherland nationals were willing to obtain UAE tourist visas due to certain reasons to stay for a longer period than 90 days in the country. Then, it is possible to obtain an electronic tourist visa from Emirates online visa for citizens of the Netherlands. Open the site and select the nationality which will be Netherland in this case. Visiting nation and visa type required for UAE according to the duration and purpose of entry to UAE. Type your full name, father name, mother name, contact details, e-mail ID, Whatsapp number, etc. Don't forget to check the details in the UAE online application form before submitting the fee. After submitting the fee you won't be able to make any changes to the UAE application form. Upload documents and pay the required fee for UAE visa according to visa type. 

Netherland nationals should not travel to the United Arab Emirates without a passport. All the visitors including Netherland nationals must follow the entry criteria for visiting Emirates. Passports of the Netherland should fulfill the basic passport criteria of UAE: valid, original, should stay valid during stay in UAE, and while exiting UAE.

No, Netherland nationals are not allowed to work in the United Arab Emirates without a work permit. They should search for employment, and ask for an entry permit and job offer letter from the employer. After receiving an offer letter and entry permit from the employer. Then employees should obtain a UAE work permit to work legally in the country.

Tourists holding Netherland passports should need to apply for a valid visa after the end of 3 months free visit to the country. If they are staying in UAE as a tourist for more than 90 days. Then they can obtain an online e-visa on Emirates Visa Online. Netherland nationals will have to fill the application form for a UAE tourist visa. They can get multiple visits or single visits online tourist visas for UAE according to the purpose. The fees and documents must be submitted online for the United Arab Emirates tourist visa.

Netherland nationals visiting UAE for work purposes, employment purposes, and a long-stay visit to the country should obtain a long-term visa for the country. The long-term visit visa for the United Arab Emirates will stay valid for 1 to 3 years to Netherland nationals according to the purpose of the visit. 

Netherlands nationals can enter or travel to the United Arab Emirates. But, all the travelers and tourists must follow and fulfill the entry requirements for CoVID 19 to enter UAE. A negative Covid 19 test results of the Netherland nationals visiting UAE. You must be fully vaccinated against covid to gain entry through UAE immigration points. If Netherland nationals are not vaccinated then they need to quarantine themselves after entering UAE for a few days. 

The document must be carried by Netherland national while entering through the immigration points of UAE. Foreign nationals should present the original and valid (6 months validity) Netherland passport. The return flight tickets, hotel bookings in UAE, travel purpose, travel plans, sufficient funds, and other medical requirements. 

Netherland is one of the visa-free nations on the list of UAE visa exempted countries. Netherland nationals visiting UAE for tourism purposes can stay in the country for 3 months without any need to obtain a visa. 

The Emirates Visa-free entry means no visa will be required to obtain entry through the immigration points. More than 40 nationals including GCC nationals are eligible for obtaining visa-free entry to UAE. Netherland nationals can obtain visa-free entry to UAE. The citizen of the Netherland is allowed to visit 188 countries worldwide without obtaining a visa

The Emirates tourist visa is the one to three months online visa or travel authorization issued to visitors and tourists. So they can enter the United Arab of Emirates for spending their vacation or be willing to enter the country. Netherlands nationals do not need to obtain an emirate tourist visa for tourism and travel. Netherland nationals face fewer entry restrictions and Emirates tourist visas are free for them.

Emirates visa need not to be obtained by foreign nationals holding Netherland passports. Visitors from the Netherlands can enjoy the freedom of movement in UAE without a visa. 

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