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things you should do when traveling to abu dhabi

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There is no one who has not heard of emirates magnificence and glory! UAE is widely renowned as the best tourist spot all across the globe. People from all nooks and corners of the world come and visit the seven emirates of UAE that thrive on luxury and adventure! Traveling to Abu Dhabi COVID restrictions are bound to make your choices limited. However, with the right guidance, you will know about the best things you should do when traveling to Abu Dhabi!

What are the best things you should do when traveling to Abu Dhabi?

Begin your journey with the best hotels in Abu Dhabi such as Emirates Palace which is a 25-minutes’ short drive commencing from Abu Dhabi International Airport or the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Abu Dhabi, offering you the perfect blend of the old and the new charm of the city to make you witness the ultramodern culture of UAE. Due to its vast size and scope, the capacity of what it could accommodate can be as grand as you would like to imagine. Emirates palace remains highly inclusive of a wide range of cultures and ethnicities by offering the world’s fine cuisines that are widespread in 14 opulent fine-dining restaurants.

Enjoy Waterslides at Yas Waterworld: Visit the most fun place with your families and let your children make the most of their adventure! This amazing water park features around 40 thrilling rides and slides with cool water games in the beautiful natural expanses of grounds. Make sure to take a trip to Cineflash that is known to be the first water cinema in the gulf. Still high on adrenaline rush? Enjoy the rides at the Ferrari world renowned as the best amusement parks in Abu Dhabi.

Explore the love for beautiful and extravagant paintings, pottery, sculptures, and stunning embroidery that are known to be the hallmarks of UAE art culture. One such place for all the archaeologists and art lovers would be Louvre Abu Dhabi is an art and civilization museum. It is elegantly beautified by a web-pattern dome that allows the rays of sunlight to enter through. Exquisite and historical paintings are easily accessible to the visitors be it Bellini, Da Vinci, Monet, Pollock, Manet, Matisse, Van Gogh, Degas, Gaugin, etc.

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Important things you should do when traveling to Abu Dhabi

Most importantly to familiarize yourself with the cultural heritage of Abu Dhabi: Traditional Arabic markets known as souks sell all the authentic and traditional products that are imbued with the culture and heritage of Arabia. Weaving has always been an integral part of Arabic culture for centuries and here you will find the best-handcrafted items. Buying some of these colorful, handwoven collections of antiques as souvenirs work the best for many! The Central Market Souk at Abu Dhabi or the emirates high street has a special kiosk that sells this niche art form. With heavenly designed carpets and aesthetically beautiful lamps, you can tour the entire UAE to find these exquisite patterns. Shopping is not just limited to its culture and heritage but you can also find many exotic spices and herbs.

Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – the largest mosque in the country that could accommodate more than 41,00o people. There is a carpet in the main prayer hall which is known to be the world’s largest carpet that was shipped from Iran in a military aircraft. It follows a mesmerizing pattern of Persian and Mughal designs of architecture.

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Things you should when traveling to Abu Dhabi: Follow Abu Dhabi travel restrictions

These are the UAE travel restrictions COVID-19:

  • Check whether you require an emirates visa before booking a ticket: The UAE government issues an emirates visa on arrival depending on your nationality. However, you can apply for a pre-arranged visit visa from Dubai immigration, in case you do not fall under the emirates visa on arrival category.
  • Check the travel requirements by your destination to adhere to the specific departure requirements of your country from where you are traveling to Dubai.
  • You will be denied entry to Dubai if you have traveled to South Africa within 14 days of departure to Dubai. The new rule for South Africa remains in effect even if you have transited to other countries within the 14 days.
  • Undertaking the COVID-19 PCR tests as litigated by the UAE Immigration laws: The tourists or visitors coming from the countries and territories listed for COVID-19 PCR are mandated to adhere to the test requirements. This is the most important amongst the list of things you should do when traveling to Abu Dhabi.

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