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types of ban in emirates in 2024

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In the Emirates, there are different types of Bans right from labourers to immigration and in some cases, an individual may have to face a permanent ban too. For those who have recently shifted into the Emirates, need to have the knowledge about what offences could lead to them being banned from the country.

The Emirates has opened its gates for the world to grow with the opportunities offered by the country. There are millions of people who enter the country either for the purpose of touring or visiting, seeking a job, or permanently settling down. Amongst these millions of people, some of them take advantage of the opportunity and by wrongful means do illegal activities.

These illegal activities and negligence of the law further lead to the offences which trigger the onset of the above-mentioned types of bans. It is the responsibility of the people inhabiting in the Emirates, to carefully understand the law, rules, and regulations of the country, and must not challenge or illegally break any of the norms as it may trigger a ban on them

We at Emirates Visa Online, through this blog, aim to make all the travellers and inhabitants aware of how can one avoid landing themselves into such a situation, which would make the country ban them from entering or residing. By the end of the blog, the readers will find a solution to the queries regarding the types of bans and how can we prevent not being banned in the Emirates.


  • What does it mean to be banned in the Emirates?
  • Types of ban in Emirates
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be banned in the Emirates?

To be banned in the Emirates means that you won’t be eligible to enter or freely move around the country. It shows that the individual is prohibited to perform certain actions. The circumstances of the ban depending on the kind of ban an individual possesses.

This blog focuses on the Labor, permanent, immigration, employment, six months, and one year ban. Each of the mentioned bans has different circumstances, norms, and regulations and when declared on the individual, they are expected to abide by the same.

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Types of ban in Emirates

There are several types of bans the Emirates uses to prevent its country from any illegal or criminal activity. We are going to focus on Labor Ban, Permanent Ban, Immigration Ban, Employment Ban, Six month Ban, and One year Ban.

Let’s go into the detail of each of the bans mentioned above:

  • Labor Ban

An individual may face a labour ban for reasons like leaving the job with any notice or valid reason, not abiding by the terms and conditions of the Labor contract, or start working somewhere else before cancelling the contract with the previous firm. A labour ban may also be known as an employment ban or work permit ban which can further be of two types:

  1. 6 months Labor ban
  2. 1 year Labor ban

6 Months Labor ban

Employees who leave their current workplace without any prior notices or any solid reason will be banned by the Ministry of Labor (MOL) for 6 months. In the span of these 6 months, the person on whom the ban is, won’t be allowed to enter the Emirates until the individual is clear from the ban status.

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How can you remove a 6-month ban?

You can remove your 6-month ban by joining any Free zone of the Emirates or by getting any other government job.

You can remove you 6 months ban without leaving the Emirates by finding a job in any Free zone of Emirates or Any Government Job and receive a salary based on your qualifications i.e. if your qualification is above high school then you will have to receive a salary of 5000AED, for diploma holders 7000 AED monthly salary and those who hold a Bachelor’s degree – 12000 AED monthly salary.

1 Year Labor ban

The employees who either lose a case against their employers in any company Emirates company or violate any terms and conditions of the labour contract will be put under a 1-year labour ban and will not be allowed to visit the Emirates until the 1-year ban is completed.

Who all do not face a ban?

The employees mentioned below may not have to face a Labor ban:

  1. Those who are the citizens of the Emirates will not have to face either immigration or labour ban.
  2. The people who join the oil company.
  3. Employees who intend to change their jobs within the same free zones.
  4. The employees who intend to join the government or any semi-government organizations.
  5. Employees completing their long term contracts with any of their workplaces.
  6. Lastly, the employees who have completed a tenure of 3 years of service under an unlimited term contract.

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  • Permanent Ban

The permanent Ban in the Emirates is declared upon those who have committed extremely serious and illegal offences or are absconding. The permanent Ban is also known as a permanent residency ban. When such a ban is put on the individual, the government gets their biometrics and fingerprints. These records are preserved by the government for further prevention.

  • Immigration Ban

Except for the countries in the Emirates and all the GCC nations, all other countries in the world need permission to enter the Emirates. In case, you are denied entry to the country, the reason behind it may be because you have an immigration ban put upon you by the Government of the Emirates.

There are several reasons which may lead a person to get banned from the immigration authorities, the following are the reasons for the same:

  1. if the applicant has undergone any Criminal offences
  2. if the applicant possesses an Illegal Visa for either their entry or exit
  3. In case the applicant possess Weapons or ammunition case
  4. In the case of carrying or possessing illegal Drugs
  5. If the applicant has a history of Bounced cheques
  6. If there are Murder charges or an ongoing murder investigation on the applicant
  7. Misbehaving or Serious Abusing case with the residents and citizens of the Emirates
  8. If the applicant has a Theft case going against him/her
  9. If the applicant has Rape Cases against him/her
  10. If the applicant has a history of Violence
  11. If the applicant has broken the norms and regulations of the Emirates government.

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How can an Immigration ban be lifted?

The ban can only be lifted by the Ministry of Immigration. Once you are done serving your sentence, you may be lifted off the ban. There is no other way of lifting your ban.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, all types of labor bans and immigration bans are not imposed on the citizens of the United Arab Emirates. These laws and bans are imposed on expatriates who fail to follow the terms of their labor contract or due to other criminal offenses. The immigration ban is also not imposed on expatriates who have completed the terms and conditions of their labor contract. Foreign nationals working in UAE who are also sponsored by their spouse are exempt. Expatriates working in the oil industry, expatriates leaving the job to work in government office, and expatriates who have worked for industry or organization for three years. 

The 6-month labor ban in the United Arab Emirates can be removed if you find a valid job in the free zone area or by finding a job in government departments. You have to fulfill the eligibility criteria which have to be maintained to remove 6 monthly labor bans. The expatriate salary needs to be at least 5000 AED monthly who have high school qualifications. Diploma employers from foreign countries should at least earn 7000 AED monthly. Expatriates holding bachelor's degrees must have a 12,000 AED salary monthly. 

Yes, you are allowed to enter Dubai even if there is a 6-month labor ban imposed on you. The 6-month labor ban restricts your freedom of working in the United Arab Emirates. Still, it is also possible you can search for or explore different job options in UAE during 6 months ban but cannot get employed. 

The immigration ban can only be uplifted against you only with the content of your sponsor. You should communicate to your sponsor for removing the immigration ban against you to work and reside legally in the United Arab Emirates. Your sponsor can also ban your residency visa in UAE and it can only be canceled by the expatriate sponsor. 

No, due to article 28 which is immigration law. And it's stated that the foreign nationals or expatriates who have been deported back to their country can not re-enter the United Arab Emirates. Even if they have valid Emirates visas, valid passports, and have followed all the immigration rules. The expatriate can only return or re-enter if the individual has special permission or written permission from the ministry of interior. 

Expatriates who have received an immigration ban in the United Arab Emirates are not allowed to reside in the country. As well as there are not even allowed to reside inside the United Arab Emirates until the ban is removed. This ban is imposed on those individuals who have broken immigration laws, criminal records, debt, drive and drinking cases, rape, attempt to murder, bad bounce, etc. Expatriates who have violated the human rights or legal laws of the United Arab Emirates are also subjected to an immigration ban. You can check your immigration ban in Dubai by visiting the Dubai police official online portal. Select the option "check criminal status" after opening the site. Give personal information like name and the number of your Emirates ID. Employers can also impose an immigration ban on their employees besides a labor ban. The immigration law is either imposed for a 6-month short period. Or it can also be imposed for a lifetime without any chances of removal. 

Visitors who have previously committed any crimes and do not have police clearance certificates can not enter the United Arab Emirates. Or foreign nationals who have received deportation orders can not enter UAE for any purpose. The lifetime entry of the person can be prohibited if there are any reports against that person by International Criminal Cooperation Administration. If the person has been deported or is not allowed to enter other GCC countries can not enter UAE. You can not leave UAE if there is any case under investigation against you and an order has been issued by the prosecutor. If the competent court of UAE has filed a case or passed written order against the individual not to leave UAE. The Ministry of the interior can also impose an immigration ban on the individual. 

A permanent ban is a lifetime ban to stop the entry of an individual due to certain reasons. Expatriates who have committed serious crimes in UAE like drug trafficking, rape, sexual assault, murder, criminal history, etc. Absconding from work or employer is also the other cause of a permanent ban. Permanent bans are rarely uplifted or removed. The permanent ban in UAE is imposed due to the serious criminal record against the person and it is not overturned. 

There are different types of the ban according to the reason and ban which is lifted after some time. They are some major types of ban that must be known by expatriates shifting or planning to work in the United Arab Emirates. The immigration ban is one of the travel bans which can be imposed on any foreign national or expatriate who has committed some serious crime in the UAE. Expatriates working in the United Arab Emirates can face a labor ban which can be for six months one year or even permanently. The permanent ban in which one can never enter UAE again. If a permanent ban is imposed on the individual then the person can not work or live in the country. UAE government can also impose a work permit ban for short period or permanently according to the reason. 

Labour ban directly affect your job and source of income. A permanent ban is the type of entry ban imposed on those expatriates who abscond from their employers secretly without any information. You will not be able to enter UAE again or get employed due to a permanent ban. When you leave the job then the employer can impose a 6-month labor ban. The 6-month labor ban is imposed when you leave UAE without informing the employer. The one-year labor ban is imposed against employees who are not able to win the case against their employer. Or one year of labor can also be imposed if the employee has violated the terms, laws, and conditions of the labor contract in any way. During this period the employee can not work or visit the Emirates for one year.

Yes, in this case, an employer has the legal authority and can surely impose a labor ban. If you are leaving UAE, you should give proper notice and reason to avoid any kind of terminable offenses. You should properly go through your labor contract as well as the labor law of the United Arab Emirates to avoid unnecessary charges. If you are aware of the general immigration laws and working rules of the United Arab Emirates. Then you can handle the problem efficiently.

The Emirates labor ban is the ban imposed on employees or workers currently staying and working in the United Arab Emirates. The main reason behind the labor ban on any individual is due to their irresponsible behavior. When a person is unable to fulfill or work efficiently on all the projects, work, or duties. The labor ban can also be imposed if the foreign employee didn't follow the labor contract signed with the employer in UAE. When the employee is fired or takes resignation due to invalid reasons.

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