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What you should do if you have lost your emirates id

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Anyone living in UAE or a resident of UAE knows the importance of Emirates ID. Emirates ID is considered to be the most important document of the country. The Emirates ID is the single identity of you as a resident or citizen of UAE and it is necessary documentation that should be carried around always. It is necessary for every other document including driving license renting a property or using utility connections and many more. 
An Emirates ID is a must document for each resident, citizen and you must keep it with yourself at all times. It is the proof and confirms the identity of every individual.
The Emirates ID is issued by the Emirates Identification Authority (EIDA) and the Emirates ID has all your personal information such as photo and biometric data (fingerprints). These data can be accessed with the help of a PIN provided to all cardholders. Complete you understand the importance of this ID it is very necessary to keep this card safe, with you all the time. There may be some cases when you can lose your ID. You will need to get a new one immediately. Given below is the process through which you can make a new ID in case you lost the previous one. 

The process to make a new Emirates ID 

  • To get a new Emirates ID in case it is lost or is damaged or it is stolen you will need to register a complaint in the police station. It is preferred that if the police station is in your jurisdiction. There you will need to pay fees of Dh70 then you will get an acknowledgment of your report. 
  • After this, you will need to reach out to one of the typing offices where you can apply for a new card or you can also fill in the application online by visiting it on the official website of authorities. 
  • If you are taking the online route then you will need to submit the application form along with all the required documents. The full list of documents required is provided below – 


For Citizens of UAE who are above the age of 15 years – 

  • The original passport along with the family book (original along with photocopies). 
  • Proof of identity number that is provided to the applicant by any of the authorities in the case of a lost card. 
  • A photocopy of the lost card (you must  keep  photocopies in a safe place.) 
  • For UAE Citizens who are below the age of 15 years – 
  • A scanned copy of the applicant’s passport size photo (size 4.5 X 3.5 cm) on a white background. 
  • Original birth certificate of the applicant. 


For UAE residents who are above the age of 15 years – 

  • Original and valid passport of the applicant. 
  • A residency form or a valid visa
  • A scanned copy of the lost Emirates ID. 

Residents added to parent’s passport

  • Original passport. 
  • Original birth certificate or father’s passport. 

Submitting the documents

The initiation of submission of documents will start from processing your documents. This application must be filled on the authority’s website only. You can also, use a smartphone application or any approved typing office. After this, you will need to page for registration, fee printing, and receipt of the registration request Form.
Every citizen and resident of the UAE is assigned a pin. This pin does not belong to your credit card. Given below are the fees you will require when you apply for a new ID – 
  • Dh300 – This is the amount you need to pay if you lost or damaged your ID and you are a resident of UAE. An additional charge of Dh150 for express service is also taken. By using Express service you can get your ID within 24 hours. 
  • Dh70 – This is the additional fee collected if you are submitting the form online and printing it. 
  • Dh40 – If your application is submitted online through the website. 

Receipt of the Identity card

After your application is submitted in the office you can get your new Emirates ID within 7 working days. Applicants will need to contact Emirates post to get their card when they have received the message about the availability of their card in the post.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will have to submit a renewal application in person at any typing center or you can also submit this application online through the official website. In some cases, you can also be asked to visit a service center or any medical center to give your biometric details.

The Emirates ID will cost you 100 AED for a year of validity. After you have registered, you can track your application by using the account number on EIDA’s website and selecting your ID Card Status. After processing your work visa, the ID card will be issued to you and given to a local post office where you can collect it. 


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