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UAE Golden Visa 2024: How to apply and what are the benefits?

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The golden visa United Arab Emirates 2021 is the topic we will discuss now. The Golden Visa program launched in May 2019 month. This is for people who want residency for the long term. The prime minister launched this program. They selected residents and investors for whom to provide this golden visa. The students who are toppers with a GPA above 3.8 and their families can get this visa. The PhD scholars and the doctors are eligible for the Golden visa for ten (10) years. Even other groups of fields can avail of this Golden visa. Data scientists, prominent data analysts, artificial intelligence experts, and scientists can get this Golden visa. This visa encourages people from a foreign place to come to UAE to study, work, and live with no necessity for a sponsor. There are two kinds of golden visas given for 5 and 10 years. They can even have 100% business ownership in the mainland of UAE.


Eligibility for a 5-year Golden visa:

There are few fields eligible for getting the Golden visa. The first is the investors with property in UAE, the top performer students, and the entrepreneurs. There are a few rules and conditions for availing of the Golden visa in each category. The first category is the investors with property in UAE. The property of the investor gross rate should be a minimum of at least 5 million dirhams. The investor's real estate should not be based on loans from banks. There must be at least a retention of three years for the property. The next is the top-performing student category. The students must have a grade mark of about ninety-five % (95) in public or private schools. The college students must have a grade point GPA of 3.8 and above after graduation. Even their families can accompany these students and stay in UAE. The next is the entrepreneur's category for getting a Golden visa. They must have projects that have at least a capital amount of 5 million dirhams. They must also have accredited business approval in UAE. These entrepreneurs have permission for a multiple-entry visa for about six months. Then this has the option for renewal again after 6 months. They can include close family like wife, kids, and (3) executives to accompany.


Eligibility for a 10-year Golden visa:

There are many categories eligible for getting the 10-year Golden visa. The public investors making investments of a minimum of 10 million dirhams are eligible. The investment of 10 million deposits must be within the country. The company was established in the UAE with at least a capital amount of 10 million dirhams. The share value of the existing or new company should be at least 10 million dirhams. The primary condition is that the investment in any sector except real estate should be at least 60% of the entire investment. The next is the unique talents category. Here the visa is for people who are talented in the field of education. A close family-like wife and kids can accompany them. The scientist with accreditation from the Emirates scientist council can avail of this. People with accreditation from the Ministry of Culture and Youth can avail of this visa. Investors who have approved patents from the Ministry of Economy can avail of visas. Specialists and doctors with PhD from 500 top universities worldwide can obtain visas. They must also have certification in the field they work. They need to have membership in a particular field they work in. There are a few more rules and conditions for getting this visa. You can check the e-service for further information.



We discussed what the Golden visa of the United Arab Emirates is. The people who can avail of the Golden visa were also discussed. The eligibility criteria for the people are also explained in detail. There are e-services available for getting the Golden Visa of UAE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Golden Visa United Arab Emirates was introduced to make the UAE the best environment for investments. They want to create a good place for new talents and business environments. There are even rewards given for people who are trying to contribute to the countries development. This is for encouraging and motivating people for continuing their good work. First, at the time of launch, it was under the permanent residence category. But later it’s changed under the long-term visa category. Now, this visa needs renewal after 5 or 10 years according to the visa. 

The person who applies for the Golden visa must have a patent. The patent must be a valuable asset for the economy of the UAE. The approval of the patent must be from the Ministry of the economy. 

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