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Wanting to travel to another foreign country but having a small weekend only to enjoy can be really tough! But not when you have the Emirates 3 days visa with you. This visa will let you stay in the Emirates for just 3 days and will let you also discover some of the unknown Emirati traditions you have never been aware of. Wondering what to do in order to get this visa. This is exactly what we will be explaining today here in this Emirates visa information provided by the Emirates Visa Online site.


Q. What is an Emirates 3 days visa?

An Emirates 3 days visa is a visa that is provided by the Emirates visa providing centers for foreigners to be able to travel to the Emirates and stay for about 3 days after they have entered.

Q. I had applied for a 3 days visa and now in about 3 days I have not been able to travel to the Emirates, does that mean my visa has expired?

No, it does not mean that the visa has expired. The 3 days visa that you have applied for is actually valid for 14 days even after it has been issued under your name. This means that you can travel anytime during the 14 days period to make use of the visa.

Q. Is a visa on arrival a faster method to apply for a visa or is it more convenient to apply for one through an online method?

Having a visa on arrival applied for can take you from one to two hours to several hours to be able to apply for one and get it under your name. This means that all this time you will have to spend inside an airport itself. While when you apply for an Emirates 3 days visa through an online method you can get this visa delivered to you while you are still at home or when you are still working in your office and hence applying for an Emirates visa through an online method is much more convenient.

Q. What If I am flying to Australia and will be staying in the Emirates for 3 days will a visa be then needed if I am an Australian visa and passport holder?

Yes, you will have to take a visa for 3 days when you will be staying in the Emirates. This visa will let you stay for the duration of 3 days during your stopover in the Emirates.

Q. I am a Chinese citizen who will be traveling to the Emirates in the next 3 days am I supposed to take a visa before traveling to the Emirates?

Being a Chinese citizen you do not have to apply for a 3 days visa, as you are eligible for a stay of about 30 days without a visa in the Emirates.

Q. Can I enter on an Emirates 3 days visa if I had already used it once and will have to come back for another meeting being held?

If you have already used your 3 days visa once, then you cannot use this visa again. This Emirates 3 days visa will only allow you to enter a single time in the country and will not let you get into the country the next time. For entering again you will have to apply for a new visa.

Q. Can this 3 days Emirates visa be applied for two people at the same time?

Yes with the help of our Emirates visa services you can apply for the same visa for two people at the same time.

Now that you have your Emirates 3 days visa applied for, you can go on to enjoy your vacation!

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