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why visit sharjah

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Sharjah is one of those peaceful gems in the UAE, about which tourists sometimes don't know – until they do it and then it typically becomes their favorite, also in Dubai. Sharjah has almost everything you need to visit the United Arab Emirates, from the cultural heritage museums to a massive souq. In this article, on why visit Sharjah, there are ten reasons for visiting this colorful place.

Sharjah is not Overcrowded

In comparison to Dubai, Sharjah is generally not overshadowed by visitors or groups, and you can enjoy your feelings of a genuine UAE city. You can be trapped in crowds at activities or the corniche on weekends, but you can at least watch great guests.

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The Buhaira Corniche

The Buhaira Corniche is ideal for a relaxing stroll by the river, to watch people and enjoy some of the city's best cafés. Al Majaz Fountain is one of the key attractions in the city, along the waterfront; a picturesque fountain with a rhythm of water shooting every 30 minutes in the evening, at a pace of 100 meters (328 ft). This place is where the families relax, pairs go on a date night, and kids go and ride, where they can relax and have a night out.

Enjoy the Best Arabic Desserts

Sharjah has excellent desserts, and there are several Arabic candy shops on nearly every main road. Kunafa, a layered pastry of sweet cheese, panicky pastries, and pasta, with honey or rose siphon, squeezed up top, stop anywhere for the king of all Arab desserts. If you live in Dubai or visit it, it's worth visiting Sharjah alone.

Visit Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

The Museum of Islamic Culture offers a rich array of historical and ancient artifacts that have great importance in Islam's history. Visitors will learn more about Islamic scholars and ordinary people in theological, social, and scientific findings and revelations. It is a living museum that will open your mind and make you admire Muslims in our world and all their contributions.

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Trip to Sharjah Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum is another famous institution in Sharjah, with a large, traditional Emirates ship sitting outside. Visit the museum to discover Sharjah's powerful and historical connection with the sea. Fishing and pearl-scuba-diving have also affected the region.

Have Fun at Al Mamzar Beach and Park

Al Mamzar is a beach and a park for the Sharjah residents and is a destination that connects Sharjah and Dubai. Relax for some sun on the sandy shore, barbecue, or watch the many families, break staff or expatriates for a lovely afternoon outing. Mamzar Park is a green escape from the city for those who want to relax among the trees and green grass.

Enjoy at The Blue Souq or Central Souq

The Blue Souq is the dynamics place in Sharjah to get all of your UAE presents and souvenirs, and almost everything you see will make you feel tempted. You are going to be in Souq Heaven from the exotic Arabic perfumes and bowls and flats colorfully decorated up to the camel keychains and lavish red carpets! With its light blue tiles on the outside, the vibrant souq is easily visible anywhere in central Sharjah and will make it more lively.

Visit the University City

It would help if you once visited Sharjah, a significant part of university and research centers that could almost be a different city. It's the educational core of the UAE. Sharjah's University City. This area is the best place to see the most bright and vigorous young people working in the world. Go via University Road students for a fast snack or a meal, or gawk in the significant universities inside University City. Only the architecture itself will surprise you; some people have compared Sharjah's look with the Taj Mahal in the American University.

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Enjoy the Barbeque in the Desert

Sharjah is very small, and you'll be in the Arab desert if you drive 10 minutes from the city. However, many people use this reality as an excuse for holding a barbeque with family or friends on the desert sand on the weekend. You can see several people pulling over on the roadside. They will walk into the rolling dunes in five minutes, with a big blanket or event tent set up where they will have a barbeque or a picnic. At night, the busiest ones are, and some places in the desert have to arrive early to catch a sand position.

Drink the Famous Karak Tea 

Another way to explore the desert of Sharjah is to take the Karak, a milky, spicy tea sold for one dirham in little paper cups, and relax while gazing in the endless desert. Many people will sit in the car during the weekend and enjoy talks and Karak tea, with many families going back from somewhere as a break. This activity is the perfect way to appreciate the simplicity and crude beauty of Sharjah.

So by now, you must be clear why visit Sharjah. So plan a trip to Sharjah, and for getting the visa, you can reach out to Dubai E Visa Online. 

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