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emirates web check in vs emirates ok to board

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We are going to see about the different check-in options available in the Emirates. There are 2 check-in types. They are the web or the online check-in and the mobile check-in. We are also going to discuss the ok to board in the Emirates. The documents required for applying for ok to board. The procedures used in online check-in

Online check-in Emirates:

The web check-in Emirates makes the work of the passengers easy and simple. This process is valid if done just within forty-eight (48) hours before boarding a flight. You can select the seat that is comfortable and your favorite. The emirates online check-in seat selection is also available. They provide the option for selecting the food of our choice during the travel. This is just for upgrading options if there are any changes at the last minute. But all the passengers must go through the process of check-in. for getting cross-checked with passport and documents. 
This process is important for getting the boarding pass to board the flights. During this pandemic, the rules are strictly followed in the check-in areas. They have a screen that is anti-bacterial and sanitized regularly. These are even available at the desk of the immigration centers. All the staffs and the members at airports wear the PPE kit (personal protective equipment). All the protocols are strictly followed by the customers and the members working in airports. Arrive at the airports before three to four hours of boarding. So that check-in won’t create a problem during boarding. Wear the personal protective equipment and mask properly and cover your body neatly. The luggage is also reduced to a limit for safety purposes. Take the security checks at least before 1 hour from the departure time. Complete the boarding process maximum before 1 hour of your flight time. The gates for the boarding will close by 20-25 minutes before the flight takes off. 


Procedure for online check-in:

Go to the Emirates website and choose the online check-in. Then type the details of the reference booking number and name. Then submit the check-in button. Then check the details you wanted to know. The seats changing are possible if needed. After the process of check-in, the electronic boarding pass issued, and later you can take the printed copies of the pass and take it along with you to airports. 

Emirates ok to board:

This ok to board is mainly for few country citizens who don’t have the visa approval. To those people, the ok to board is a must for boarding the flight. There is a simple process for getting ok to board sign. You must get an Emirates visa and the authorities of Emirates put the ok to board sign. The countries that need ok to board are Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka. The ECR mentioned customers are a must for ok to broad. The daily wage workers come under this category for ok to board. It is necessary because to help people from getting caught in fraudulency. 
The requirements for the ok to board are scanned copies of the original passport. The first and last page along with the bio page of the passport. The visa scanned copy is a must for the ok to board application. The printed copies of entry and exit tickets are a must. The proof of identification and address of the passenger is a must for the ok to board application. The scanned photograph that is passport size along with a white background is a must. The application form for applying for the visa is available online on the Emirates official sites. 


Mobile check-in:

Download the Emirates official app. Then you can have a view of your boarding pass and download it on your phone. The Emirates boarding pass that’s sent as SMS or mailed to the mentioned phone number. You can show it directly on the phone. The other option is after downloading you can take a printout of it and have a copy along with you. If you have an internet option on the phone you can directly open the link and show the pass to officers. Have the boarding pass ready during check-in time. If you have the screenshot of the boarding pass you don’t need to log in again and again.


The details about the check-ins and ok board are clearly explained. The requirement that is a must is also mentioned above. The frequently asked questions about the check-in are answered below. The web check-in applies to only certain Emirates flights. So before checking the status of check-in sees if the ticket has the check-in option. 



Q. Is it possible for kids to travel alone using the online check-in?

Answer- The answer to the above question is no. There is no possibility for the kids to travel using the online check-in. Children below sixteen years can’t travel alone without the guidance of elders. They must undergo the regular check-in process. 

Q. What is the method to take the printout of the boarding pass of Emirates?

Answer- The check-in is done via the Emirates official app. They can log in and view the pass and download them. That will be sent in SMS to phone you can show it directly. Else you can take the printout of it and show the boarding pass at the check-in center.

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