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how to dress tourists and women in emirates

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The Emirates is a Muslim state that lives by strict regulations and Sharia law. Of course, tourists are not required to wear Muslim clothes, and girls do not need to hide their entire bodies as Arab women walk, but visitors are advised to adhere to several rules in choosing clothes.

Some travel agencies intimidate citizens who decide to go to the Emirates for the first time. The reasons are unknown, but employees of such companies say that even a woman’s open knee from clothes can lead to imprisonment, and walking is strictly forbidden.


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What clothes to take to the Emirates?

So, wearing a burqa, like Arab women, is not required. Tourists don’t wear it, only local women have this right. If desired, a burqa can be bought in a local shop, or tried on to take a picture for the memory. By the way, the burqa must be worn by women planning to go to Sheikh Zayed’s mosque.

Of course, walking in Emirates, you can meet tourists in short shorts and short dresses. They will not be sent to prison for this, but there are several drawbacks of such "European" images:

1. The skin burns in the sun, and the protective cream does not provide full protection, so it is recommended to dress so as to cover the shoulders and forearms.

2. It is highly likely that you will not be allowed to enter the entrance to Arab shopping or entertainment centres. For example, a woman with a neckline is estimated by Muslims as naked.

3. In such clothes, you will attract men's looks, and quite annoying, because Arab women do not go in such things, and for them, it is a curiosity.

4. Buses and premises in the Emirates always have air conditioning, therefore, being in open clothes, you can catch a cold and spend the rest of the rest in a room in the hotel.


Important: Going to Emirates, women can dress in open dresses if they are not stopped by the above consequences, but going to Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, this is strictly not recommended. In these Arab Emirates, problems with the police are not excluded if the knees or shoulders are open.


When choosing things in Emirates, it is recommended to bring a hat. This need is due not so much to local traditions as to the risk of sunstroke. This is especially true for children - they should not go out into the street with their heads uncovered during the day.


What should travellers go to?

Going to public places (shopping centres, markets, streets, etc.), a woman needs to dress in such a way as to cover her shoulders, back, stomach and legs. White-skinned people, and even with a naked body - a curiosity even in Dubai. It is not recommended to take transparent things or clothing with inscriptions that have a sexual or anti-Muslim character on the road - all this is an insult to local residents.

When you stay in a resort hotel in the Emirates, where Europeans surround travellers, you can dress in the usual outfits, but do not forget about the framework of decency. For example, during the day near the pool, you can stay in beachwear, you can go to the restaurant at the hotel in a dress with a neckline or a shallow neckline.


Attention!  Women can go to the beach in a swimsuit and bathing suits, but it is strictly forbidden to be top loess.


When choosing things that you take with you to Dubai or the other Arab Emirates, you should pay attention to their practicality. For example, when travelling on long excursions, women will need to wear trousers and blouses with long sleeves so as not to get burnt. To get to the inner territory of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, located in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, it will not be possible without a completely closed body.


What is worth knowing?

A few recommendations for tourists:

1. You should not bring a lot of clothes with you, especially if you plan to shop. Upon arrival in Emirates, you will be able to purchase everything you need.

2. Shoes should be light, open and made of genuine leather. This is due to the fact that sand falling into synthetic shoes erases the legs in the blood.

3. Some women, to cover their shoulders and not to get sunburned, take light scarves on the road, for this purpose you can take a chiffon shawl.

4. Tourists can bring a warm sweater. Such a thing in the wardrobe is a real need, because in all rooms in the Emirates there are air conditioners.

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