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Hope probe is the first mission to Mars under UAE. This has entered the orbit of Mars after 7 months of being launched from Tanegashima in Japan. This mission made UAE V country after us Russia China and India to reach the orbit of Mars.

What is the Hope Probe?

This Mars mission was first announced in 2014 July. The whole Nation was developed and operated by Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre and University Of California, Arizona State University, and the University of Colorado Boulder in the United States are the Universities that collaborated with Space Centre for this mission. It was only in July 2020 when from the Tanegashima Space Centre in Japan hope the probe was launched. It was a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries H-II A rocket and this was the 45th launch for this rocket. It has three instruments along with a high-resolution camera and spectrometer. The rocket was launched in boobs of collecting data and observing Marshal climate dynamics that can help the scientist understand why its atmosphere is deteriorating in space. 
This is UAE’s fourth space mission and it is the first interplanetary one. The other three projects were observation satellites made for Earth only. This mission will last for one Martian years which is approximately 2 years on earth
Along with this mission, the other two missions were also launched to reach Mars in July. The Other missions work from China and are expected to reach the mass in the coming month. Hope was first to arrive on Mars. 
The timing of the pivotal factor for this mission, as when the launch occurred, was the time when Earth and Mars are aligned at their closest point around the sun. 


Objectives of this mission

The main objective of this Mars mission is to study the Mars weather dynamic. This will be done by making connections regarding the lower atmosphere and upper atmosphere conditions. The program will check how weather changes the escape of hydrogen and oxygen in space. 
If the scientist can measure how much hydrogen and oxygen is spilling into space they can easily look into the fat that mars is losing its atmosphere and liquid water medical. In the next 2 months, the spacecraft will move into its final orbital position which is around 20,000 to 43000 kilometers around the planet is distance is created to allow the graph to use all three elements to get a complete view of Mars’s atmosphere in every nine days for next two years. 
This mission is expected to build the first complete portrait photo of this planet’s atmosphere. With every information gathered from this mission scientists should have a better understanding of climate dynamics of different strategies of Mars atmosphere. This can be very beneficial to convert it into a habitable planet.
Al-Amal will be the one of its kind “true weather satellite” that will be orbiting the planet. However, UAE’s scientists also looking for this mission to encourage the country are youth to have better careers in the sciences. The government is expecting that this mission will give a much-needed boost to the UAE’s science and technology sector.


How did the Hope Probe swing into orbit around Mars?

To get caught in Mars Gravity this spacecraft needed to pull off a Complex and intricate baking maneuver which is also known as Mars orbit insertion. In this maneuver, the speed is decreased in a very less amount of time. In the case of the hope probe, it was approaching the planet at a speed of over 120, 000 km/h, and it needed to do a 27-minute burn on its breaking engines to reduce the risk of missing its Orbit for getting lost in space for eternity. This Complex maneuver was done by craft’s 6 Delta-V thrusters in the given, very short time interval. However, on earth, the controllers received the confirmation after 11 daunting minutes. This delay is caused due to the time it took for the radio signal to cover the distance of 1 90 million kilometers between two planets that is Earth and Mars. 



This mission alone is enough to tell you about the success of the United Arab Emirates. It is developing at an enormous rate and has various opportunities in every area including Medical Sciences Aeronautics culture and anything you can think of. They are regularly enhancing their policies and encouraging the youth of the countries to set standards for the future generations in a way that the whole human community can reach New Heights together and survive for a longer time interval. 
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