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police clearance certificate in emirates

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During admissions in educational institutions and the application for employment or for visas in the UAE, Police Clearances certificates are also necessary. The object of the certificate is to prove that a person is not involved and shows his good behavior—antisocial or criminal activities. In this article, we have discussed the Police Clearance Certificate in Emirates.

Over the past few years, many government services have been digitized by the UAE government to streamline and enhance services and processes. Intelligent police stations are an excellent example. In recent years, because of digitalization, the procedure in visa medical centers has also become much more smooth. Amer centers are another effort along the same lines.

So, how can you get a certificate of police clearance in the UAE? Please read more to understand.


Process to Obtain Police Clearance Certificate in Emirates

Nationals of the UAE and expats residing in the country also need certificates of police clearance for different purposes. You may want to apply to a foreign university, or your goal may be to apply for immigration. You may also want to apply. While several UAE staff are now calling for this credential in addition to other international universities and visa consulates. The certificate of police clearance is being turned into a valuable document because employers want to ensure that the employee has no legal issues.

The thought of obtaining the certificate can be a little frightening if you don't know the clearance process. Say you're in a foreign country, and you may know no one except your boss. You may be in a foreign country. What is the process of applying Emirates Police Clearance Certificate? How do I prove I was a model citizen? How do I have to send documents to Dubai to obtain the PPC? Do you need my employer's information? Will I have a police officer to visit?

Therefore, many people are uncertain about how to apply for a police clearance certificate in the UAE. This blog offers answers to all your relevant questions.

About Police Clearance Certificate

The Police Clearance Certificate (also known as a "Certificate of Good Conduct") provides documentation for, or absence of, a person in the state of his or her residence. These certificates are issued by the police forces in the UAE. It ensures that the person does not engage in any illegal activity.

Process to Apply Good Conduct Certificate 

A police clearance certificate can be requested on the official website of the UAE's Ministry of the Interior (MOI). Likewise, the MOI app, which is available for both Android and iPhone users, can be applied for.

Alternatively, the certificate can be received personally from the MOI service centers. These are all Emirate-wide centers and a center can be found on the official website near your house.

Documents Required for Good Conduct Certificate

To receive police clearance in the UAE, the following documents are required:

  • A legitimate ID card from Emirates
  • The recipient's letter saying he/she has no
  • Any convictions pending
  • A recent photo of passport size
  • A copy of the passport of the claimant.

Can You Apply for a Good Conduct Certificate from Abroad?

Persons who have left the UAE can still apply for an online police certificate. Your fingerprint card will have to be certified by the UAE embassy in your country of origin. A fingerprint card functions to confirm the identification of the individual based on the decimal fingerprint and biometrics as an official police report. The application will be forwarded by the UAE or the Dubai Police online.

To apply for a police clearance certificate online from a foreign country, you will need the following documents.

  • UAE Embassy authorized card for fingerprint
  • Two pictures of a recent passport
  • Your valid passport is copied
  • Your last UAE visa will be copied
  • The reason for the request


Languages of Issued Good Conduct Certificates 

Police certificates can be given in Arabic or English. Select your favorite language when you select an application for a Police Clearance Certificate.

Good Conduct Certificate Estimated Delivery Time 

It usually takes 24 hours to issue a certificate if you apply on a working day. Those who want to make a soft copy or apply will be sent via email or a certificate on the same day.

Police Clearance Certificate Status

You can dial 901 if you have any questions or want to verify your certification status.

So receiving a Police Clearance Certificate is a reasonably straightforward exercise, whether you are a job seeker or a student. If you apply online, the procedure is very user-friendly. If you don't have the comfort of technology, it would be sufficient to visit Dubai Police Offices or MOI services centers.

Most public services are simplified now and have a simple user path. The procedure is reasonably quick and straightforward, regardless of whether you are applying for UAE family visas or longer-term visas.

Final Words

So these are all the details regarding the Police Clearance Certificate in Emirates that you need to know about. For more information you can visit Emirates Visa Online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After completing all the required steps for a police clearance certificate in UAE. You will have to wait for one day for an online application or an offline application. The certificate for good conduct is issued to the applicant with 24 hours on working days. 

If you are receiving a police clearance certificate directly from the center. Then you may not be asked to pay an extra fee for a hard copy of PCC. But, if you have applied online or want the hard copy for PCC sent to your address. Then you have to pay extra delivery charges which are AED 15. You have to request PCC hard copy home delivery.

If you are already staying in Dubai then you just have to travel to the closest Dubai police office. State the purpose of obtaining PCC, requirement, pay fee, application, and submit documents for PCC in Dubai. If you don't have time to visit the Dubai police office. Then you can also apply for a Police clearance certificate from the official portal of Dubai police. Open the Dubai police website choose the PCC service. And submit a complete application by following the necessary steps online for PCC. Applicants from outside the country can also send applications on the Dubai police portal for PCC.

The police clearance certificate for Dubai for the national of UAE is AED 100. All other residents staying in the United Arab Emirates have to pay AED 200. If the person is applying for a police clearance certificate from other foreign countries then the cost is AED 300. 


The police clearance certificate fee is AED 50. If you apply for an Arabic certificate from the ministry of interior. The police clearance certificate fee is AED 150. If you want the certificate in the English language from the ministry of interior. 

A police clearance certificate is required for applying for a UAE student visa for higher education. For license or residence visa of Emirates. For moving to UAE or employment reason. To obtain a work visa or permit for the United Arab Emirates.

The validity of a police clearance certificate in the UAE can be different according to nationality. Sometimes, the validity is mentioned in the police clearance certificate for UAE. If we talk about the validity of the United Arab Emirates police clearance certificate. Then it can be used for the three-month duration from the PCC issued date. 

Yes, you can get a police clearance certificate for the United Arab Emirates in the English language. You will need to select the English language when applying for an Emirates police clearance certificate. The certificate is also issued in Arabic language (UAE's official language) to eligible applicants.

The applicant will need the original and copy of the fingerprint card. Ensure that the fingerprint card has been attested and approved by the United Arab Emirates embassy. Provide the genuine reason or purpose of obtaining a police clearance certificate for a relevant UAE visa. Minimum two Latest photographs with a white background are required. You should attach the last Emirates visa. Submit a copy of the original passport. 

A fingerprint card is provided to the applicant by the police department. It is the official document or report verified by police that proves the applicant's identity. The document is based on the fingerprint and biometric of the applicant.

It is possible to obtain your police clearance certificate from outside the United Arab Emirates. The PCC can be applied and received through the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Interior. Or receive it via Dubai police. The first step you must complete receiving your fingerprint card for the Police clearance certificate. You will need to visit the nearest UAE embassy for attesting to the fingerprint card. Applicants applying online from MOI or Dubai police should submit the important documents for a police clearance certificate.

Yes, a police clearance certificate can be obtained by foreign nationals or residents who no longer reside in the United Arab Emirates. All the residents already staying in the United Arab Emirates can also obtain a police clearance certificate.

The police clearance certificate which is also referred to as PCC is the permit issued to the applicant applying for an Emirates long-term visa or entering the country. It states that the good conduct of the applicant or visitor. And also state they don't have any criminal record.

The main purpose of a police clearance certificate is to provide evidence that there is no criminal record or background. The police clearance certificate is required for Emirates residence visa application, Emirates work permit, Emirates retirement permit, and other long-term visas. The police clearance certificate is also needed for admission to an educational institution or organization.

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