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6 Best Beaches in Sharjah For A Lavish Vacation In UAE In 2024

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Sharjah is one of the emirates situated in the north of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Read this article till the end to know about some of the amazing Beaches In Sharjah as described by Emirates Visa Online. Sharjah is third largest with an area of 1000 sq. miles. Sharjah has some of the amazing beaches in UAE, and is often regarded as the capital of tourism with billions of tourists visiting there every year.

It has a significant contribution to the architectural, technological and tourism aspects of the UAE. If you want to enjoy the shimmering Arabian Sea coastline, visiting Sharjah should top your travel list.  

What's Interesting About Sharjah?

Let’s look at some of the very unknown and interesting facts about Sharjah:

1. Prosperity:

The emirates are known for its oil reserves and the economy boost that the country experiences due to the same. Sharjah has a decent oil reserve that contributes highly to the economy of UAE. Also, due to the discovery of natural gas in the Arabian Gulf, Sharjah has prospered to another level.

The tourism capital:

It is a wrong conception of people to regard Dubai as the tourism capital of UAE. It is Sharjah instead. Why? Because Sharjah offers the perfect blend of culture and tradition along with modern society to lure the tourists. One of the most interesting things about Sharjah is the culture, tradition, archaeological sites, history that it provides of the UAE, and hence is a must visit place.

When you are in Sharjah you can visit the Sharjah Archaeology museum where there are so many weapons, artifacts, jewelry of the ancient times displayed. If you are into calligraphy you can visit the Sharjah museum of calligraphy next, and also the Sharjah art museum and end the museum tour with a visit to the Sharjah museum of Islamic Civilization.

Visit the King Faisal mosque, Sharjah Dessert Park, and th eye of emirates which is also called the Al Qasba to make your visit more memorable.

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The healthcare sector of Sharjah is built in such a way that it provides special attention to emergency cases. This is because of the reason that almost 50% of total cases in the hospital are emergency, and hence the healthcare sector in Sarjah is a billion dollar industry helping the city to grow throughout all these years. 

Emirate of both sides: 

The emirate has a total of three regions on the east coast of Gulf of Oman, the reason behind this is that the city is situated on the banks of Arabian Gulf. There is immense geographical importance of this city due to it sharing its land on both east and west coasts of the UAE.

Top 6 Sharjah Beaches

The city of Sharjah provides many private and public beaches for the visitors to sit and spend quality time with their loved ones. Go through the list to find out more about some of the top Beaches in Sharjah and more information about them.

1. Al Khan Beach

Al Khan Beach in Sharjah is the first public beach in Sharjah and also the most famous one. The beach offers numerous amenities for sports enthusiasts, and for people who just like to soak up in the sun and enjoy some vitamin D. A plus point about this beach is that it is located near the Sharjah aquarium and Al Khan historic area; hence you can visit these places too.

You can enjoy various activities here like kayaking, parasailing, kite surfing, banana boat rides and so much more. This beach is ideal for playing sports like football, volleyball, and you would always find the visitors doing the same. 

Location: Al Khan Street, Sharjah.

Timings: 7:00AM-8:00PM (Open 7 days a week)

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2. Al Corniche Beach

If you are a fan of white sand and blue water, this beach would be the perfect one for you. This sharjah corniche beach is famous for the modern techniques and infrastructure that runs parallel to it. The beach has also been awarded with the Blue Flag which makes it safe and clean for bathing.

You can enjoy activities like surfing, sunbathing, swimming etc, and also munch on at a restaurant available on the beach. It is also a good option for morning walks, or runs and other recreational activities to pump up your day.

If you are there with your kid, you can build sandcastles and relax along with the beautiful view of the ocean and the waves all around. 

Location: Corniche Street, Sharjah.

Timings: 6:00AM-6:00PM (Open all days) 

3. Lou Lou’A Beach

Lou Lou’a is a private beach in Sharjah, and is accessible only to the guests of Lou Lou’a beach resort. The beach is perfect to enjoy peace and serenity of the city because it is never crowded, so you can enjoy your “me time”  or the time with your loved ones without any chatter around you.

A rescue tower is also there on the beach, hence you don’t need to fear for your life while swimming.

You can also enjoy changing huts, swimming, pools, and also some water sports. 

Location: Al Khalida suburb, Sharjah.

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4. Ajman Beach

Another stunning private in Sharjah, Ajman beach is the most picturesque one in the city. The beach is so calm and serene that you can spend some quite time here with you family and enjoy the most. The beach has fine white sand and crystal clear water, with lesser waves, which makes the beach perfect for swimming activities or just walking by the side collecting shells.

  • The water is so clear that sometimes you can spot fishes underneath it, such a beautiful sight to experience.
  • There is also a promenade along the beach with benches to sit and relax. Also, a few umbrellas are placed there to change or wash off before leaving.
  • The negative side of this beach is that there are no dustbins present due to which you may find some litters here and there, although, it is cleaned twice a day.
  • If you are lucky, you can also spot a jellyfish.
  • If you feel hungry while having all that fun at the beach, there are plenty of eatingspace available near the beach like KFC, Hardee’s, pizza hut and many more, where you can enjoy your favorite delicacy. 

LOCATION: Ajman, United Arab Emirates. 

5. Al Mamzar Beach

This huge public beach lies on an area of total 106 hectares. Why is the beach so large? Well because, it houses a well kept public lawn, public pools, and even a cycle path for bikers. There is plenty of space for you to enjoy all day long with so many different activities in this humongous beach. 

LOCATION: Al Khaleej road, Sharjah.

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6. Sharjah Beach

This huge beach has recently made into the bucket list of the visitors due to many reasons. The calmness and serenity of the beach attracts many visitors every month. There are also plenty of lifeguard stations available on the beach which ensures your safely while you are at the beach. The beach is extremely clean with no litters and plenty of waste bins all around. You should although carry something to eat if you plan on visiting this beach as there are limited eating outlets near this beach. 

LOCATION: Al Muntazah Street, Sharjah. 

Travel Tips 

Sharjah is the perfect holiday destination for you along with your family. You can enjoy the culture, know more about the history of emirates, get close to the emirati traditions, and also learn more about Islam.

1. Reach Sharjah by


The centre is situated approx 15 kilometers from the Sharjah airport. Air Arabia provides economic costs to travel to Sharjah which won’t hit your budget. You can reach the Sharjah centre from airport through several shuttle buses that run every 30 minutes, you can also take a public bus.


There is an inter-emirate bus service that connects the city of Sharjah with Abu Dhabi, Dubai and many more emirate cities.


There are regular taxis running between Dubai and Sharjah. You can book a licensed bus from Dubai to reach Sharjah.

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2. Safety

Sharjah has a reputation of being a city that still preserves its cultural heritage and is safe to travel.  Because the city has conservative culture, you should keep knowledge about the basic rules and regulations before visiting. Special importance for safety is given to women travelers.

3. Tipping

You should keep in mind that tipping is not generally accepted in Arab countries. The restaurants, pubs or cafes add a service charge in the bill. However, if you want you can tip for excellent service.

4. When is the Best Time to Travel to Sharjah?

UAE is known for its hot and humid weather which can rise up to 45 degree Celsius. So if you are planning to visit the city, visit during the months of November to April, with much less humidity and even rainfall predictions so you can enjoy the Sharjah beach park at its most. 

Visit Sharjah if you found this article about Best Beaches In Sharjah helpful. We can assure you would spend one of the greatest times of your life in the city.

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