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top instagrammable place in emirates

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Dubai's futuristic city is a true dream destination and one of the photogenic locations. Dubai is home to countless picturesque spots, thanks to magnificent skyscrapers, lovely parks, wonderful flower displays, never-ending roads, and naughty panoramic views. You are in the right place if you're after the most unsound places in Emirates. In this article, we have gathered the Top Instagrammable Place in Emirates with their precise positions and many useful tips about visiting or getting there.

Burj Khalifa

The 830-meter-high Burj Khalifa is actually the world's tallest building and, oddly, is one of Dubai's most unsound locations. No Dubai route is complete without the Burj Khalifa's rise!

Not only will you get an astonishing view of the town, but it is also one of the best photography locations in Dubai. Do not skip the glass viewing platform on the 124th floor if you want to take pictures with the Dubai skyline in the background. The painted wings in the building are one of Dubai's best-known Instagrammable spots so take a photo!

The red metro line at Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall can be used for public transport. You have to walk about 1 km afterward to reach the entrance to the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa. You can also use a taxi – ask the driver to drop you out at Dubai Mall's Fashion Parking.

Most individuals like to go up to the Burj Khalifa for sunset. We suggest doing exactly the opposite and going there for sunrise! The cheapest choices for sunrise are Burj Khalifa tickets, and a light breakfast at the cafeteria is also given. Just opposite the viewing platforms sunrises, and you don't have to compete with the crowds to shoot the perfect Instagram. 

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Burj al Arab

Burj al Arab is a true icon of Dubai and one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Though it is extremely expensive to stay there, fortunately, you don't have to come into it to have some incredible photos! Jumeirah Public Beach is the perfect spot to take pictures with Burj al Arab. The best thing is that the beach is free to visit, so, even if you are in Dubai on a budget, you definitely need to check it out.

There are unfortunately no subway stations close, but around Jumeirah Beach, there are many bus stops such as the Wild Wadi and the Maharba Masjid. You can call a taxi that is cheap all over Dubai as an alternative.

The beach view is awesome any time of the day, but go to sunset if you want anything extraordinary!

Dubai Creek Harbour

The harbor of Dubai Creek is a very new neighborhood in Dubai since it has only recently begun constructing the entire complex. Many new buildings are underway, but most of the city is already completed and can be freely visited.

The key reason why Dubai Creek Harbor should be visited is, however, the magnificent view over the port. You will probably get a stunning view of Dubai's skyline from the water. It's certainly a good photographic location in Dubai.

Many people mistake Dubai Creek for that location, but while Dubai Creek is now part of the modern Dubai Canal, it is a special neighborhood on the banks of Creek Dubai. Dubai Creek is now a saltwater river. 

The area is still in progress, so public transport cannot currently be accessed, your only choice is to take a taxi. It is also important to note that for your return journey, there are no taxis around the harbor. It means that you must ask the taxi driver to wait for you before exploring the area or making an appointment in advance for your return trip!

Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis, The Palm is a legendary Dubai hotel situated on the Palm Jumeirah Archipelago, an artificial palm tree-shaped archipelago. Usually, you can't get inside if you're not a guest of the hotel. But a little trick, our taxi driver has told us! As you inquire why the guards at the entrance just tell you to want to visit the shisha bar. You're going to be allowed to move, and you can go around the hotel when you're inside!

The hotel itself is very nice inside and out, but the indoor aquarium is what is so unique about this location. This is called the Lost Chambers Aquarium, and you have to purchase a ticket if you want to visit the whole site. It's pretty costly, but it's worth it completely!

But you can see a free section of the aquarium if you're a hotel guest. Only walk inside the hotel to the Lost Chambers Aquarium, and you'll quickly spot the free section of the aquarium once you're walking down the stairs. It is a big fish, manta rays, and sharks aquarium. Magic enough! Surely it was one of Dubai's most photogenic sites.

Public transport is unfortunately not an option, so you have to take a taxi.

The best way to stop crowds in the aquarium is to go in the morning. In the afternoon, we visited, and without any other people, it was very difficult to take a picture!

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Dubai Miracle Garden

This garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Miracle Garden is filled with gorgeous flower installations like big sculptures covered fully with flowers, heart-shaped tunnels, and colorful umbrellas.

Glad to know that the garden is only open between mid-November and the middle of May, but this is usually the best time to visit Dubai. Unfortunately, you won't be able to see the garden if you're visiting beyond these months.

You have to take the red metro line and stay at MOE, Emirates Mall, if you want to use public transport. You must then catch bus no. 105 to the Miracle Garden directly. Good to know that it takes more than 1 hour for this entire operation, so you can use a taxi if you want to save some time.

At 9 am, the park will open every day, so go there for opening hours if you want to make sure you receive perfect Instagram-worthy images! We went around noon there, and the park was already filled with people who made shooting very difficult. But there's still a bit of patience.

So these are some of the Top Instagrammable Places in the Emirates to visit in. So plan your visit to Emirates, get your Emirates Visa, and explore the nation and click some amazing photos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes according to photography law it is illegal to take photographs of strangers or local people in the United Arab Emirates without their consent. If the person allows or gives the consent then only you are allowed to share or post the picture. 

Yes, tourists can take photographs of Burj Khalifa in Dubai. You can also go inside the building for some other Instagrammable photography famous spot. If you are thinking to do Photoshop inside Dubai Mall. Then it is necessary to take permission from the authority or management team before clicking pictures. 

If you are seeking out less expensive or free public places in Dubai for photoshoots or mobile photography. Then you can visit Alserkal Avenue which is located in Dubai Al Quoz. This place is the spot where you can find art galleries, platforms, and services. Go to gold souk, which is a popular marketplace in the Emirate of Dubai. You can take photographs in Dubai public beach and park. Jemel art center is also a less expensive spot. Visit a traditional architecture museum to explore the area and know more about the history of architecture in Dubai. Camel museum, coffee museum, and coin museum are free places for tourists and visitors. You can visit Dubai Marina at sunset or sunrise time for some beautiful pictures.

If you are illegally or unknowingly have clicked photographs of government buildings or military buildings. Then fine of AED 15 K to a maximum of AED 25 K can be charged to visitors for one day. You may need to pay a fine of, AED 25 K for clicking photographs from inside a government building in the UAE.

It is strictly prohibited to photograph the military site and government building in the United Arab Emirates. Beaches, parks, museums, airports, and other free zone areas also have some limitations for clicking photographs in UAE. It is best to take approval for avoiding a fine in UAE. Privacy of the public is the most important criterion in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, it is not allowed to photograph anyone without their permission in UAE. You are also not allowed to share someone else photo without their consent with few exceptions. The rules for photography are incorporated for the safety and security of people in the United Arab Emirates. 

Yes, it is not prohibited to take photographs in the street of the United Arab Emirates. But you should know about photography law and the privacy law of the United Arab Emirates. You are not allowed to take photographs of any governmental or semi-governmental building. To take photographs in a hotel or restaurant in UAE. Take permission from the management team. Capturing photo in malls and beaches are generally allowed without taking permission. But still, sometimes you may be asked not to photograph or delete files by the police or authorities. If you are planning to arrange a photoshoot in the United Arab Emirates. Then do not forget to take prior approval from the relevant authorities at famous tourist spots. 

The first one is Burj Khalifa which should be visited. The next place where foreign nationals can visit is Burj Al Arab. If you are looking for a luxury hotel them Burj Arab is one of the most popular spots for instragrammable posts. Tourists can take photographs in Jumeirah public beach with this amazing luxurious hotel and view. The rate of the hotel room in Burj Arab is expensive. If you want to take a fast look at Dubai creek then take an Abra ride. Abra is a small boat and the ride will not take more than 5-10 minutes. Visit Al Bastakiya, is a small village in Dubai. This place depicts the history of the Emirate. The Dubai miracle garden is the other spot for photography with colorful background. You can travel to Burj park for a perfect shot with Burj Khalifa background and skyscraper. Dubai aquarium in Dubai Mall is the underground zoo that is a home for aquatic animals. Atlantis- the palm hotel, Al Seef Street, Dubai safari desert, and Dubai Museum are also instragrammable places for tourists.

The most popular instragrammable place in the United Arab Emirates is Burj Khalifa. The highest tower or building is 830 meters or 2,823 ft high. It is the most visited, popular, and must-go place for every foreign national visiting the United Arab Emirates for the first time. You will find this place as one of the most suitable places for photography or Instagram. Don't miss out on the chance to capture the photo of the whole country with a mirror view and skyline view in the background. The glass viewing platform is located on the 124th floor. The painted wings inside the Burj Khalifa building is also a famous spot for visitor interested in capturing the photo. Go to Burj Khalifa during sunset to click the amazing photograph for Instagram.

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