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sharjah wedding event halls reopen

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Sharjah events halls are ready to reopen after a long decade of Pandemic. As we are aware of the fact that corona virus stopped our life lately, and put a full stop on our social life. We were unable to go outside from our home. But after all this, now, we are restarting our life for better with all the required precautions. Sharjah Wedding event halls reopen will now be one of the greatest things after the pandemic as those delayed weddings can now be conducted. Emirates Visa Online hence will not only let you get to know about the guidelines to follow but will also guide you on how to conduct a successful ceremony. 

The department of Sharjah Economic Development (SEDD) issued a circular of certain rules that to be followed by every wedding venues, hotels and event halls. They decided to reopen it from first week of November. Addition of the rules, some actions will also be taken for those who will not follow the rules strictly.

Salim Ahmed Al Suwaidi, who is the deputy director of commercial control and protection department at SEDD said that anyone will engage the hall are allowed to invite only 50 percent guests of the hall’s capacity. 

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As the number of guests will be lessen there will be less chance, He also said that they will organize campaign for awareness among the employees about the safety of individual in the corona time. He also provided the guidelines; 

The guidelines that is to be followed: 

  • Negative COVID-19 test,
  • Washing the hands,
  • Wearing masks,
  • Maintaining at least 2 meters distance from people

These are the precaution that is to be taken by the guests, organizers, caterers, employees of the event hall or who ever will attend the particular event. 

Al Suwaidi also said that department will look after the regular awareness campaign and inspection to check whether they are taking the required precaution or not.

Al Suwaidi said that they will provide safety measures and first-aids for the corona positive patients if any found during the event. All the guests and visitors will be tested a day before the event will occur to make sure there is no one infected. And in this way, they can ensure the safety of the each and every member of organization as well as attendee of the event.

Besides all the safety measures taken by the team, some people are still avoiding such events as even if we try our best, we can’t be assured that the virus will not affect us. But the decision made by SEDD (The Sharjah Economic Development Department) is for the safety of the people.

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Safety measures to be taken by the employees at the venue for the guests

The temperature of every incoming person will be checked at the time of entry in event and if anyone who’s temperature exceeding the normal body temperature and have the symptoms like cough, shortness of breath and sore throat will not be allowed to enter in the venue.

The complete disinfection of the venue must be carried after and before the event occur. Also, the sanitization of door handles, chairs, tables, washing of plates properly must be done to avoid the disease.

The organizers are also told to provide the safety measures to prevent the people from touching the equipment, guests are advised to wear hand gloves to avoid direct touch to the objects. Besides that, guests will be provided hand sanitizers, napkins and sterilizers on the tables and as well as at the entrance and exit of the venue. Each sterilizer should be renewed on regular basis. The cleaners are required to wash and sanitize the wash room after use for the hygiene of the people.

The safety measures also include the distance indicators between two people at toilets, food distribution area, and at the entrance and exit of the wedding halls.

The food distributors are strictly advised to wear appropriate uniform along with mask, hand gloves and must cover their hair properly.

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Precautions that to be taken by the guests at the venue:

  • Guests at the venue must enter with a mask and head gear on.
  •  All guests must let measure their body temperature.
  • Should sanitize their hands whenever required.
  • Wash their hands whenever required.
  • Avoid shaking hands with each other.
  • Maintain one hand distance from one another

 Above all, only those will be allowed to use the event hall who will accept and follow the safety measures rules properly and those who will fail to follow the rules will face the consequences.

We all are aware that this the most crucial time in our life and we only can protect ourselves.

The foremost rule that we all should must follow is to stay at home and enjoy our own company and make most of the time we have now. 

Stay safe, Stay Home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can attend wedding events in Sharjah with a valid Emirates visa. If you are a GCC national who want to attend the event in Sharjah. Then no visit visa or tourist visa is required to enter Sharjah. All other national visiting relatives or planning to attend marriage events in Sharjah must get a visit visa for the Emirates. You can apply for an Emirates visa to visit Sharjah and the Emirates visa online. The step for filling up the form is extremely easy followed by the attesting document. And getting Emirates to visit visa for Sharjah within 4-5 working days.

One can choose from different options for wedding venues including luxury hotels, beachside marriage, outdoor venues, wedding hall, or elegant garden. Al Jawaher Reception and Convention Centre in Sharjah is one of the finest, elegant, and furnished banquet halls in the city. Best hospitality, as well as catering services, are provided here from a small event to a special occasion like weddings. One can also book the famous ballroom "Kunooz" located inside the Sharjah ladies club. People who are looking for a spacious yet amazing wedding hall can go for the Women's Union Association. Qasr party hall which can accommodate 300 people at a time, where one can arrange small events too like engagement ceremonies, henna events, etc. Holiday in international Sharjah which has a beautiful ballroom named Al Dana. Royal Crown can be a perfect place for events with a limited number of guests at the wedding. The full limit of this venue is just 100 guests which will be around 50 people due to COVID restriction.

Yes, the deputy director of the commercial control and protection department has stated the disinfection of the venue must be done after each event. Regular sterilization of door, chair, table, hall, electric board, doorknob, etc must be taken care of. The manager or event planner of the venue must spread awareness and inform about guidelines and rules through a board or pamphlet. Sanitization of the public washroom and fixing hand sanitizer, soap, etc must also be done. 

The guest limit at any wedding hall must not exceed more than the 50% limit of the hall capacity. The guest list must be made accordingly which will fill only half of the wedding hall limit. According to the deputy director of Sharjah, Salim Ahmed Al Suwaidi. All the arrangements and functions made at the wedding venue in Sharjah must be according to the COVID 19 guideline and protocol. 

No, in Sharjah the Economic Development Department has only allowed opening the public places like wedding halls only on one condition. All the guidelines concerning the coronavirus must be followed for public own safety at the marriage hall. If someone is not wearing a safety mask, not maintaining a 2-meter distance, or have not followed guideline will not be permitted inside. Those all who have high temperatures also can not enter Sharjah's wedding hall and participate in the event for safety reasons. COVID-positive patients must avoid going to public events, functions, and attending a marriage to stop the spread of the virus to the unaffected person.

COVID has changed our basic lifestyle, and everyone visiting the wedding hall in Sharjah has to wear a mask. All the guests, workers, staff, and visitors can not enter public places like the wedding hall without wearing a proper mask. Body screening and noting down the temperature of all the guests and staff members entering the marriage hall is mandatory. Sanitizing hands properly before entering the marriage hall or banquet in Sharjah is necessary. Maintaining social distance, not shaking hands, washing hands regularly, taking care of themselves, and staying away from the crowded area. Even employees working at the location are expected to follow and take care of all above mentioned mandatory guidelines at Sharjah wedding hall due to COVID.

Due to COVID various banquet halls, marriage halls, lounges, and hotels were closed in the year 2020. The banquet halls, as well as marriage hall in the United Arab Emirates, are functioning and start operating from November 1st. The circular was passed by the Sharjah Economic Development Department of UAE re-opening of wedding halls, hotels, and all other banquet hotels. Anyone can book a hotel and resort for weddings, birthday parties, and functions from November. The period of the pandemic 2020 was a great struggle and fall for many. After the situation has come under bit control things are getting back on track. 

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