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Explore, Eat, And Have Fun At M2L Market.

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Are you crazy about shopping? Do you like to explore different markets? If yes, then you should positively explore the M2L market. The M2L Market (My Second Life), created by M2L Concepts, a pioneer in entertainment, leisure, and technology with headquarters in Dubai, opened its doors to the general public this month and will provide entertainment for guests all winter long until March 2023. The M2L Market is situated in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), a prominent, iconic urban destination that supports culture and community, on Gate Avenue in the city's centre. The facility has access to the nearby residential buildings as well as the business districts of DIFC.

The M2L Market will have a four-pavilion design with eSports, Art Lab, Wrkbay, and Creative Hub. ESports will include PlayStations and eSports kiosks open for all ages, while Wrkbay will have workshops where kids and adults can make their pizza, speciality coffees, and pastries. The market will provide a variety of fun and enjoyable outdoor activities for the whole family, including live entertainment, food and beverage kiosks, shopping areas, workshops, eSports competitions, music festivals, dance competitions, yoga lessons, and more.

To gain this spectacular experience offered by the M2L market, also referred to as "my second life", one needs to visit Dubai. To visit Dubai, one needs to get a visitor's visa. You can get a visitor's visa via Emirates Visa Online.

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Check out the fantastic events planned for the M2L Market:

A joy for foodies everywhere!

With food trucks serving various cuisines, M2L Market is a foodie's dream. Enjoy rotisserie-style chicken that is fresh and locally sourced from The Roost, broths that are freshly produced and infused with flavorful, natural, and natural and organic ingredients from the Broth Lab, and slow-cooked meat at SMK - Smoked Meat Kitchen, which serves American burgers and steaks. Then there is El & N Café, where you can enjoy delectable food and drinks while nourishing your soul in a beautiful setting.

You can also try speciality smokehouse, Local Fire's delicacies, which feature meat that has been seasoned and smoked using their signature method in a specific smoking facility, or you can stop by Burger 28 to get a burger or sandwich. Get your hands on Al Farooj Shawarma, Churros, StrEat Fries, Dutch sweets from Royal Stroopwafel, speciality coffees from Boss Café and mouthwatering grilled, fresh burgers from Smoke for fast and delectable street cuisine. The first authentic Italian gelato in Dubai is made by Cento% Gelato, while House of Pops offers fruit pops made with plant-based ingredients since desserts are never enough.

Buy everything you can

Shop at the unique retail kiosks of the M2L Market, which feature national, regional, and international brands. Aegean Boutique's distinctive women's fashion collections include beachwear and dresses for brunch and night outs, Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfumes' exquisite collection of handmade Arabic fragrances, and a variety of retail, artsy, and local goods are just a few examples of high-quality products you can purchase.

Wholesome family activities

The M2L Market offers workshops and activities for all ages, including a Wrkbay pizza workshop where parents and kids can make their favourite pizzas using fresh ingredients; Hip Hop Cardio classes for everyone to dance and groove to; Motivate Yoga sessions and challenging workouts by the well-known BR Performance Studio's Boot camp; and kid-friendly art and craft workshops. From December through March 2023, the market will also house its own Farmer's Market, open every Sunday from 6 pm to 10 pm. One of the biggest farms in the UAE will offer its assortment of seasonal fresh food harvested that morning at the market.

Live performance

Enjoy live performances every week, including open mics, acoustic performances, stand-up comedy, and more on Saturdays and Sundays. Join an eSports panel with Lucy Chow, who focuses on the innovation sector and works as an investor and a supporter of founders. Live music and additional family-friendly activities will be available at the M2L Market. Hip Hop Cardio will conduct a dance competition and invite a professional dancer from abroad to serve as a guest judge. The weekends will also feature exhibitions of art collections.

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Event specifics:  

  1. Time: On weekdays, from 4 pm to midnight, and on weekends, from 12 pm to midnight  
  2. Date: November 2022 to March 22, 2023  
  3. Location: DIFC, Zone B, Gate Avenue  
  4. Price: To explore some activities, one needs to pay a fee.   


Are you enjoying all the new outdoor markets in Dubai? To your list, add M2L Market at Gate Avenue DIFC. The outdoor market began operations on Friday, November 4, and will continue through March 2023. M2L Market is open to everyone, although some upcoming exhibitions and seminars will require tickets. Additionally, there will be a ton of entertainment, and because the market is situated on DIFC Gate Avenue, guests may also enjoy a ton of art galleries. To explore all these amazing activities, you should travel to Dubai. Acquire your visitor's visa to Dubai via Emirates Visa Online.

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