Top 5 Things to do in UAE as a Tourist from Bolivia

Get soaked on the beach

The beaches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the more obvious choices, and both cities offer easy access to amusement parks, shopping, and city tourism. Al Aqah beach in the Emirate of Fujairah on the coast of the UAE is a well-liked option for beachgoers trying to get away from the crowd. Famous city getaways include Ras Al-Khaimah and Ajman's beach resorts.

Visit Sheikh Zayad Mosque

The mosque skillfully integrates contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship, utilizing modern and traditional techniques and architectural styles to create a novel interpretation of Islamic design. The mosque's structure incorporates the various mosque designs from various Islamic dynasties. Its white marble masonry is lavishly ornamented inside and out with gold, mosaic tiles, and glasswork. The largest carpet in the world that is hand-knotted (5,700 square meters) is in the prayer hall, illuminated by crystal and 24-karat gold lamps. Outside, a vast floor mosaic of swirling, floral patterns composed of semi-precious stones may be found in the enormous marble courtyard.

Experience Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa, a high skyscraper in Dubai and the most recognizable building in the United Arab Emirates, is situated there. In addition to being the tallest structural building in the world, with an elevation of 828 meters, it also holds the record for tallest freestanding construction, highest observation deck, and longest elevator travel distance.

Roam in the Louvre Abu Dhabi

Visitors can take a trip through human history at The Louvre Abu Dhabi, the newest and most stunning museum in the United Arab Emirates. The collection has been assembled from all over the world and throughout time, beginning with works by the top names in today's contemporary art scene and ending with pieces highlighting the ties between cultures and civilizations that have flowed through humanity's history. The complex's austere and ultra-modern architecture, created by award-winning architect Jean Nouvel, is a lure in and of itself, regardless of your interest in global history or art.

Enjoy the desert landscapes

The southern interior desert regions of the United Arab Emirates are the perfect destination for individuals with an appetite for adventure. The interior deserts of the emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al-Khaimah are home to several wealthy desert resorts. Here, guests can relax while taking in the dune landscape and participating in desert activities. Popular desert day tours from Dubai or Abu Dhabi typically include dinner at a desert camp following a 4WD adventure into the dunes and provide time at camp for additional activities like sandboarding or brief camel rides.

Looking for an Urgent Visa Requirement?

There are instances where you might need an urgent visa to the Emirates. In times like these, the experts and consultants at Emirates Visa Online might be of great help to you:

  • Standard Processing - This is a simple processing time for giving a visa, where the duration is up to 3-4 days.
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  • Super Urgent Processing - This processing visa takes 3-4 hours.

Planning to extend your visa period? Here's a guide

If a tourist from Morocco overstays in Dubai, they can be liable to fines and risk not being granted a visa. If you wish to stay over your visa validity time, you can apply to the appropriate government offices before your current visa expires and ask for an extension. Depending on the type of visa you go for will be the payment you will have to make for the extension grant. In most cases, a tourist can apply for an extension up to twice and pay the consecutive fee each time.

Currently, there aren't any quarantine requirements on arrival for any visitors. Random screening and testing are conducted at the Dubai airports, which will depend distinctly on the airport officials.

Why Emirates Visa Online?

We can help you decide if an e-visa or a visa on arrival is better for you. Here are a few arguments for e-visas as opposed to visas on arrival.

Zero Time Wasted

Getting an e-visa takes less time than you probably would have thought. After submitting your visa application, you must wait for it to be processed and sent to you at your mail address. Because you don't have to wait to obtain an Emirates visa once in the UAE, e-visas also save you time while travelling. Thus, it is a reliable option to get an emirates visa online rather than applying for a visa on arrival.

No Formal Application is Needed

The first benefit of Emirates e-visas is that the entire application procedure may be completed online. You need to lie on your couch to complete the application process. Once processed and accepted, your visa will be mailed to you, where it may be downloaded. The website also allows you to look over your visa status online. However, a visa on arrival is not the same thing. Once you arrive at your location, you will need to stand in line before applying for a visa.

Enjoy Travelling

With an e-visa, you may also look forward to everything paid for in advance, so you can go confidently knowing your application has been granted. But if you get a visa on arrival, there's a chance it'll be rejected, in which case you might have to leave Dubai since you can't stay there without a valid visa.

In general, getting an e-visa is your best bet for getting a visa for the United Arab Emirates. Compared to a visa on arrival, it is simpler, more convenient, and more accessible. Getting one on arrival isn't always the most dependable when applying for a visa. Therefore, it is advised that you apply for and obtain your Emirates visa before your trip.

When should you visit the United Arab Emirates?

Travelling from Bolivia? It is best to visit the UAE between November and March. Almost the entire year is hot and dry in the UAE, but the winter months show a temperature dip. Due to the excellent weather for both travel and sightseeing, the months of November to March are typically considered to be the best ones in the UAE. Neither is it very hot nor humid throughout these months. Winter cannot technically be defined because the temperature rarely falls below 12° C