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agreement between israel and united arab emirates

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In 2020, a historic agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates was made to normalize the relation between the two countries and sign the Israel-United Arab Emirates peace agreement. The UAE, after this treaty became the third Arab country and the first country in the Persian Gulf to normalize ties with the Jewish country.

This agreement is also regarded as the Abraham Accord, and allows both the countries to expand economic conditions over the border. It was agreed as a joint statement with the United States of America, and signed at the White house. The treaty is recognized as each state’s sovereignty and also compels the countries to exchange ambassadors, conclude bilateral agreements and other visa agreements between the two countries.

With the normalized situations between the two countries, their economy is expected to rise, exclusive tourism packages for Israeli citizens, student exchange programs, and also several employment opportunities for citizens of both the countries. here is all that you would want to know about this historic moment that took place by Emirates Visa Online.


The treaty is a historic decision made by both the countries and is supposed to help both the countries to great extent. You will get the uae-israel deal explained here. Let us look at the key points of the agreement :

  •         The countries, for the first time in history, realized the advantage that they would be getting from the treaty upon the health sectors, economy, science, culture, and business cooperation. Whereas, the three countries, namely, Egypt, Palestine and Jordan still maintain cold relations with Israel with minimizing normal relations with it.
  •         With this diplomatic and economic achievement the uae-israel duo is taking a huge step forward to achieve their goals that they had set before their eyes. It is vital how important this relationship with UAE is for Israel, as there have been relationships with the pragmatic places, but this the first significant one.
  •         Although this step by the UAE would have been considered controversial by the other Arab countries, it did not. Almost all the gulf countries supported this decision by the UAE. However, there have been backlashes from sunni extremists, Iran, and also muslim brotherhood.
  •         The UAE took this daring decision along with the help of Donald Trump, the UAE took trust in Trump and hoped for him to get re-elected in the US elections.
  •         Earlier, there was a glass ceiling between Israel and the Arab nations that prevented them from forming any friendly relations. With this uae-israel peace deal, the glass ceiling got shattered. With this move by the emirates, it is expected that more countries from the region will think of normalizing relationships with the country.

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It is of no doubt that the Palestinians are furious over this move by the emirates. The changes brought upon the Palestinians are described below in detailed form:

  •         PLO officer Hanan Ashrawi criticized the treaty and said that it was like a backstab for the citizens of Palestine, and that the UAE should not have taken such a step.
  •         The peace deal between the two countries slashed the ability of Palestine to exert pressure on the country for minor modifications and to establish a state that will never recognize Israel as a country only for Jews.
  •         Palestine never wanted any kind of interaction between Israel and the UAE, but with that eventually happening, the Palestinians have now lost their main aim of influence.
  •         All of the above results in Palestine getting weak in front of Israel, which they never wanted to happen.
  •         Apart from all these, the ordinary citizens of Palestine also criticized this move by the uae and were furious over it. They accused uae of betraying the whole Arab community and that they shall never be forgiven for what they had done.
  •         Suha Arafat apologized to the uae for the reactions of the Palestinians and said that she regrets the damage done to the uae flag by them. She said that she never imagined that those were the values of the Palestinians and urged the younger people to read more about uae and take actions thinking about them, and how uae had supported them in the past. This apology was immensely applauded by the Emirati people but criticized by the Palestinians.

The Muslim pragmatic camp has no longer considered itself dependent on Palestine, and are also fed up with their government’s rules and regulations. Hence, they are not paying much attention to what Palestine has to say on this matter. And that is why this whole Israel peace treaty is a threat to Palestine, because if all the Arab countries start following the path of uae, Palestine will lose its grip, and eventually fall.

Hence, the Palestinians will have to change the way they think about Israel, that there are no jews in the world and that jews have no rights on the lands of Israel, which was in turn expected to help Trump gain a certain amount of votes in the next elections.

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  •         The TNA of Iran said that the Israel-UAE peace deal was pathetic. The ministry of Iran said that UAE has backstabbed them by signing this deal with the country which is like an enemy and condemned this act. They said that the world will never forgive UAE for what it has done and that it was a warning that Israel will now start entering the gulf region too.
  •         The IRGC threatened UAE that it may have to face certain complications for what it has done.
  •         The supreme leader of Iran also criticized UAE and said that the peace treaty with Israel is only temporary and will fade away with time, but the damage that it has done to Iran, Palestine and other Muslim countries can never be taken back and that they will remember this thing forever,

To conclude, we can say that this is a historic achievement by the UAE along with the Trump peace plan and the agreement between Israel and United Arab Emirates, for what they have done requires courage. It has opened new doors for various opportunities in different sectors. The tourism sector is also expected to rise, the UAE is starting to declare itself as a warm abode for the citizens of Israel. As tourism rises, the hotel industry in the UAE will also rise. With all these, both the countries are expected to benefit a lot.

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