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online visa renewal and emirates id renewal 2024 in emirates

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Online visa renewal and emirates ID renewal in Emirates via online method is an easy task without any hassle and much less effort, also, it saves you money as well. Emirates Visa Online aims at providing you with this information so that you can both save money while also renewing your visa and ID in your own comfort zone.

The time limit to renew the ID is given as 30 days from the time of expiry. If you are unable to renew your ID within this time frame, a late fine of AED 20 per day will be taken which can go up to AED 1000. After the expiration of your ID, the Federal Authority of Identification and Citizenship (FAIC) sends you a notification through SMS on your registered mobile number, requesting you to renew your ID card as soon as possible. 

You can submit the application form in person to the Emirates id typing centre, or you can apply online via the website of FAIC. 

  • UAE nationals can apply for renewal of ID within 6 to 1 month before expiry date.
  • UAE residence holders can apply for renewable only when their residence visa has been renewed or reissued.

As the UAE immigration fine’s system states : 

  • AED 25 per day up to 6 months
  • AED 50 per day for the next 6 months
  • AED 100 per after a year

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  • Log in or Register: After opening the official site for Emirates ID renewal and register yourself there. Provide a valid email address, UAE phone number to which an OTP will be sent for verification. 
  •  After this, a password will be sent to your registered email address.
  • Use the password that had been sent to you on your email id to log in. If the password is too difficult to remember, you can create an easy password as per your choice by going to the forget password section.
  • Start you application: After you have registered yourself and logged in, you can start with the application form which will renew emirates id online. You will see several options on the website from new ID issue, to replacement of lost ID cards. You need to click on the ‘renew your ID card’ and a new application will open right in front of you. 
  • Submit and save: After you are done filling out the form and provided all the required documents, you need to submit the form and take a print out of the same. 

After submission, a payment portal will open up. You will need to complete the payment process with a valid payment method. 

Your application then reaches the Federal Authority of  Identity and Citizenship (ICA). 

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For expats, the emirates ID fee is Dh100 for every year of validity. In typing offices, you need to pay Dh70 for the same.

If you are filling out the form online, you need to pay a fee of Dh200 for two years, and Dh300 for three years. Also, a n online fee of Dh40 needs to be paid.


  • You should enter your details carefully and make no mistakes while filling out any crucial information.
  • While entering the UID and IDN numbers, you must place the hyphens accordingly.
  • While entering the residency file number the format requires you to enter a 0 in between (xxx-xxxx-0-xxxxxxx). You must count the digits just to make sure that you have entered them correctly. 
  • Your family name is your last name. Keep that in mind while filling out the form, and make no mistakes.

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The next step for expats is to visit a medical centre approved for emirates ID medical test. You should carry your passport, current emirates ID and copies, the renewal application form which you had printed earlier.

Your medical report should usually take a week to reach to your email.


After getting your medical report, you will need to submit your :

  • Application form
  • Passport copy
  • Emirates ID copy
  • Medical report
  • Insurance card copy
  • Two passport photos to your HR team and PRO.

This procedure requires detailed sponsor information, so it is best to get this done by the company, rather than by yourself. 

After the residence visa has been approved, it takes just 7days for emirates visa processing time.

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Once your application has be submitted and approved, your renewed emirates ID will be sent to you via post. You will be informed beforehand via SMS when your ID gets ready. 



  • A sponsor with valid residency permit
  • You should pass the medical test if you are above 18 years old
  • Insurance card
  • Renewed ID card. Or if you have submitted an application for renewal, bring that.

The following documents are needed:

  • You need to apply online through the official site.
  • Original passport of the sponsored
  • Photograph of  the sponsored

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Frequently Asked Questions

The UAE residency visa cancellation fee is around AED 110 which is paid by your sponsor. If you are also applying for the UAE Residency visa cancellation for your dependents then too 110 AED fee must be paid. The sponsor of the expatriate who is willing to leave the UAE is responsible for all kinds of procedures. Your sponsor is the only person who can cancel your UAE residency visa. After the submission of the necessary documents and application by your sponsor to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. Then after the approval of visa status clearance, the request for residency visa cancellation can be made to GDRFA.

Yes, if you have decided to leave the country due to personal reasons or professional reasons. Then the very first thing you have to do is apply for cancellation of your UAE residency visa. After the cancellation of the residence visa, you should give back the Emirates ID to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs of the Emirates. The Emirates ID is further submitted to the ICA for cancellation. 

Expatriates applying for Emirates ID renewal have to pay extra charges when applying through an accredited typing center or ICA official website. The service charge for typing center is AED 30 for submitting an online application. If you are using the ICA website for the renewal of Emirates ID then extra service charges of AED 40 are required to be submitted. If you want to renew the Emirates ID for 1 year-long period then the fee will be AED 100. Renewing Emirates ID for 2 years in UAE costs around AED 200. If the residency visa you are holding has three years of validity. Then you can apply for Emirates ID renewal for 3 years by paying AED 300.

Emirates ID is an important document that should be acquired by expatriates. Therefore it is necessary to renew Emirates ID before the 30 day grace period is over to avoid incurring fines. For expatriates staying in the United Arab Emirates the validity period of the Emirates ID is the same as the validity time of the residency visa. Although for all the GCC nationals staying in UAE the Emirates ID validity is 5 years same as the citizen of UAE.

For the sponsor who is renewing your residency permit in UAE. There are a set of eligibility criteria, the sponsor must have a valid Emirates ID as well as a valid Residency permit. The other important document is the insurance card which is mandatory in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Your renewed valid identity card in UAE. The sponsored person's original valid passport and photograph for the renewal process. If you are working in a private company then your sponsor must submit an original firm card, labor card of the sponsored person (copy), and the most important a valid trade license. If you have to sponsor your family members. Then a copy of the employment contract with salary certificate, marriage certificate, birth certificate, tenancy contract, and a copy of the utility bill. 

Ensure that your sponsor renews the Emirates visa before the expiry. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs have set limited time for renewing residency visa. You should get the Emirates visa renewed within 30 days from the expiry date. The 30 days Grace period is the limit time or additional time provided to the expatriates by the UAE government. If you are traveling out of the UAE and need to renew your visa before 6 months. Then you should take special permission from GDRFA. The Emirates ID is expired at the same time when the residency visa validity end. The time limit for renewal is the same as the residency visa which is 30 days. 

Expatriates can check the status of their residency visa and Emirates ID on the UAE governmental established website. Visit the UAE official online website "the federal authorities of identity and citizenship". Write the ID number or Residency visa number and then the status of the residency visa will be shown. For checking the status of Emirates ID simply give the Emirates ID number. 

The Emirates residency visa is required to be renewed before the end of the validity which can be 1 years, three years, or five years. To avoid the unwanted fine and heavy penalties you should renew the UAE residency visa if you do not have any plan to leave the country. The residency visa in UAE is renewed with the help of the sponsor. Register with the ICA government website and select the residence visa renewal service tab. Fill in the application, go through it again, and attach the document. Pay the fee for UAE residency visa renewal accordingly. Check the information especially the given ID number and the expiry date in the application. The maximum time for processing and renewal of the UAE residency visa is up to 48 hours according to ICA. The information and document submitted by the applicant for Residency visa renewal are reviewed by the immigration department of UAE. 

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